Sunday, 19 June 2016

Reijiyama ( Part 2 )

Another day had passed. How i felt my heart was still palpitating each time I was doing my work in the same office with him. But thank goodness after a long work that day, I finally manage to get some time off for myself. 

I was sitting at my desk and the time was already five forty. Only left twenty more minutes before I will be going home.. But some of my friends were wondering why I couldn't stop turning blue each time I am walking close to Reiji Samejima. Some even asked me if I saw a ghost in that office. I just tell them that I was having some cramps at my body. I was lying. I sighed alone as I leaned down on my hand that. I smiled on my own but I know that somebody was looking at me from far. I turned to my side for a short time and I looked at his direction.

"why can't you stop looking at me,. I know that i dont have any problem with you," I asked him. I know that in my head, I could obly remember his softest lips touching against my lips. Oh how I wish it would never end... I sighed when I remembered the last thing he said to me before he sent me back home last night.

He gently touched my face as I was sitting right beside him inside his car . He pulled me closer to his race as our forehead were touchijg against each other... I could feel his breath were brushing close enough to my ear. I don't know if he could feel it but I was certain that my cheek heated up slightly. I giggle a little bit and he only pinched my cheek, "what? Did I do anything wrong?" he asked me. I touched his hand and pushed it away... I smiled alone.

"you didn't do anything wrong, sachou," I said to him. But I know he was still staring at me. I look away from him. But I could feel him gently touching my cheek again and made me look at his beautiful glimmering eyes once again. How i felt my heart fallen down on the ground when he was looking at me like that. He gently caress my cheek. He leaned closer to my face and he kissed my lips for a short time. He look at me dearly.

"I will only be going for a short time to Kanagawa. I promise you I will return before you go back home," he said to me. I nodded my head. I never thought that all of this would happen in between the two of us, but sometimes in life, anything is unpredictable. I smiled to him, I softly touched his neck with my hand and pulled him closer to me.

I gently touched my lips against his and our kissed last longer than I thought it would be. I pulled myself away from him, I wipe at the side of his lips when I see a slight smudge of my lipstick there. I giggle slightly, "I will wait for u tomorrow then," I said to him...

But somehow my thought went away when I heard somebody knocking on my table. I opened my eyes and I looked at whoever it was standing right beside me. I furrowed my eyebrow. "earth to Mars earth to Mars can anybody hear me?" the man wearing the blue suit was disturbing me. I looked at him sarcastically.

"what do you want from me, really?" I asked him, but he leaned much closer to my ear abd whispered, "what are you thinking of? Is it me? Your prince charming?" he asked me teasingly. I furrowed my eyebrow and I stood up from my seat instantly. "Ew. Why would I be thinking about you anyway, miyama sensei ?!" i said to him sarcastically. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him.. I really do not know what is on his mind but before he could so anything to me... I heard somebody was clearing his throat so close to me. Miyama release my hand and i turned around to the side.

Reiji was standing there with his arms cross over his chest, he looked at his watch, " we should be going now. I dobt want to be late for my next appointment," Reiji said to me before hebturned around abd walked away from there. I am upset that he didn't come to save me or pulled me away from miyama sensei, but instead he just walked away from me! miyama tried to pulled my hand again but I pulled it away from him. I furrowed my face, "don't touch me, miyama sensei!" i said to miyama that seems to be interested in me.

I grabbed my hand bag and ran out from there, "Sachou! Wait for me!" i called for him. I really don't know what the hell is on miyama s mind at that time but I know he is looking at me.

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