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Arashi Fiction : WInter Night Hollow CP4

            Ninomiya grumbled when he felt Ohno pushed him away with his feet as he was making his way to the other side. “Argh!” he groaned as hard as Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut, restraining the pain. Somehow, the image of that house suddenly came back in his mind… Ninomiya doesn’t want to think about it, he wasn’t sure if he had seen it before in real life or was it from his dream? ‘Was it the house that I’ve seen before..?’ he wondered alone as his heart was pounding harder than before. He was trying to inhale some air to breathe but somehow, he couldn’t manage to do it. Ninomiya coughed several of time as at the same time, he felt his body triggers rigidly… He was doubtful with their action that night, but what else could be left doing?... Ninomiya grumbled as he slowly fell down on the ground as he couldn’t bear to stand anymore, he couldn’t bear the pain anymore that he only felt in his heart... He heard the sound of somebody crying for help...
            “No!” Don’t take my life away!!” whoever it was, was shrieking for help. Ninomiya gripped his fist tighter; “Argh!” he grumbled again on his own as what he was looking at in his imagination, didn’t really please him at all! Ninomiya felt like he was bound with everything at that time, ‘Why this house?!’ he asked alone in his heart. He knew he wasn’t anybody who can predict the future but he had a bad feeling regarding all of this… What they wanted to do... Could what his heart felt right now could be true?... Ninomiya shakes his head from side to side when the sound of Ohno and Sakurai demanding him to do sometime could be heard, but that was the last thing he could actually bother at that time... Could that house be the house that was said to him not to go to? Could that house actually be the one... Or could it be just a house? He wondered alone, but before he could think any further, he heard somebody was walking closer towards his direction, slowly he pushed himself up from falling down flat on the floor and sat back down once again.

            He felt Sakurai grabbed his shoulder and made him stand up again before he pushed Ninomiya’s back with his fist and made him fell face down on the table, “Did you hear what I say, you idiot!?” Sakurai jerked off to him. Matsumoto couldn’t believe his eyes with Sakurai and Ohno’s action towards Ninomiya this time. He knew who the hell they are but, this is way out of line! ‘What the hell are they trying to do!?’ he wondered alone and made his way towards Ninomiya who couldn’t even bear to stand up anymore, but Ninomiya only nodded his head before he could even approach closer.
            “I heard you,” Ninomiya replied Sakurai, when he actually didn’t hear anything that he had said to him at all. Aiba could only look at them as he was perplexed with what was actually happening. ‘Why would they want to go to that house so much??’ Aiba thought in his head when he walked towards both Matsumoto and Ninomiya with a reluctant heart... Ninomiya almost fell down but Matsumoto manage to grabbed him in his arms, “Ninomi!” Matsumoto said to Ninomiya as he put him down on the next to him. Aiba rushed towards them and he looked at Ninomiya that has been set down on the chair. Matsumoto stood beside him, and he grabbed the tissue as he wiped the sweat that has fallen down on Ninomiya’s face even though it was in a cold night.
            Matsumoto changed his glance towards Aiba when he looked at Ninomiya’s body triggers too much from the cold temperature that night, “I don’t know what the hell is up with those two, but why should they even be doing all of this?!” Matsumoto grumbled as he felt infuriated to see them kept on abusing Ninomiya like that. Matsumoto took off the dark brown jacket that he had put on when he went to the kitchen before and wrapped it around Ninomiya. Aiba looked at how dreadful Ninomiya was at that time and without any hesitation, “I’ll go and get something for him!” Aiba said to Matsumoto before he ran towards the kitchen. He wanted to get something warm for Ninomiya to drink before this entire crazy thing they wanted to be doing that night... ‘I don’t understand all of this!’ Aiba grumbled alone before he enters the kitchen with a solemn heart.  Sakurai and Ohno looked at each other when they both grabbed their girlfriend and pull them away with them. “Let’s go and get ready!” Ohno said to Naomi as the four of them walked away towards the staircase close to them...

            Matsumoto looked at them before he turned his gaze towards Ninomiya, “Don’t worry too much, Ninomi. Everything would be alright...” Matsumoto said to him, somehow unconfidently... Ninomiya felt his heart had shrunk slowly and was trying so hard to open his eyes to look at Matsumoto that was standing close enough to him. Ninomiya could feel Matsumoto breathing close enough to him, and after a while of trying, he manage to open slightly. Ninomiya cough a couple of times again and even though his eyes was slightly open, he can’t really see things clearly. He tried to reach out for Matsumoto’s hand, “Matsumoto...” he called for his name. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya curiously when at the same time, he grabbed on Ninomiya’s hand when Ninomiya turned his gaze towards him.
            “You don’t know what you are going to get yourself into...” he tries to speak but his voice sheds away. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow, “What is it Ninomi?” he asked Ninomiya once again, but before Ninomiya could answer him, Aiba footsteps came forward towards their direction. Aiba was holding a warm cup of milk. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya when he knew that Ninomiya wanted to tell him something that was playing in his mind and he knew that Ninomiya isn’t the kind of person that would lie over anything in his life. Aiba stopped in front of them, “Drink this!” Aiba said to Ninomiya as he was gasping for some air to breathe in. Ninomiya turned his gaze towards Aiba and slowly tries to reach out for the milk. “Thank you,” he said to Aiba with a slight smile across his face. Aiba looked at Ninomiya indecisively but Matsumoto reached for the warm cup of milk and hand it over to Ninomiya as he couldn’t even move his hand any further. “Drink this, Ninomi. It would make you feel a little better,” Matsumoto said to him and Aiba only nodded his head.
            Ninomiya nodded his head and took a sip of it, but when he felt the warm water went down his body, that image he had before, came back to his mind once again.
            “Save me!! Stay away from me!” he heard the sound of anybody he doesn’t know screamed so hard, he knew that whoever it was, was terrified. “Argh!!” Ninomiya scowled suddenly when the mug that he was holding in his hand fell down on the ground and crack to pieces. Matsumoto and Aiba backed away as the warm water spilled on the floor close to them. Both of them went closer to Ninomiya, “Are you okay, man?!” Aiba asked Ninomiya instantly, but Ninomiya couldn’t answer him at all. Aiba turned his gaze towards Matsumoto who don’t understand what is happening at all. “What’s going on?!” Aiba asked Matsumoto without his voice coming out from his vocal cord. Matsumoto only lifted his shoulders up as he doesn’t know what was actually happening to Ninomiya at that time, but from the sweat that still didn’t stop pouring out from his skin, and his skin had turned from his regular self to pale worried them both.
            They wanted him to rest, take a break from all of this mess, but the footsteps of those four suddenly came down from the stairs as they were already ready to burden Ninomiya more with their needs. They walked towards their direction aguishly. Sakurai raised his eyebrow and looked at Aiba annoyingly.
            “Hello! What’s all of this shit! I thought you tree are supposed to be getting ready!  Time waits for nobody!” Sakurai said to them sarcastically. He stopped before he reached closer to them, he crossed his arms and looked at them abruptly, “Well, unless you three want to die frozen outside!” they heard Sakurai said to them insolently. Matsumoto exchanged gaze with Aiba as he could still feel Ninomiya’s hand that he was holding in his was shivering. Aiba couldn’t say much with those two men because he knew his limits with them, but Aiba was sure that Matsumoto don’t really bother at all but without any hesitation, Aiba knew that Ninomiya was a good friend to him and he stood up one again to face them. Sakurai looked at him as Aiba was inhaling a deep breath before he speaks up with what he wanted to say. “I don’t think Ninomiya is able to be doing this tonight!” he said them aggressively. Matsumoto smiled slyly with Aiba’s action, ‘That’s more like it, Aiba!’ Matsumoto said in his heart.
            Sakurai and Ohno looked at each other, slightly startled before the two of them burst out laughing. Sakurai smiled to Aiba sarcastically as he was walking closer to his direction,  “And who do you think make all of these rules? We should not obey to you, Mr. Aiba Masaki!” he said to Aiba as he stopped right in front of Aiba arrogantly. Aiba wanted to look away from Sakurai but he wanted to stand for what’s right! Sakurai pushed one side of Aiba’s shoulder with his finger sharply. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow as he felt slightly painful with Sakurai’s action, but he was irritated too at the same time. ‘You started this! You got to finish this!’ Aiba said in his heart when he looked at Sakurai sharply after a while as he stood up straight in front of Sakurai.
            “I don’t think so, Ninomiya is able to do this tonight!” Aiba brawl with Sakurai once again and in disgust, Sakurai snorted and pushed Aiba away with all of his might and made him fall down right in front of his face. “Aiba!” Matsumoto was startled with Sakurai’s action and he wanted to go to Aiba to see if he was okay, but before he could even budge, Ninomiya grabbed his hand and made him not to go to Aiba. Matsumoto turned his gaze towards Ninomiya as Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath before he made up his mind about that night.
            ‘I really hope this isn’t a mistake...’ he said in his heart... He recalled back about what has happened earlier when they were having their dinner...


             While the three of them were at the diner, they were enjoying their dinner with each other. People were still coming and leaving at that small diner at that lot in the town. Some children were crying as they were not getting with what they wanted from their parents, and some were playing around with each other also inside that place. Their laughter with each other were filling the night with happiness, Ninomiya smiled when he looked at them, ‘You all are so lucky to have a family!’ he said in his heart when suddenly he felt Aiba touched his hand that was still holding his burger and made him turned his gaze towards Aiba instantly. “Hey, man! What are you dreaming about?” Aiba asked Ninomiya with a cheeky smile across his lips. Ninomiya had a small “I am just looking around,” he replied laughter before he took a bite of the burger in his hand. Aiba looked around him when all he can see was only a busy night, busy night, busy night. Aiba raised one side of his eyebrow when he gently touch on Ninomiya’s forehead to see if he had a fever or anything else. He raised his eyebrow reluctantly, “No... I don’t think so he is ill...” he said when he furrowed his eyebrow as he felt Ninomiya’s body temperature was normal. Matsumoto looked at Aiba sarcastically when he pushed Aiba’s back with his hand and made him shock instantly. Aiba looked at Matsumoto, “What?! I’m just being concern!” Aiba said to Matsumoto. Matsumoto shakes his head from side to side, “And I thought just now you said you wanted to go and buy something else for you to fill your stomach?!” Matsumoto said to Aiba sarcastically.
            Aiba’s jaw dropped down when he heard Matsumoto said that to him, “How could you, Matsumoto...” Aiba replied him. Matsumoto just look away from Aiba sarcastically. Aiba sighed in disbelieve, “You know that I can’t eat too much before the big match of winter that is coming soon!” he said to Matsumoto. Ninomiya looked at them while he was enjoying his dinner, he had a small laughter. He looked at Aiba mischievously, “But I thought you don’t care?” Ninomiya said to Aiba. Aiba’s jaws dropped once again when he blinked his eyes a couple of times, “Even you think that?!” Aiba said to Ninomiya but Matsumoto pushed his shoulder once again and made Aiba exchange his gaze towards Matsumoto’s direction once again, “Just go and get what you wanted, Aiba. It would be pretty late if you want to wait any longer.” Matsumoto said to Aiba sarcastically. Aiba sighed as slowly he pushed himself up, “I can’t believe you all are doing this to me...” he said pitifully when Ninomiya only laughed at him, but Matsumoto was annoyed with him. “Just go and get it before everything is finished!” he said to Aiba as he turned around to walk towards the counter again.    Lucky for Aiba, even though he eat too much, he doesn’t really put on weight. Matsumoto put on his spoon and fork on his plate after he was done eating his dinner, “I thought he would never shut up!” Matsumoto said to Ninomiya.
            Ninomiya a slight laughter when he smiled to Matsumoto, “If he isn’t like that, I guess he isn’t the Aiba Masaki that we know since before!” Ninomiya said to Matsumoto when he took the last bite of his burger. Matsumoto snorted when he furrowed his eyebrow, “Psycho freak,” he said that to Aiba that wasn’t there with them. He looked at Aiba that was making his order at the counter and it seems like he was ordering quite a lot of things and Matsumoto was sure that he couldn’t eat anything else anymore if Aiba ordered some extra food for them. Matsumoto raised his eyebrow... Or was Aiba flirting that that mid age lady at the counter that had assist them before? Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow at the imagination of them both came across his mind and somehow it made him wanted to vomit with what he saw...
            ‘Urgh! Better not think about it!’ he said in his heart when suddenly the young girl that  he accidently ran against earlier was walking towards the kitchen of that diner. Matsumoto blinked his eyes for a couple of times when he looked at how beautiful she is... Matsumoto sealed his eyes shut when he remember the fragrance that she wore that day. How her body odour was just making his whole night... ‘But... why hoping for something that is impossible anyway...’ Matsumoto grunted in his heart and he tend to look away from her when accidently, she turned her gaze towards his direction and smiled to him, but he returned her smiled and looked at Ninomiya once again who was reading today’s news paper in his hand. Matsumoto raised his eyebrow, “What are you reading?” he asked Ninomiya curiously. Ninomiya was flipping through the pages of the news paper, “I don’t know. I’m just looking around if there is anything interesting to read inside here,” he replied Matsumoto. Matsumoto lifted his shoulder up, “Okay... if you say so,” he said to Ninomiya in return but somehow Ninomiya seems to be interested in something that he found inside the newspaper. Ninomiya read that part gravely without even bothering about anything else around him...
             “What...?” Matsumoto asked him, but Ninomiya was still reading and after a while, he turned his gaze towards Matsumoto. Ninomiya had a worried expression across his face. Matsumoto only looked at him, “Seriously, what is it?” he asked Ninomiya as he felt his heart pound slightly furious when Ninomiya was still keeping his silent...
            “There’s going to be a blizzard tonight around eleven pm. It’s already ten fifteen right now and I think we need to go back home right now...” he said to Matsumoto. Matsumoto heard about the blizzard that frequently happens here and he knew that it wasn’t human friendly at all. Matsumoto had a gulp, “I think we should get going!” he said to Ninomiya when Aiba came back with the food that he ordered before, excitedly. Matsumoto felt a dropp of sweat falls down at the side of his forehead when Aiba came forwards with a smile on his face.
            “I know where we can find excitement tonight!” he said to both Matsumoto and Ninomiya. The two of them looked at Aiba, “What are you talking about?!” Matsumoto asked Aiba when Aiba put the food that he had pack to eat later inside the car on the table, “I heard the woman at that counter said to me that most people who came to St. Valentine would go to this one horror house on our way back later for some good time!” Aiba said to them extremely excited.
            Matsumoto exchanged his glance with Ninomiya. The two of them were concern about something else when Aiba was talking to them about something else, “I think we should give it a try guys! We should do it without them!” Aiba said to Matsumoto and Ninomiya, but Matsumoto doesn’t want to talk about it more right then, “How about we talk about it in the car?” he said to Aiba sarcastically. Ninomiya nodded his head in agreement. Aiba thinks for a while, “Okay...” he said to them.
            The three of them were walking towards the door of that diner, Aiba was still excited about the story that he heard from the lady at the counter. Matsumoto pushed the door open as he was taking his leave when Aiba said something to him, “She said that the house was on the 9th street from where we are staying right now!” he said to them, but the beautiful young lady, Katherine stopped walking when he heard Aiba said that to his friends.
            “Don’t do to that house,” she said to them. The three of them fell silent when they turned around to see who was talking to them and they looked at Katherine standing close to them. “The story was true, but believes me... Once you are inside the house, there is no way for you to return back...” she said to them. Matsumoto and Ninomiya looked at each other when they felt their heart began to pound...
            “What do you...” Matsumoto wanted to ask but... “Katherine! We need you here!” the diner’s manager called for her name. Katherine nodded her head but before she left, she turned her gaze towards Matsumoto once again, “Just believe me...” she said that to them before she made her leave...

            Ninomiya was unsure but he doesn’t if the house that Ohno was talking about was at the 9th street... He inhaled a deep breath when he looked at Matsumoto, “I will do it.” He replied to Ohno. Ohno looked at Ninomiya insidiously, “Good! Now you go and get ready or there would be more trouble for you!” Ohno said to Ninomiya when he grabbed his girlfriend in his hand, “Let’s go somewhere else baby. Waiting for him is wasting my time,” he said to Naomi. Naomi had a slight giggle and kissed his lips slightly, “Let’s go!” she said to him. Sakurai turned around and walked next to Ohno with Jessica in his hand...
            Ninomiya pushed himself up and looked at both Matsumoto and Aiba, “I guess this is the thrill that you guys have been waiting for,” he said to them as he made his way towards the stairs and walked up with no hesitation anymore...   Matsumoto looked at Aibain confusion. Aiba only lifted his shoulder up, “If only I know…” he replied Matsumoto when he already know the question that was written on his face. Matsumoto sighed, “Whatever, Aiba. Let’s just go and get ready,” he said to Aiba when he walked towards the stairs with Aiba following him from behind.


            Inside the car, as Matsumoto was driving and Ninomiya was sitting next to the driver’s seat. Their eyes were sneering around to look for the house that Ohno had seen in his dream. Aiba felt strange when they wanted to find that house. “Are you sure that this isn’t your imagination, Ohno!?” Sakurai said to Ohno ironically. At some point, after for a while they were already in the car, roaming around to look for it, Sakurai felt like it was a worthless mission. Sakurai leaned to the window next to where he was sitting at the back of that small jeep with his girlfriend leaning against his shoulder while Ohno’s girlfriend was by her side.
            He looked at the world outside when he could see nothing as some of the streets light were already closed down. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow, ‘What the hell is all this?! I knew I should just be home and getting laid with Jessica!’ he said in his heart furiously. He gripped his fist tighter when he grumbled alone. He couldn’t be;ieve they had decided to come to this place for a vacation when there are some other place better! He had never been to a place that was already buried with snow when it’s not even close to end of the year yet! He was hoping that this vacation was something that he could remember for the rest of his life since it would be his last year at that University, but he guess he couldn’t expect too much from nothing anyway.
            ‘Heh…’ he rolled his eyes when at the end, he decided to close his eyes since Ohno was busy looking around for his ‘haunted mansion’! Ohno turned his ga\\e towards Sakurai who doesn’t seems to care anymore, “Don’t worry, Sakurai! I’m sure if we found that house, it would be something you won’t regret at all!’ he said to Sakurai when Sakurai only lifted up his hand, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…” Sakurai replied him ironically. He felt his girlfriend was wrapping her arms around him tighter.
            Sakurai looked at her when he kissed her forehead, “What is it?” he asked her. She grabbed his hand when she looked at him tauntingly seducing him, “Where are we going, love?” she asked Sakurai when she gripped his hand. Sakurai smirk to her with some other intention came across his mind, He whispered to her ear, “I promise you that all of this won’t be too long…” he said to her while gently caressing on her cheek, she gave him a cheeky smile across her face and he knew how much she wanted him at that time, more than he needed her that night. He was sure that she would have something in her mind, but he would like it to be a surprise for him.
            She grabbed at his ass from the side of where she was sitting at, “You better wait for it tonight, love,” she said to her when he returned her smile slyly. He leaned closer to her when their lips once again. Naomi rolled her eyes when she turned her gaze to her side, “Oh, Gosh! Can’t you two wait at home?!” she said to the two of them, but they ignored her and continue kissing. Naomi rolled her eyes and looked at those boys who were sitting in front of her, as she was feeling annoyed. She touched on Ohno’s shoulder to get his attention. Ohno who was looking around for that ‘haunted house’ turned his gaze to look at Naomi. He raised his eyebrow when he looked at her dull gaze facing him.
“What’s the matter?” he asked her dully. She furrowed her eyebrow as he felt her hand was touching his arms. Her skin met against his and he could felt slightly that her heart beat was pounding uneasy. He looked away from her when he knew what she wanted to ask him. Ohno sighed as he slowly sealed his eyes shut, ‘You just don’t understand, do you, Naomi?’ he asked in his heart alone. He heard the sound of her grumbling a little, “Where are we, honey...” she asked Ohno when she gently touched on his neck with her fingers. Satoshi rolled his eyes when he knew that his girlfriend just wanted to be with him, but he can’t forget about everything that has been going on in his mind for quite sometimes already. He sighed a little, “Just take it easy, Naomi. We will reach that place soon.” Ohno said to her, but he could still hear the sound of her whimpering. He frowned a little, “But I feel like it has taken forever, honey. I don’t want to spend my time being trap inside this car. It’s better best if I am back at home and do something else with you!” she said to him in a sharp tone. Ohno rolled his eyes. He felt irritated when some times; women just don’t understand men at all. He turned around to face her with a deceive face,
            “Just give it a little bit more time. If we don’t find whatever I’m looking for, we just go straight home, okay?” he said to Naomi. Naomi furrowed her face when she looked away from Ohno. She leaned back against the seat she was sitting on with an unhappy face. “Fine! If you say so! It’s only a dream anyway!” she replied him drastically. Ohno shakes his head from side to side when at the end; he decided to close his eyes.
            ‘I don’t know how long all of this trash will take, Naomi. But you just got to take it easy.” He said at the end as he was infuriated with her behaviour that night somehow. She used just to follow whatever he said he wanted to do. He doesn’t want her to be his slve or anything, but it seems slightly irritating with her behaving like that that night. He knew that he always want to do what he wants to be doing and with nobody stopping him, but this time, it seems like she doesn’t understand him anymore! Ohno sighed alone, ‘Blehs, better I just forget about all of this shit!’ he said in his heart when the sound of Sakurai making out with his girlfriend was too out inside the car. He turned around and see that Jessica was already ontop of Sakurai when he was certainly enjoying himself.
            “Now! You like it like this huh?!” he heard Sakurai said to his girlfriend when his girlfriend was moaning slightly. Matsumoto was still driving his car and it seems lik aiba has fallen to sleep at the other side of the seat he was sitting on. Ohno rolled his eyes and he touched on Matsumoto’s shoulder that was driving and with Ninomiya giving him the direction on where he should be going.
            “Are you sure about this road, Ninomi?” he heard Matsumoto asking him when Ninomiya only nodded his head. “Well from my calculation, if we are searching for a mystery haunted house, should it be stated in somewhere dark and silent at night? I think this place is the creepiest place of all in this small town…” Ninomiya replied to Matsumoto. Matsumoto turned his gaze to look at Ninomiya when he felt in his heart he was doubtful with where he was heading, but he knew that Ninomiya wouldn’t even dare to risk himself going to a place that has its end… Matsumoto gritted his teeth against each other when Ninomiya was searching around in the map of his mobile phone. “I don’t think so we should…” Matsumoto speaks up but before he could finish his sentence, he felt Ohno gripped on his shoulder with his hand that was slightly cold at that time, Matsumoto narrowed his eyes instantly when he looked at Ohno that was reaching out for him.
            “Just shut the hell up and do what the fuck he is telling you to do!” Ohno ordered Matsumoto. Matsumoto couldn’t believe that Ohno was actually doing all of this to everybody that night. Sure, he is the head of the fraternity of the University sorority, but fuck, can’t he just take it easy?! Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as he was holding back his anger that was shielding behind himself that night. “If you say so then!” Matsumoto replied Ohno statically, but suddenly, everybody that was asleep inside the car was awaken and Sakurai that was busy with his girlfriend was startled when Matsumoto accidently ran against something while he was making his way through that dark road that night. “Ah!” Matsumoto heard the sound of those women behind the car was mumbling. Naomi rubbed on her shoulder when she accidently move forward slightly furiously and hurt her shoulder a little. She looked to her side when he saw that Jessica was already half naked on top of Sakurai since she didn’t realize that the two of them were actually fucking with each other.
            Aiba grumbled when he bang his head on the seat in front of him. He felt like they were in a car accident but they were still on the road. “What’s happening?!” Aiba asked Matsumoto when both Matsumoto and Ninomiya instantly went out from the car. Jessica pulled down her t-shirt that has been pulled up and revealed her breasts to that Sakurai could please himself with her inside the car. “What the hell!” Sakurai grumbled when he looked at Matsumoto and Ninomiya outside the car. Ohno gritted his teeth against each other as he was irritated with how Matsumoto was driving that night! “Damn it! Is he blind?!” he grumbled with Matsumoto. The four of them wasn’t happy at all, Aiba was still shocked when he looked at Matsumoto and Ninomiya outside the car, and he raised one side of his eyebrow, ‘Maybe I should see what is actually going on!’ he said in his heart and at the end, he went out from the car.
            “Maybe we should just take our rest and let them settle all of these,” Sakurai said to them when Naomi walked out from the car and get back inside right next to Ohno. “I don’t want to be beside them anymore,” she said to Ohno. Ohno pulled her close when they kissed for a short time, “Let’s just forget about all of this.” Ohno said to Naomi…”They would make it all done anyway,” he said to her again when he felt her leaning close on his shoulder.


            Matsumoto looked at what they had run against before and how it made him angry when he saw that it was only another log! He grabbed on the log, “And I see you again?!” Matsumoto said furiously when he wanted to throw it away, but Ninomiya grabbed on his hand before he could even manage to do it, “Hold on!” Ninomiya said to Matsumoto when Matsumoto felt Ninomiya’s gripped on his hand. Matsumoto sighed when he looked at Ninomiya, “What the fuck, man! We ran against a log before and now we ran against it once more?! What the hell is this place?! Heaven of all logs?!” he asked Ninomiya when Ninomiya took the log from his hand. Ninomiya experiment it for a while when he saw a sharp nail on the log and it seems to be bent down slightly. He turned his gaze towards the car next to him when he slowly saw the tyres have flattened down.  Ninomiya turned his gaze towards Matsumoto when slowly he walks towards the tyres, “I think we will be stuck here for sometimes, Matsumoto,” Ninomiya said to him when Aiba was walking towards them. “What?!” Matsumoto asked Ninomiya when all Ninomiya could do was just pointed at the tyres beside him.
            “Oh my Gosh!” Matsumoto grumbled when Ninomiya looked at Aiba that was close to Matsumoto. Aiba raised his eyebrow when he saw Matsumoto suddenly lost his mind. “I know it tonight would be a damn terrible idea for this damn trill!” he grumbled. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder up, “I did tell you before…” he tries to speak but Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya sharply, “Seriously! Can you don’t talk right now?!” he asked Ninomiya furiously. Ninomiya turned his gaze towards Aiba when Matsumoto was walking away from there; he accidently stepped on something that he didn’t even realize was there. He almost fell down but Aiba reached out for him before he ever did, “Matsumoto!” Aiba said when he grabbed on Matsumoto’s shoulder.
            Suddenly, a bright light behind them was embracing the whole darkness. Theyy were startled for a short time and Ninomiya turned around to look at what it was… His jaw fell down when he remembers that this was the house that they had seen earlier when they were making their way back home… and it was identical to the picture that Ohno had scribbled down too…
            Matsumoto and Aiba was captivated when they look at that house… “That is just…” Aiba said but somehow, Matsumoto finished his sentence, “Beautiful…” The two of them turned their gaze towards Ninomiya that was walking closer to that house…
            “I think we already found what we are looking for…” Ninomiya said to them silently…

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016 

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