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Arashi Fiction : Winter Night Hollow CP3

            Ohno was sitting at the dining table right next to his girlfriend, Naomi, with Sakurai Sho and Jessica sitting right in front of him listening to what he was saying to them. Sakurai scratches his head when he was still waiting for some further explanation so that he would understand clearer, but he don’t really seems to be getting anything. Sakurai rose up his eyebrow, putting both of his hand on the table and he was leaning closer to Ohno to understand what he was trying to say.
            He gritted his teeth against each other since he remembered a while ago, Ohno just simply got inside his room when he knew that his sound with his girlfriend isn’t that quiet. He could possibly hear what the hell the two of them were doing even from distance, but he guess that his crazy idea should be more important than anything else. Sakurai shakes his head from side to side when the only thing that came across in his mind was only him continuing what he was doing with Jessica earlier. He didn’t even manage to reach his second climax when Ohno walked inside their bedroom when she was crawling on top of him. Sakurai smiled alone when he remembers how flexible she was when she was teasing him the whole time that night. He didn’t remember when the last time Jessica ever made him felt that good… Sakurai licked his lips when he slowly sealed his eyes when Ohno was giving him explanation on what he wanted to do that night…but his mind was thinking about something else…
            His hands were roughly trying to break free from the cuff that she had used to tie him up so that he couldn’t be doing anything else to him. He heard the sound of her moaning as she was pleasuring herself teasing him, and making herself felt good. He felt her fingers scratch on his body as she leaned closer down and kissed his lips, “You love it like this don’t you, Sakurai?” she whispered to his ear. Sakurai tries to speak but he was bound right there with her sexual desire for him that night. She tied up his necktie on his mouth so that he couldn’t speak, but she could only hear him being unsatisfied with what she was doing to him, “Seriously, Jessi! Just let me go!” she heard him say, but she only bite his lips and asked him, “What did you say, baby?” she asked him. She lightly touched on his cheek when Sakurai felt her naked body was leaning against his body, and at the end of his struggle, he decided to give in to her.
            Sakurai could feel her body was moving slow and easy at first when after sometimes, he felt her beginning to rock her body much faster on him. Sakurai sealed his eyes shut as he was pleasuring himself. The only thing he could hear was her moaning for him, “Oh, yeah…. Sakurai… That felt so good doesn’t it??” she asked him. Sakurai could only look at her touching her body in front of his face. How he wanted to touch every part of her body but how was that even possible when he was like that at that time? She grabbed on her breast, giving him a cheeky smile because she knew how he wanted to feel it too. What she was doing to him was driving him insane, and his moans became harder than it has been than before. He raised one side of his eyebrow up, “Seriously, Jessi! Urgh!” he grumbled and was still trying so hard to break free but somehow with his vicious action he manage to set himself free.
            He bite his lips and felt how his heart was pounding so hard, he wrapped both side of his arms around her body. She was startled with what he was doing to her and he turned her around and get on top of her. She looked at him directly into his eyes, “Sakurai!” she called for his name and he pulled away the knot that was tying around his mouth and he spanked hard on her ass and he smiled to her sarcastically, “And now let see who will be in charge…” he said to her as he, without any mercy, started to rock on her body so hard.
            The only sound that could be heard was only her hard moaning, screaming for him to set her free, but the more she was begging him, the harder he was slapping on her face. He made her look at his face when she was looking away from him, “Don’t fight against me, Jessi,” he said to her. Jessica tries to look away but his grip was too hard on her and he leaned down to kiss her lips when suddenly, his bedroom door went flying open.
            “Sakurai, I need to talk to you. It’s urgent.” Sakurai heard Ohno said to him.

            Sakurai sighed alone… ‘Why would he get in the way!!’ he groaned in his heart but suddenly, he heard somebody knocking on the table in front of him, “Hello?! Earth to Sakurai Sho?!” Ohno called for him, waving his hand right in front of his face. Sakurai opened his eyes as he was startled with Ohno’s action to him when Only grabbed on a magazine on the table and knock on his face. Sakurai’s was shocked when he turned his gaze towards Ohno, “What? What?” he asked Ohno spontaneously. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow when he puts the magazine back down on the table. How he felt infuriated when he was talking to somebody about something he wanted that person to listen but he was busy doing something else instead.
            “We are going to search for that house tonight!” he said to Sakurai straight. Sakurai looked at Ohno strangely and laughed at the end when he looked at the plan that Ohno had scribbled down on a piece of paper in front of him. Jessica looked at Sakurai when Sakurai leaned down on the table and buried his face on his hand that was resting on it. Sakurai was still laughing with what Ohno actually have in his mind. Ohno narrowed his eyes when he looked at Sakurai’s crazy action in a sudden, he exchange his glace towards his girlfriend who was sitting sit by his side and drinking a cup of warm milk. “Is that even funny?” Ohno asked Sakurai when Sakurai lifted his hands up to ask Ohno to hold on before he went ballistic over his action with all of this.
            He lifted his head up and looked at Ohno with a sly smile across his face. :And I thought you said that it was only a dream?! Ohno Satoshi! Only kids believe  in their dreams!” Sakurai said to Ohno without indecision. He smirked to Ohno when he still thinks that Ohno is crazy to believe that the house that he see in his dream was actually real. He knew that Ohno came here to have all the fun and excitement, bleh, apart from wanted to finish the ecstasy he had in his hand. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow when he was actually thinking about something... He gritted his teeth against each other when he was holding back his laughter from Ohno insidious want to do tonight idea, but somehow, it did made him wonder where could he be getting the link to get all these good stuff anyway because he did tried his ecstasy before and yeah! How he got hung up doing his girlfriend the whole night long. Sakurai smiled on his own when he looked at Ohno that seems furious with what he was saying to him, Sakurai shakes his head from side to side as slowly, he pushed himself up.
            “Even if the house is real anyway, where the hell are we going to find it? You know that St. Valentine isn’t a small place!” Sakurai grumbled to Ohno straight forwardly.  He turned his gaze towards his girlfriend right by his side. Jessica only lifted his shoulder up, hence she doesn’t know what to say regarding this anymore. She looked at Naomi who was only going along with what Ohno was talking about. She didn’t refuse anything that he said to them, and it seems like she agree to be doing what her boyfriend wanted to do. Jessica inhaled a deep breath when she looked at Ohno Satoshi when she wanted to chill the tense in between her boyfriend and Ohno that was still staring at him sharply. ‘I got to settle all of this again!’ she mumbled in her heart when she knew her boyfriend doesn’t want to be going anywhere else apart from spending his time with her only that night. Their last night there… Sakurai was mocking on Ohno’s idea because he would refuse to go and wasting his time searching for something that was only in Ohno’s mind when he could be doing something else instead. He grabbed on Jessica’s hand that was actually thinking of something and made her look at him instead.
            Sakurai leaned closer to her and kissed her lips for a few seconds. Jessica felt Sakurai slit his tongue in between her lips when their tongue met for a while, but at the end, Jessica pushed him away and looked at Ohno instead, “And why would you think all of this are real?” she asked Ohno. Sakurai rested his arm on her shoulder and looked at Ohno aswell. Sakurai lifted his shoulder up when Ohno was thinking for some answer to give to them. Ohno pushed himself up and walked away from there. Naomi looked at his action, and she knew that when he wanted to do something, he would still do it even though it would be him alone. Ohno walked towards the window close to them and looked at the world outside from the side of the house and see that snow that was still falling down slightly heavy that night. Ohno inhaled a deep breath as he felt his heart was pounding so hard with his curiousity running along with his enxiety at the same time. He gripped his fist as he was gritting his teeth against each other, he sealed his eyes shut as his mind was playing around with his heart…
            ‘Damn it, Sakurai!’ he was cursing alone in his heart. He doesn’t know if he was inane or what, but he knew it that house is somewhere there, it’s just you got to find it where! He inhaled a deep breath once again and turned around to look at them and without thinking twice, “I’m going to search for that place and get the excitement on my own if you whims are not coming with me!” he pointed straight to Sakurai. Sakurai’s jaw dropped down when he heard Ohno actually said that to him. Sakurai stood up from where he was seating and walked towards Ohno’s direction. Jessica tried to reach out for his hand but it was too late. Sakurai was faster than a lightning bolt at that time. Jessica looked at Naomi, “Oh! This is going to be bad!” Jessica said to Naomi, but Naomi doesn’t know what to say anymore. “I don’t know!” she replied Jessica when the two of them got up from their seat and look at those two men arguing with each other again.
            “If you want to go alone, then please go ahead, Mr. Ohno Satoshi! I don’t have the right to stop you!” Sakurai said to Ohno when he stopped right in front of his face. Ohno was slightly shorter than him, but since he was a good soccer player, he was chosen to be the captain instead of him. He knew at first it did pissed him off, but this guy had been backing him up even though in real life, he knew that both of them just wanted to be at the center of attention. He looked at Ohno when Ohno return his gaze, “And if you ever found that house anywhere, please do tell me, because I won’t hesitate to go there if that house actually exist!” he said to Ohno but suddenly, he heard the front door  opens up and the sound of three men were walking inside and talking to each other.
            Ohno and Sakurai turned their glance towards their direction and it seems like those three men are enjoying their night… Ohno narrowed his eyebrow when he was thinking that if Sakurai doesn’t want to join him… why not them? They did said that they wanted some good time to come here, but let’s not involve Ninomiya in all of this since he has to go there. Ohno knew that he doesn’t have anywhere else to go, and this is his last resort to survive. He exchanges his glance from Sakurai to Ninomiya in a glimpse of time… Who would know if he could make that guy walk out on the coldest night to find that place? Weather it exists or doesn’t, let’s put it at the second place… He knew that it was his idea, but why not put the burden on someone else’s shoulder sometimes? Ohno smiled sarcastically alone and Sakurai notice Ohno’s face expression and he could guess what is on his mind already…
            ‘Now, Ohno… That wouldn’t be a bad idea…’ Sakurai said alone, sarcastically smiling on his own.


            “Oh, Gosh! Aiba! Just let off that topic already!” Matsumoto grumbled to Aiba as the three of them walked inside the house. Sure during their journey back home, Aiba had taken his nap and Matsumoto bet that his eyes isn’t that weary anymore, Matsumoto rubbed his eyes when he knew that the only place he would be searching for was his bedroom since he wanted to rest for the day. He raised his eyebrow when he was certain that he didn’t actually do anything that day, but he guesses the excitement that he was expecting from this vacation was none. They have been here for a few days already and the only thing he could see was Sakurai and Ohno kept on smuggling on their girlfriends every time, everywhere. He agreed to come here before also because of the adventure of  surviving at other people’s place, not only getting high at somewhere else apart from Tokyo. Matsumoto sighed when the sound of Aiba mumbling was still heard to his ear, ‘Where is the advanture you are talking about, Sakurai…’ he grumbled around when at the end, he turned around to face Aiba.
            “What is that girl’s name again?!” Aiba asked Matsumoto with an idiotic smile across his face. Matsumoto looked at Aiba sarcastically when Ninomiya, who was still playing with his mobile phone looked at Aiba without any emotion, “Kristine,” he replied on Matsumoto’s behalf. Aiba looked at Ninomiya and patted on his shoulder to thank him somehow, “Thank you so much, man!” he said to Ninomiya, he exchange he glance back to Matsumoto once again, “Go and get that Katherine girl, man!” Aiba said to Matsumoto as he was slightly concern. Matsumoto laughed a little bit to show Aiba that he was happy with what Aiba was trying to do; he patted on Aiba’s shoulder with a smile across his face. “No, I don’t think so I would be doing that again, Aiba Masaki. But thank you for being concern for me,” he answered Aiba honestly with a smile across his face.
            Aiba’s jaw was hanging open when heard Matsumoto said that to him. He could feel the wind from the door behind him that still wasn’t closed yet. He pushed the door with his hand as the cold temperature didn’t really please him. He followed Matsumoto that was walking away from there, “But why!!” he asked Matsumoto pitifully. Ninomiya kept his mobile phone in his pocket and looked at Aiba… “Seriously, Aiba. Don’t push it too hard,” Ninomiya said to him, but Aiba doesn’t want to listen to what he was saying, he just wanted to hear explanation from Matsumoto. He knew that Matsumoto had been eyeing on that girl for too long already. Even though he doesn’t know, he always had a hunch that Matsumoto go to the shop to look at her! Almost every night he would see the coffee or chocolate cup from that diner only! There are so many other place at the city, and why would he still go there?! He just wanted to look at that beautiful young lady!
            “I know you like her!” Aiba was still bragging him about her. Matsumoto smiled on his own. He knew that Katherine is indeed a beautiful young lady, but how can he survive with a relationship that far? It would take him too long for him to come and see her, and yes, it would certainly use a lot of expenses to be with her. That girl was friendly indeed he can’t deny that, but why would he wanted to care more about a woman when he should bother more about his future first? He lifted his hands up when he asked Aiba to stop talking to him, “Just stop it alredy,” he said to Aiba  and he went to the kitchen to get something to drink.
            Aiba stopped at where he was standing and looked at Matsumoto disappeared from his face. He couldn’t believe he would actually hear Matsumoto said that to him for once! Ninomiya was right by his side and pushed his spec up again as it kept on falling down as he was catching up with those two men. “I told you to stop talking about it already…” Ninomiya said to Aiba, emotionlessly. Aiba sighed when he turned his gaze towards Nin9omiya with a slight depressioin expression.
            “I only want the best for him, Ninomi,” he said to Ninomiya in return, but both of them heard that someone was tapping their pen on the dining table close to them. Ninomiya raised his eyebrow when he had a feeling that they were actually calling for him to finish up their assignment that were undone… “I guess that’s my call...” he said to Aiba silently. Sakurai lifted his hands up, “Hey, Ninomiya. Can you get your ass right here, right now?!” he called for Ninomiya furiously. Ninomiya looked at Aiba when Aiba could only pat on his back, “Just take it easy…” he said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya only lifted his shoulder up and walked towards Sakurai’s direction. “I’m coming…” he said as he made his way there, but Aiba was following him from behind.
            He couldn’t believe that those two men are willingly to pay for his flight ticket only to make him to all of their stuff when they should be doing it on their own. Aiba wondered what would happen to them sooner in their future time. Ninomiya was standing beside both Sakurai and Ohno when Aiba took his seat across them. Aiba looked at how confortable Ohno was at that time… he doesn’t what is actually on their mind… was it some assignment they are talking about or it could be too much assignment they are demanding about. Aiba leaned back when he could only do was just watch and listen. He knew he couldn’t say anymore more than just, ‘What’s up!?’ Sakurai and Ohno are the head of their fertinity and he couldn’t disobey them at all… Aiba inhaled a deep breath ans slowly release it… gripping his fist tigheter, ‘I really hope it isn’t too much…’ he said in his heart when he just look at Ohno and Sakurai’s behavior… but Ohno only looked at Ninomiya sarcastically.
            “We need your help,” he said to Ninomiya heartlessl. He only took a few second to look at his face and that was just it… “Yes, Ohno! What is it that you wanted me to help you with?” he asked him, but somehow Ninomiya’s eyes were darting around on the piece of paper underneath Ohno’s hand. He was still tapping his pen. Ninomiya was only waiting for him to ask him a ‘favor’ but somehow, his eyes were still looking at the paper that was scribbling something on it… and he was sure that it isn’t related to anything with studies at all…
            Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, ‘What is on their mind?? Both of them doesn’t take architecture that is for sure…’ he said in his heart… but while hind mind were playing ticks on him, he heard Matsumoto’s footsteps were walking in front with a mug of warm water in his hand. He sat close enough to where Ninomiya was standing and he turned his glance towards his face. Ninomiya looked at his direction for a short time, before Ohno smacked his hanad on the table to get his attention.
            “And how many billion times should I tell you to look at me when I want to talk to you! Not at somebody else!” he shouted at Ninomiya and somehow that has given him a heart attack. Matsumoto sat back straight when he felt like he wanted to argue back, but before he could even speak, Aiba had the tiniest laugh. “Don’t be too harsh on him, Ohno. Take it easy. He is not a small boy you can fool around with too much,” Aiba said sarcastically. Ohno looked at Aiba sharply when stood up and grabbed some part of Ninomiya’s t-shirt and pushed him down on the table. Matsumoto wanted to stand up to help Ninomiya but Aiba grabbed on his arm and stopped him before he could even do anything stupid. Matsumoto turned his glance towards Aiba when Aiba only shakes his head from side to side.
            “Don’t do it…” Aiba said to Matsumoto silently. Matsumoto sighed as he felt his heart was raging with anger. He knew that Ohno and Sakurai’s father are one of the richest people in Tokyo, and they ensure that almost everybody who is related to their son in any term or occasion, has to obey with what they had to say or demand from them… or else they would pay the price sooner or later in any way it was possible.
            Matsumoto sealed his eyes shut when he could hear Ninomiya was grumbling, “What is it do you want from me?!” Ninomiya was asking but he could only hear his vicious laughter in return of his question. Ninomiya only looked at the artistic drawing of a beautiful house during the winter days that Ohno had drawn perhaps before he return back home… and why does it even have to be related to him?! Ninomiya kept on asking too many things in his mind when suddenly he felt Sakurai pushed his body from behind and how Ninomiya was grumbling once again as the pain that he felt from Sakurai’s force was too strong for him to restrain! Matsumoto stood up instantly when he grabbed on Sakurai’s hand that was pressing on Ninomiya’s body.
            The sound of him grumbling was too much for him to listen anymore. ‘I don’t care what the hell will happen, just let it happen!’ Matsumoto said in his heart. Sakurai gripped on Ninomiya;s t-shirt that he was holding and pushed it away. “Argh! This guy is such an idiot anyway! How can we rely on a person like him to find something in the dark! He can’t even see without the damn light!” Sakurai said in a very loud tone before he laugh so hard, but Ohno was still pressing Ninomiya’s head on the table with one side of his hand. Jessica felt Sakurai suddenly grabbed on her hand and pulled her up before he started to lay his lips against her and pushed her on the table and share a kiss for quite sometimes.
            “You know that it would be wasting my time to be searching for that house of your ‘dream’, Ohno! I rather stay here, and fuck her on the table like I always do!” Sakurai shouted to Ohno as he felt slightly infuriated suddenly. He knew how weak Ninomiya is and always will be! Ohno wanted to count on him on a night like this? Ohno must be dreaming! He was sure that Ninomiya couldn’t be doing anything at all! He is like a man who couldn’t see the world without any assistant! Sakurai laughed hysterically and grabbed Jessica and put her down once again. She stood up and sorted the pants and top she was wearing. Sakurai walked away from there when he banged his hand on the wall and caused himself to bleed slightly as he was so furious with what the hell was going on. “Damn it!” he cursed alone when he turned around and walked away from there to the other side.
            Aiba looked at Matsumoto wanted to approach Ohno, but he really grabbed on Matsumoto’s hand this time. Matsumoto turned around furiously “What is it?!” Matsumoto accidently raised his voice to Aiba and Aiba stood up instantly when Ohno turned to his side and looked at Matsumoto’s direction sharply

. Ohno pushed Ninomiya’s head on the table, Matsumoto only heard him groaned in pain before he fell down on the floor and Ohno pushed him away with his feet.
            He grabbed on Matsumoto’s shirt and made him look at his direction, “You better not get in between all of this, Matsumoto.” Ohno warned him directly and pushed him away. Matsumoto almost stumble down but he manages to stand still at where he was. Ohno grabbed on Ninomiya’s hand to pull him back up once again and pushed him down on the table once again. Ninomiya’s spec fell down on the table and he could barely see anymore, but he heard Ohno tapped his point finger on the drawing that he drew earlier and made Ninomiya looked at it closely.
            Ninoimya took his spec and put it back on and he looked at the drawing precisely… How he felt his heart was pounding so hard, when he looked at that drawing… ‘I knew I have seen this somewhere before…!’ he said in his heart… He couldn’t even blink his eyes at all, but after a very hard tries he felt his heart stopped palpitating at all when his jaw dropped down. He sealed his eyes and he saw the reflection of that house once again that look exactly the same from what he had seen… Ohno pushed him hard on the table when he turned around and walked away from there. Ninomiya was startled alone…
            “I want you to find that house tonight!” Ohno shouted to Ninomiya. When Ohno was talking about that house, somehow, Ninomiya felt his body triggers so badly… “What do you mean, Ohno?” he asked him to be sure with what he was hearing… Ohno was infuriated when he turned around and grabbed on Ninomiya’s shoulder to turn him around, he wanted him to listen to him loud and clear. Aiba and Matsumoto looked at each other when those girl friends were chit chatting with one another. Sakurai looked at how vicous Ohno had become, he looked directly into Ninomiya’s eyes and pushed him down on the ground. Ninomiya could only grumble as he felt the tremendous pain that Ohno was giving to him. He remembered before that he was frequently bullied at school back in the years and how he thought that all of it would stop, but he guess, it was only the beginning of everything. He felt his knees were aching as he had been falling down for too many times already only that night. ‘Why is all of this has to happen to me?!’ he asked in his heart and he felt Ohno pushed him with his leg.
            “I want you to find that house and I want it tonight!” he shouted to Ninomiya

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