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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 11

Ohno smiled to Sakurai, he felt conceited from what he has become at that time. Ohno looked deep into Sakurai’s eyes as he was smirking at his direction as he heard the sound of Sakurai groaning in pain. Ohno sealed his eyes shut when the sound of them pleasing for him to stop making him felt like he was the only one that can make the whole world his. Ohno raised one side of his eyebrow up when he opened his eyes once again and look directly to Sakurai that was gripping on his hand, for Ohno to set him free, “Just let me go, Ohno!” he tries to scream but his voice only came out like a squeaking sound.  Ohno furrowed his eyebrow when he was thinking what Sakurai had just said to him.
            “What is it? I can’t hear what you just said to me,” he asked Sakurai arrogantly. Sakurai was still trying to pull Ohno’s hand away from him. Sakurai felt the fire that was buried within him began to flare up as he was at his fury with a man he used to call a friend. “Argh!” Sakurai grumbled so hard, but the frozen cold hand of Ohno seems to be much stronger than it was before. Sakurai sealed his eyes shut as he was trying to inhale a deep breath, but there was no use since it would make him felt like he was suffocating worse. Sakurai felt the tears began to pour out from his eyes that was sealed once again was he felt his heart was pounding harder than it was before, but what can he even do about it?
            The sound of his friends or foes was taking control his hearing as he couldn’t hear anything else apart from that. How he sound of Ninomiya kept on repeating the same words over and over again in his solemn heart, how Matsumoto was begging for his life to be break free, Sakurai knew that Matsumoto wished that his life would just end at that time as he couldn’t bear with anything anymore, and as for Aiba, Sakurai knew that he isn’t related to any of this, but why does it seems like Aiba is holding the most grief rather than anyone else? He sound of him screaming in pain was overruling everything else in that solemn silent night.
            He recalled back once before when he heard the story of what was happening to their life before both him and Ohno had manage to kill the first person who had brought all of this in their life. It was only a girl that somehow Ohno had put his heart on the most in his entire life. Sakurai knew that the woman wasn’t from there, and he couldn’t remember what was the name, but she did said to them that if any of them wanted to kill each other for the greed that had build up inside our heart as the years passed with their misery, it is best to end one of our life once for all, but he couldn’t have the heart to take Ohno’s life away, as Ohno was taking to take his at that time. If the person wasn’t kill by the hand of another victim who held the curse, they would die at the end of night, but will return to life once at the starting of another day and they would be much more powerful than who they were before.
            Their greed and needs would take control of their life, and they don’t need anything else apart from his satisfaction. Sakurai knew that Ohno was broken hearted from the lost of his first and only love, but was this the way to repay it all back? Sakurai gritted his teeth against each other. Even he couldn’t fall in love with anyone else anymore as he did love someone else better than himself, another curse that befallen on his to never fall in love once again. How his heart was relentless when he has to let Miyoko off from his life. He doesn’t want their relationship with each other with would the end of his life and left her dread for the rest of her life. .. ‘Forgive me, Miyoko, but I know you understand me best…’ he said in his heart, but the sound of Ohno’s laughter once again took control of the silent night.
            “Forget it, Sakurai! There’s no way you can regain her love once again!” he said to Ohno when he could hear what Sakurai’s cries in his heart was. Sakurai opened his eyes once again as he felt the pressure of Ohno’s strength were pressing on his throat was taking his life away, but he couldn’t speak even though he wanted to. He looked at his other hand was gripping so tight to suffocate the one that wasn’t in his hand too. Sakurai grumbled as he hold both side of Ohno’s hand in too much grief, he wanted to break free, but his weight were overruling himself, he couldn’t move anywhere else anymore. ‘Just stop all of this, Ohno!’ he groaned so hard in his heart, but he knew that Satoshi could hear him loud and clear in his mind. He remembered the creation of the woman before was because of her greed to take control of everything, wanting people to listen to her instead of her listening to them, she did not die when it was in her rival with her own friend, but she did return back to kill her once again for good.
            Sakurai believe that right now, it was happening to him. Ohno looked at Sakurai with a sly smile across his lips, “There is nobody that could kill an afterlife, Sakurai!” he said to Sakurai furiously. Sakurai looked away as he knew all of that, but he doesn’t want that reason to let him down broken. Sakurai shakes his head from side to side, but the frication against his throat with Ohno’s grip has torn his skin apart. ‘I don’t care if it is going to be the end of my life, Ohno, but I will take your life away!’ Sakurai said furiously, but Ohno only smiled to him, “What? I can’t hear you…” he said to Sakurai. Sakurai was infuriated with what Ohno was doing, but the sound of Aiba’s sudden loud groan had made him laugh even worse than it was before…

            Aiba felt his heart was pounding tremendously as he was holding both of them in his hand even though at that time he felt like he was suffocating as he was having his difficulty time in trying to breathe. Aiba was holding his throat as he was trying to gasp for some air to breathe. He coughs a couple of times as he felt his throat as already dried up. He sealed his eyes shut as he felt like he was being strangulated by something that wasn’t even there right in front of his face. “What the hell is all of this?!” he tries to talk but his voice couldn’t even came out from his mouth. Aiba felt the pain that embedded him alive was getting inferior as time shades away. How felt his eyes had began to dry as somehow he could no longer see much of anything anymore. He tries to break free, but from what was he trying to escape from anyway?
            He tries to reach out from what was holding him there, he seized on his own throat and was hoping that he could pushed away whoever it was that was trying to take his life away. He felt as if like his body couldn’t bear to handle it anymore. How he was trembling apart at that time. How he was forcing himself to stand strong, but there was no use of him trying to do anything anymore. He sealed his eyes shut when he could still hear and see whatever these two men has been suffering for. He gripped his hands tighter on their shoulder and he was sure that the nightmare the two of them had would torture them more them his clasp on them.
            “Please! I’m begging you! Just release me from this cruel insanity!” he heard Matsumoto were groaning so hard even though he was strangled alive. Aiba opened his eyes when he looked at Matsumoto was choke to death as well was he. Aiba sighed lightly as he could bear to inhaled a short breath, he lightly caress on Matsumoto’s face that seems to be burning up worse than it did before. Aiba grumbled so hard, “Argh! Why does all of these has to happen!?” he screamed in terror. He knew he doesn’t want to say it, no he doesn’t want to admit it, but he was petrified with what was going on. Aiba curved on the ground since he couldn’t resist all the pain and suffer that was happening. Aiba felt his tears fallen down since he can’t do anything to help them at all. Right now, Aiba doesn’t want to know anything else anymore. He wanted all of this to stop, but their rigid pain were invading his heart that has seems to be frozen cold.
            He turned his gaze towards Ninomiya when his cries, “Make mistake, and pay the price…” kept on repeating itself over and over again. He looked at his once before beautiful eyes has become has white as a stone cold brick, he raised his hand forcefully as he gently touched at the side of Ninomiya’s cheek in hope that he can warm him up, but his body temperature was even worse than a cold snow that falls down on the Greenland town. He couldn’t bear the heat and the frosty side of these two man that he could felt. Their terror and nightmare has fallen on him, an Aiba felt his heart that was frozen before began to melt from the heat of the other side. “No!” he grumbled as he felt like he was still suffocating, but it seems like it was getting worse than before. He moved his hands from their face and holds their hand to tight in his grip…
            Aiba curled up on the ground as his grip on them became much more stronger than it was before. His tears kept on pouring out as he couldn’t take it anymore! “Oh, Lord, please stop everything that was going on! Just stop it all!” Aiba cries his heart out… but what was the point of crying anymore since there isn’t any end of this all. There isn’t any end to stop the mess that was going on…


            Ohno that was still strangling on Sakurai turned around when suddenly he felt silent on from the slightly further side of where they both were. He smiled alone and turned his gaze towards Sakurai in heartless emotion. Ohno inhaled a deep breath and sighed with a sly smile across his lips, “I’m sorry, my dearest Sakurai… I guess your friends have just said goodbye to you…” he wince to Sakurai when he release the grasp that he was holding on them from far. Sakurai was still struggling to break free. His grunt and grumble began to mix with each other as he wanted to let go, “Just let me go, Ohno!” Sakurai screamed his heart out as he was still trying to push Ohno away from him.
            Sakurai was pinned down on the ground and Ohno’s light weight before has to pressed him down badly, he couldn’t even manage to move his body at all. Sakurai was trying to break free from him, but he guess that the ice brick that was holding him on was much more stronger than it was before and his fire has began to decrease down. He felt the water from the ice that was holding him down began to melt and falls on him, and began to drain his strength away. Sakurai chuckled as he has no more strength to move on anymore, “Stop it, Ohno…” he was begging Ohno grinned to Sakurai when he move his portion and get on top of Sakurai, he pressed his knees on Sakurai’s thigh with his intention to freeze him and take his life away. Ohno caressed his hand on Sakurai’s face that was sweating on a cold winter night and he leaned close and gently kissed on his forehead with no intention at all.
            “Don’t worry, Sakurai… I think it is better to end your life like this rather than you struggle with too much pain and sorrow for not being able to save those three that you ‘love’ so much,” Ohno said to Sakurai with a mischievous heart. He felt Sakurai’s grip on his hand seems to decrease as Sakurai doesn’t have any strength to fight him anymore. Sakurai felt the light of night that that he has seen before began to diminish away as right now, all he see was only blank. There isn’t nothing anymore. Sakurai sealed his eyes shut as he began to pray for all of his previous sins to be perished away, but that isn’t an option that he has since he knew that all of it won’t go away in a glimpse of time… ‘Please forgive me for not being able to save you, even though I already know it all will happen tonight…’ he said in his heart, as he began to breathe in slowly… He could still feel the anger that was burning in Ohno’s heart for his previous time with each other, and he could feel that it made Ohno feel better to see him suffer that way…and at the end, Sakurai release his grip on Ohno’s hand and fell down flat on ground.

            The cold wind of the night blew against their skin, the sound of those men that were struggling once before somehow has fell silent when it seems like there isn’t anyone else anymore that was fighting for their life. Ohno turned his gaze around when he look at those three men, Aiba, Ninomiya, and Matsumoto has fell silent, and Sakurai in his hand doesn’t move anymore. “So, that’s all with all of this?” he asked a question that he already knew the answer. Ohno smirked alone as he felt like he was the sovereign of that night and there isn’t anybody else that could be more powerful that who he was. He looked at Sakurai with full of revenge with what Sakurai had did to him before, he doesn’t care anymore if he would be call a selfish kind, but he only live behind a shadow at night. Nobody could see him anymore other than if he wanted to come out and show himself to the human kind. Even though a little part of him was still human, but most part of him were only a shadow…That has no more happiness apart from achieving the needs of his life.
            Ohno inhaled a deep breath, “There is no need a second chance Sakurai… There would be anymore left for you anyway,” he said as he pressed on Sakurai’s throat much harder than he did before. He heard Sakurai grumbled so hard, but there was no more use of him struggling anymore. Ohno smirked on his own when he use both side of his hand and strangled on Sakurai’s throat to take his life away. Ohno sealed his eyes shut when he remembers all that has happened before. How Sakurai had promised to be forever his close friend, but at the end with Sakurai’s greed and need, Sakurai decided to take his life away.
            In the grief that he had restrained in himself for so long, he had kept the strength that he has meant nothing to him anymore, but after a long time thinking alone, he knew that this is the best result for him. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow as he opened his eyes once again, “This will be the end of your life, Sakurai!” he said full of grief and revenge, he pressed harder on Sakurai that could only chuckled for some air to be breathing in…
            But before he could even seize all of his strength over Sakurai and take his life away, he felt a strong wind, even stronger than his, blew straight towards his direction and made him fell down in silent.
            Ohno was at his conjecture as he wondered was actually happening. He knew that right then, it was only him that has the strength to kept all of this in silent, and there isn’t anyone else that could fight him. “What is going on?!” he asked himself when he heard footsteps were walking towards his direction. He furrowed his eyebrow when he sees a heavy misty fog suddenly appeared out from nowhere. He felt heat began to overshadow the cold night and without his expectation, a shadow came down walking close towards their direction. Ohno raised his eyebrow up and he wondered what it was, “What the hell?!” he asked himself with a triggered heart, he wondered who it was…


            Ohno stood up instantly, leaving Sakurai that was only breathing for the end of his life right by his side, he looked at whoever it was that was coming closer to his direction. It seems like his shadow he had never seen before. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow as he felt sweat began to form on his face. Ohno wiped it away when he wiped it away. Was there even anyone that was even much stronger than who he was at that time? He knew that he was the only one…
            He looked fiercely to what that was coming towards his direction. The slender body of whomever it was getting much closer towards his direction. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow and wondered who it was. Somehow, he felt his heart palpitates furiously. He could feel Sakurai was trying to move, he turned his gaze towards Sakurai for a short time and he pressed his foot right on Sakurai’s throat and pressed it hard with it. He heard Sakurai grumbled once again, but Sakurai didn’t bother him at all, “I shouldn’t care about you,” he said to Sakurai when he turned back around to see the shadow once again, but strangely, the sound of his footsteps that were walking towards his direction shades away as he could no longer heard it anymore, he couldn’t even see the shadow anywhere at all.
            Ohno sighed, ‘It was only my illusion,’ he said alone when he turned his glance towards Sakurai with a sly smile across his face, “I guess it is still just me and your worthless life, Sakurai,” he said to Sakurai, with his intention wanted to continue to pressed his foot on his throat to end his life right that. He could hear Sakurai chuckled as he has no more voice to even speak anymore, but at the same time, as fast as the lighting strike on the darkest night, Ohno felt a strong wind blew towards is direction and the heat he felt before began to emerged around him once again and he felt a strong force was strangling him so hard from behind his back. Ohno chuckled as he couldn’t breathe anymore and whoever it was turned him around to face his direction.
            He couldn’t even opened his eyes anymore at that time as the steam that was melting him at that time was much stronger than it was before, “Who are you!” he asked that person. The person was only at his silent. His sudden appearance had made Ohno solemn heart began to frozen at that time. Whoever it was just smirked to Ohno’s face with too much intention, “It is only me,” he said to Ohno. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow as he couldn’t restrain the steam that was heating his body worse than the fire that only melt his life away. “Who are you!?” he asked that man once again.
            The shadow only lifted his shoulder up as he doesn’t feel like answering Ohno’s stupid question, he only smirked and had his biggest laughter to Ohno‘s foolishness of thinking that only revenge could solve the problem away. Ohno who was in his confusion, opened his eyes once again and looked at the darker shadow that was standing in front of him, but he took a quick glimpse of those men that laying down flat in silent on the ground further away from him and somehow, he could only see the two of them there.
            Ohno furrowed his eyebrow as he could also felt the pain that the shadow was giving to him, and at the end of him restraining everything that he felt in his heart, he could feel the strength of the shadow was getting much stronger than the strength that he had left in himself to even fight him back. He looked closely towards the shadow direction with only his eyes opened slightly, he wondered who it was. It was impossible for any of them to even be reawaken since none of them were trying to take their life away. It was only him that took the soul of theirs for his own greed.
            The shadow gripped his hand on Ohno’s throat to make sure that Ohno couldn’t be breathing anymore, “How does it feel to taste your own self yearn and greed, Mr. Satoshi Ohno?” he asked Ohno in his  mellow dramatic tone. He smiled slyly towards Ohno that was holding his hand to be breaking free. Ohno cough a couple of time as the steam began to boil up in his body and seems to be melting his life away. “What do you want from me!?” he asked the shadow, but the shadow leaned closer to him as he could feel his warm breath so close to his body. Ohno tries to look at his side to see who it was, but it seems like the shadow was draining his strength away. He blew his warm breath on Ohno’s neck when he looked at Sakurai that was laying flat on the ground and he wasn’t sure if Sakurai was already at the end of his life or was in a long sleep…He blew a strong wind towards Sakurai direction and he could still feel Ohno was trying to break free from him, he laughed tremendously.
            “Let see if you would enjoy the suffer that you had given to everyone here tonight,” he said to Ohno when he moved his head away from Ohno’s shoulder and looked at him directly into his eyes. He smiled to Ohno, when Ohno’s jaw fell down in silent to see it was him standing right in front of his face.
           “How could you…” he asked when the man only smiled to him. He was supposed to be dead with the others, not being alive once again… He lightly caress on Ohno’s face, “Why are you still alive?!” he asked the shadow that was strangling him at that time. The shadow shakes his head from side to side, “I guess this was the reason you called for me too tonight,” he said to Ohno gruesomely. Ohno was startled to see Aiba that was supposed to be dead standing in front of his face. Aiba rolled his eyes and  ignored him completely. Aiba remembered what has happened to him before as he was struggling for his life along side Ninomiya and Matsumoto that night…
            “You want to know why??...” he asked Ohno with a cold heart. Ohno grabbed on Aiba’s hand that was strangling him harder than it was before, suddenly Ohno couldn’t see anything else anymore, but Aiba was only smiling to his direction… “Let see how it actually happen…” he said to Ohno. He could only heard Ohno grumbling harder than all of them did earlier, Aiba lightly caressed on Ohno’s face, “Shhh… Just keep quiet can you?” he asked Ohno lightly as he sealed his eyes and remembered what has happened earlier to him.

            After so much of struggling, Aiba fell on the ground at the end as he was restless at that time.  How he felt that his body began to sweat instantly. He opened his eyes once again when he looked around him. He could hear the sound of the two men at both of his side began to breathe once again. He turned his gaze towards his side as slowly he see that the two of them had opened their eyes once again. He could no longer hear the sound of those voices that was disturbing Matsumoto’s mind and those dreams that kept on repeating itself in Ninomiya’s mind anymore. He could feel them breathing normally at that time once again, and he looked at Matsumoto was trying to get up, but Aiba pushed him down. Matsumoto looked at Aiba and Aiba only shakes his head from side to side, ‘Not right now,’ he said to the two of them. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya that was looking at his direction, and Aiba was pleading them not to make any move until all of this was settled.
            Aiba had never felt like this in his entire life at all. He felt the heat and the cold temperature from both of them was not there anymore and slowly, he release his hands from holding both of them earlier. He felt his heart was pounding harder than it was before. Aiba inhaled a deep breath as he felt like both of their false energy had embedded in his soul after his struggle to prevent them from being burnt and frozen alive.
            He could hear the sound of Sakurai that was struggling for his life before had fall silent. He wondered what has happened to Sakurai as he turned around and see that Ohno was pressing his whole weight on Sakurai’s body. How he could feel the pain that Sakurai was feeling, and how he wanted to save him… Aiba sealed his eyes shut and without any hesitation, he stood back up and suddenly the misty fog began to appear.
            How his heart was dueling with anger and grief at the same time, and he knew he wanted to save Sakurai at that time. Instantly, Aiba stood up and felt like he had regained all of his strength once again. He looked at himself that somehow had hidden behind a shadow of his own anguish heart, and the fierce mind and soul at the end merged. He could feel both of their strength and he remembers that once ice had melted into water, and the heat that was burning below the water would form steam that would be warmer and sneaky at that same time.
            Aiba looked at himself, he gritted his teeth against each other and without thinking any further, “I will save your life too, Sakurai!” he said in silent and he moved forwards towards Ohno’s direction.

            Ohno’s mouth fell silent as he would never expect that it would happened to the third person that shouldn’t be involve in any of this, “This shouldn’t happen,” he said to Aiba but Aiba smirked to him unintentionally, “Well, I guess it did,” he said to Ohno when he lifted Ohno up with both side of his hand and left Ohno hanging there and begged for his life. Aiba could feel Ohno’s grip on his hand become much stronger than it was before and without him knowing anything, he heard sound that suddenly rushed towards his direction and he felt like Ohno was being pulled away from him. He could hear Ohno was screaming harder than it was before and Aiba could see shadow that was standing right behind Ohno’s back.
            Aiba raised his eyebrow and looked at his side and was delighted to see Sakurai was standing once again. “And I guess there isn’t a second chance for you, Ohno,” Aiba heard Sakurai said to Ohno viciously. Aiba smiled when he see Sakurai there. Sakurai turned his gaze towards Aiba and smiled at his direction, “Hello, friend,” he said to Aiba. Aiba only smiled and he felt his gripped on Ohno’s throat was harder than it was before.
            Aiba felt tears formed behind his eyes as he was delighted to see everyone that was supposed to be the victim that night were still alive. “Hello, Sakurai,” he said to Sakurai.
            Ohno was struggling as he felt the steam that was boiling up within himself and the heat that was melting himself was getting worse than before. “Argh!!!” Ohno screamed with all his heart, as he wasn’t sure how long he could last with all of the pain that he felt in himself anymore…

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