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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 09

            Matsumoto  felt his heart was racing furiously from the incident that happened earlier. He knew that he was dr, their past miving a little bit in a rush that night as the sound that he was listening in his head kept on talking to him. The voices of so many people were disturbing his mind and he knew that he couldn’t be thinking about anything else apart from only those voices would just shut up and keep silent. He missed his old life where he has his freedom on his own. He doesn’t bother about anything else that much apart from just himself., but right now, the other people’s misery life, their past mistakes were repeating in his mind…
            He has no other way to be answering them, and the only way he could keep it silent was if he manage to go to sleep and not thinking about anything else anymore. Matsumoto ran his fingers through his thick brown hair as he wiggled his fingers and messed up his hair, “Why can’t all of this remain quiet?! Why can’t all of just kept silent?! I couldn’t bear to listen to all of this anymore!” he screamed in his car. Some people that were walking outside the road could hear him grumbling hard in the car. They began to whispered to each other when Matsumoto turned his glance towards them and ignored what were they doing. He rolled his eyes, “Fuck, do you think I care?!” he grumbled alone and he took the cigarette that were still light up in the ashtray close to his dash board.
            His car has beens topped for a short time since the traffic light has turned to red and he was waiting for the time for him to begin moving again. He he pressed the honk of his car when he felt like the time has already ran out for him. How he felt his heart was palpitating furiously once againm and he began to feel like his body temperature has began to burned up in each second that passed in his life. Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath before he began to smoke once again. “Come on! Just move your damn car! My life is hanging on a thread right now, idiot!” he began to cursed alone in the car.
            He turned his gaze to his side as he could see the Prime Mall just close enough to him. He inhaled a deep breath as he slowly release it out and his eyes were focusing right there. He gritted his teeth against each other and he sealed his eyes shut for a short time, and his mind started to think about too many other things at that time. The echoes of voices and his heart palpitating were in the same rhythm only on a different tempo were playing in his mind. Matsumoto shakes his head from side to side, “This all has to stop. It has to stop!” he said alone and how he was bolt from the blue when suddenly he heard the sound of a loud honk from behind his back.
            Matsumoto opened his eyes once again and notice that the traffic light that once before red has turned green once again and the car in front of him before has drove away from there. Matsumoto had a slightly gulp of his own saliva and put in the gear of his car and move ahead without even looking anywhere else anymore, he pushed his speed paddle at a full speed but before he could proceed further, he heard a deafening sound from the front side of his car. His felt his heart stopped beating for s short time when he he accidently ran against something right in front of him. “Damn it!” he cursed loudly as he widens his eyes and instantly pressed the break paddle and notice there was a person that falls right on his front bonnet before whoever it was fell on the ground. Matsumoto’s jaw dropped down opened as he was startled with what was going on. He heard the loud honk from the cars behind him, but he doesn’t care anymore about them.
            “Oh, shit! What have I done!” he grumbled alone as he felt his heart palpitates. He looked at his side when he saw the person’s arms were flat on the ground, Matsumoto felt his heart was palpitating worse than before. He sealed his eyes shut for a short time and felt how his heart was trembling apart. “Oh, Lord! I ran against somebody!” he said. He put the cigarette that was still light up in his hand on the ash tray near his dash board. He pulled his break up when he saw certain people who notice what has happened were worried with what has happen. Matsumoto ignored them all as he unlocks his car doors and went outside on the cold dark night to see the person’s condition.
            Some people notice who he was as he was making his way to the front side of his car. He felt sweats began to fall downa t the side of his forehead on the cold night. He heard some people were mentioning his name, but that would be the last thing that worried him at that time, ‘Just say what the hell you want to say,’ he said as he rushed in front of his car. Most of the cars from behind his back made their way when they saw the hazard light was turned on from his car.
            How he felt his heart was palpitating swiftly as he was reaching further in front. How everything at that time began to turned dark in his life. He could see people were pointing towards his direction because he knows they were certainly sure of who he was, but he was afraid with whatever that has happen… He inhaled a deep breath when he turned his gaze towards the front bonnet of his black Lamborghini and he saw the stain of blood on some part of his car. Each steps that he was taking was making his mind shattered in a distance. He doesn’t know if he was breathing anymore but he certainly felt tha this heart was pounding worse than it was before…
           He looked from the side and it seems like the person’s condition isn’t that terrible as he expected it would be.  Matsumoto bend down when he grabbed on the person’s should and turned him around to see who it was… His mouth fell opened when he see the face of whoever it was and how he was shocked to see who it was… He felt like his heart was raging so heart and it was about to explode and how he was shaking in a dark cold winter… Matsumoto was startled for quite some time… He couldn’t believe himself with what he saw right in front of his eyes…
            “You…” he said gradually in his cold rigid heart…


            Aiba walked back towards the backstage as he has no hope any longer to look for Ninomiya anywhere at that place anymore. He already went everywhere, asked almost everybody that he had seen along his way and there wasn’t still any answer that he wanted to hear. Nobody know where Ninomiya has been missing too, and it somehow made his heart felt uneasy… “Where are you, Ninomiya…” he said all alone as he was making his way back to where he started before..
            His heart was pounding harder than it was before… He could still hear the sound of the band performing on the stage, he turned his gaze towards the side and look at how they were rocking the whole crowd, and he wondered how long will it actually last. He looked at his watch when the time was almost reaching the end of the concert, and the guest artist that all have been waiting for still wasn’t there… He didn’t even know if Matsumoto wanted to be there anyway that night… He did heard from Sakurai that it was hard to handle that person, and he was even surprised that Ninomiya got the nerve to even go and meet him in person to make him go there that night, but he knows that Matsumoto won’t even be there…
            Aiba sighed, as he lifted his shoulder up and he wondered if Sakurai was searching for Ninomiya too at the other side and finally after he took a little time to reach the backstage once again, how he was surprised to see Sakurai was still there, only that he wasn’t on his own anymore. Aiba’s jaw fell down when he looked at what Sakurai was doing. ‘What the hell is he doing?!’ Aiba grumbled in his heart when he looked at Sakurai was busy with a girl wrapped in his arms.
            He tries to see who it was and he noticed that it was one of the secretaries of his working place, ‘Miyoko?!’ he looked at the two of them were kissing passionately and how they embraced themselves close with each other, Aiba gripped his fist as he felt his heart was raging furiously. They were in a situation where something else that mattered worse and he is busy making love?! He bites his lip lightly and gritted his teeth against each other. Aiba cleared his throat slightly, Aiba looked at Sakurai who was holding Miyoko in his arms as their lips were touching against each other; he raised his eyebrow when he looked at them were. His jaw fell open as he was shocked to see what was going on with the two of them. He furrowed his eyebrows, ‘Shouldn’t he be worried about something else here?!’ he asked in his heart. Aiba crossed his hands on his chest, “What’s going on here?” he asked Sakurai as he wanted some answer. Sakurai was startled when he let Miyoko go from his arms and she moved away from there, avoiding the glance that Aiba was giving to them, Miyoko wipes away her lips that were messed up a little bit.
            Sakurai cleared his throat as he was avoiding the glare that Aiba was giving to him sharply, he walked close towards Aiba’s direction that seems to be wanting some explanation. He admit that it was his mistake that he couldn’t control himself anymore over somebody that he used to love so badly before, but due to some certain reason, him and Miyoko couldn’t be with each other anymore. How it did broke his heart, but there wasn’t anything else that he can do about it anymore. Sakurai inhaled a deep breath as he wiped away her lipstick that was smudge on his lips, he touched on Aiba’s shoulder but Aiba pushed it away with his hand, “What the hell are you thinking, Sakurai?! We have some other matters that we should be worried about and you were busy with her?!” he said to Sakurai furiously. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow as he wasn’t happy at all.
            Sakurai gripped his fist lightly, “Look, I know what you saw just now was inappropriate, but listen to me,” Sakurai said to Aiba. Aiba shakes his head from side to side. He thought that he could count on his man, but he never thought that Sakurai would back fired him just like that. He felt his heart swollen deep inside, he looked away from Sakurai and walked away from there, “What is there to explain, Sakurai?! It was obvious that you want her more than worried about your own friend!” he said to Sakurai. Sakurai looked at Aiba that was uncertain if he could count on him anymore, he wiped the sweat that has fell at the side of his forehead, “No! I know it was my mistake but you got to listen to me first!” he said to Aiba as he grabbed on his shoulder to make Aiba turned around and face him once again.
            Aiba looked at Sakurai’s face and pushed him away with his other fist for him to stay away from him, “Just leave me alone! I would find him myself!” Aiba said to Sakurai. Aiba looked away from Sakurai’s direction when he heard Sakurai was talking to him, but he doesn’t care anymore. He sighed as he wanted to go somewhere else inside that mall to find Ninomiya but before Aiba could take another steps, he heard Sakurai increased his voice to him.
            “I know I made my mistake, Aiba! But listen to me!” he said statically to Aiba. In a distinguish heart, Aiba turned around and looked at Sakurai when he crossed his arms over his chest and wanted an explanation right there and then, “What is it?!” he jerked his voice directly towards Sakurai. Miyoko backed away when she looked at those two were in a serious argument. Sakurai inhaled a deep breath before he proceed with what he wanted to tell Aiba.
            “She saw Ninomiya earlier and he had left this place awhile ago!” Sakurai said to Aiba directly. Sakurai felt his heart beat increased as Aiba himself wasn’t at his ease any longer. He widens his eyes, “He left?!” he asked Sakuraia s he was startled with what he had heard from him. Aiba felt his heart was relentless at that time as he doesn’t know what he should be doing anymore. He has to find Ninomiya before anything serious would happen to him. Aiba went close to Sakurai and looked at him straight at his face, “We got to find Ninomiya and we got to find him right now!” Aiba said to Sakurai.
            Sakurai nodded his head, when he get back to the real life world once again. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Ninomiya and he doesn’t want history to repeat itself anymore. He doesn’t want it to happen once again. Sakurai looked at Miyoko, “We will find him, I promise you,” he said to Miyoko as he felt Aiba grabbed his hand and pulled him out from there. Miyoko nodded her head as she sealed her eyes shut, “I hope so you will,” she said in her heart as he looked at the two of them walked away from there…


            Aiba was rushing towards Sakurai’s car that was at the other side of the mall. Sakurai looked at Aiba who wasn’t at his ease at all, even he couldn’t keep up with Aiba anymore. He tries to reach for Aiba, but it seems like Aiba was further from his reach. “Hey! Aiba! Wait up!” Sakurai called for Aiba, as Aiba only turned around to look at Sakurai, “Come, Sakurai! I had a feeling that all of this is going to be too late!” Aiba said to Sakurai. Sakurai nodded his head when he kwhat was actually going on. He knew that he couldn’t find where Ninomiya would be but he was sure that the head and the end are almost at their end of line at that time. Sakurai tries to avoid himself from thinking about it at all, as suddenly he felt that he couldn’t be breathing anymore for some time… “Argh!” Sakurai suddenly grumbled when suddenly felt a rigid pain strikes through his heart. He felt his heart beat paused at that time ad he couldn’t think about anything else anymore. Aiba turned around when he looked at Sakurai who paused at that time…
            “Aiba…” Sakurai tries to reach out for Aiba as in an instant, Sakurai sealed his eyes shut as he felt his heart was pounding worse than it was before.. The temperature that he felt in himself began to entangled  into a tight knot. Sakurai felt that he couldn’t be breathing anymore. “Sakurai!” he called for Sakurai that seems to be unsteady anymore. Aiba ran in a strong force towards Saurai that seems to be trembling down and before he could even though the ground, Aiba manage to hold him in his arms and he lifted Sakurai up with all of his might towards his car that isn’t that far away from there.
            Aiba felt Sakurai’s heart beat was palpitating rapidly as he was holding Sakurai on his shoulder, Aiba sealed his eyes shut, “Hang in there, Sakurai…” he said silently. Sakurai only nodded his head as he could not do anything else anymore. Sakurai sealed his eyes shut and he saw the image of that old man suddenly appeared in front of his face… He was smiling towards Sakurai’s direction, and he knew that his shadow it was only him that could see it clearly. Sakurai inhaled a deep breath, “What do you want from me…” Sakurai asked the old man that was looking at him… but he only smile to Sakurai in return…
            “Make mistake…” the old man said, but Sakurai inhaled a deep breath, “And pay the price…” he finished the sentence…The old man looked at Sakurai when suddenly his laughter conquer the whole universise. Aiba felt suddenly Sakurai was struggling to break free, Aiba stood in front of Sakura’s car and put him down next to it as he pushed Sakurai to his car, “Are you okay, Sakurai?!” he asked Sakurai as he was worried with that man. The sweat that has fallen from his face were too much on a cold night like that. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow when he doesn’t want to think about it too much anymore. Aiba inhaled a deep breath, “Just hang in there, Sakurai…” he said to Sakurai. He reached in Sakurai’s front pocket for his car key, and he took it out from there. Aiba felt Sakurai’s cold body temperature was frozen towards Aiba who just got inside the driver’s seat on the other siden him right there… Aiba had a gulp before he unlocks the door of his car.
            “Don’t worry, you will be okay, Sakurai. You will be alright,” he said to Sakurai as he closed the door on Sakurai side. What Sakurai see was only nothing anymore as he felt what has happened previously in his life suddenly came forth once again. He doesn’t know why all of this has to happen again; he turned his gaze towards Aiba that was worried about him also. “What is wrong Sakurai!” he asked Sakurai as he was worried sick about him. He knew that in his mind he was thinking too much about Ninomiya but if something bad would happen to Sakurai too, could he even manage to handle all of it at the same time. Aiba sealed his eyes shut when suddenly the dream he had of Ninomiya when he just reached from Okinawa before came back in his mind. He looked at how Ninomiya was struggling for his life and right now Sakurai is like this… Aiba gritted his teeth against each other, ‘I have to keep calm in facing all of this…’ he said in his heart.
            Suddenly, as his thought were drifting away towards the solemn path that he could see, he felt Sakurai abruptly grabbed his hand that was resting on the gear of the car that he just turned the engine on a while ago. Aiba looked at Sakurai who was looking straight at his directions. Sakurai was gasping for some air and Aiba felt his heart palpitating rapidly at that time. Aiba widens his eyes when he looked at Sakurai’s direction.
            “What is it?!” he asked Sakurai. Sakurai couldn’t be breathing anymore but he was forcing himself to talk so that Aiba would understand what he wanted Aiba to do. He knows that right now, it is not only about a life of one man, it could be even more than one. Aiba winced slightly when he felt Sakurai gripped on his fist harder, he looked at Sakurai seriously, “Tell me, Sakurai! Tell me!” Aiba said as he could felt the anxious that  Sakurai was feeling in his heart.
            “Go on that road, Aiba… This isn’t only about Ninomiya anymore… This isn’t only about him…” he said to Aiba as he was pointing towards the road right in front of them. Aiba looked at that direction when he sees that it seems like it was a busy road. Aiba looked at Sakurai, “But that isn’t the fastest way if you want to go to Matsumoto’s house!” Aiba said to Sakurai, bur Sakurai widens his eyes and looked at Aiba, “Just go that way!” he said to Aiba, forcing him to follow with what he just said to him…
            Aiba felt persistent at that time, but he only nodded head when he puts in the gear of the car of Sakurai’s car that he was driving and only nodded his head, “Okay, okay, I will take that road…” he said to Sakurai, before he pressed on the paddle and reversed out from the parking lot. Aiba turned around to make sure that he didn’t make anyway towards any car that would be coming on that direction too. He changed his gear towards the redular driving nmove and made his way forwards and towards the massive traffic jam at the other side. He knew that he has to make a long way for a u turn to get back on the track that Sakurai had asked him to get too. He looked at his side and saw Sakurai was trying to calm himself down, but he knew that there is something that was disturbing his mind. He knew that Sakurai isn’t the type of somebody that would get lost while he was doing his toughing daily job, but this is not Sakurai that he knew anymore…
            Aiba touched on Sakurai’s thigh, “We will get there in time… Trust me,” he said as he drove away from there.


            Matsumoto tries to pulled the person that lay down in front of his car, “Argh! Why are you heavy for a small person!” he grumbled as he was forcing himself to pulled him up. Matsumoto heard that he was chanting on something over and over again… He tries to listen to what it was, but he couldn’t manage to catch what he just said repeatedly. His eyes were sealed closed as Matsumoto notice that he wasn’t looking at anywhere else anymore. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow as with all of might, he manage to lift that man up and put him at the side of the road, at least further from the busy road beside him.
            Matsumoto looked clear into his clean face, and he touched the man’s skin against his palm and felt like it was rigid cold, “Argh!” Matsumoto grumbled as he felt like his hand was about to freeze into ice as he was holding him. Matsumoto looked at him for such a long time as his mind started to played around with his heart… ‘Was he the cause for all of this?’ he asked hin his heart as he was doubtful with what he should be doing… Matsumoto gritted his teeth against each other. His heart was twisted with what he should be doing or what he should not be doing… Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as suddenly his thought went somewhere else apart from asking how he was doing…
            He knew that he isn’t really the greatest person ever lived in this world but… he opened his eyes once again when suddenly whatever that was surround him turned to the darkest night. He felt the cold wind suddenly blew against his skin rapidly, he looked at his side when he saw that there wasn’t anything there at that time… but suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps were walking towards his direction. He turned around when he saw there isn’t anybody else close to him anymore… and the shadow that he had seen before in his dream appeared right next to him in a very short time…
            Matsumoto felt his heart jolt as suddenly he fell down on the ground since he was startled to see him there. “Isn’t this what you have been wanting in your mind?” the old man asked him statically.... Matsumoto doesn’t understand he had said to him, he raised his eyebrow with too much enquiries in his mind, “What are you saying?!” he asked the old man as he tries to pushed himself up from sitting down on the cold ground, but somehow he felt the ice melted when it touched his skin.
            The old man smiled to him drastically, “I thought you wanted to end his life for all of this to end…” he said to matsumoto statically. Matsumoto raised his eyebrow when he wondered how did this old man knows what was playing in his mind. Ninomiya shakes his head from side to side, “What are you saying?!” he asked the old man who was holding the man that has fallen down on the ground in his hand. It seems like he lifted him so easy and it seems like it took Matsumoto forever to even take him there. Matsumoto felt his heart was raging with fear and too much question at that time.
            “What do you want from me?!” he asked the old man, but the old man was moving closer with the man that was semi conscious in his arms. Matsumoto turned his gaze towards that man that was held close. He knew that he barely know who this guy was but what was his sin to him until he wanted to end his life that night? The old man smiled to him slyly when he heard Ninomiya was still chanting continuously, “Make mistake, pay the price…” he said alone. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya’s condition at that time… How he felt his heart and mind were dueling with each other…
            Matsumoto knew that he wanted to end whatever that was happening to his life, but was this the right way of doing it?... he asked himself when he shakes his head from side to side… “No…” he said, but he could felt that he was gripping his fist and he knew he wanted to punch Ninomiya directly in his face and cause him to bleed to death.
            The laughter of that old man conquer the whole silent night once again as he only gave Matsumoto a smile, “With the heat of fire you have burning in your heart… don’t you  think that you can melt this frozen cold ice?” he asked Matsumoto with a sly smile on his face… “And let him emerge in your body and make him forever yours?” he asked Matsumoto. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow as he doesn’t understand what that old man had just said to him. The old man pushed Ninomiya that was helpless that time and he fell directly on Matsumoto. Matsumoto grumbled, “Take his life away, and be one…” he said to Matsumoto once again, but Matsumoto only pushed Ninomiya to the side, “Why!” he asked the old man, when at the same time he heard the sound of a car that stopped close to where the three of them were. Matsumoto looked to the side when the sound of two person was rushing to their way but been pushed away by the force of that old man that was standing in the middle of the four of them.
            “Stop doing all of this!” Matsumoto heard the sound of a man that has fallen down on the ground…. Before he collapse right there and then. The old man turned around and looked at Sakurai with a cunning smile across his name, “I never thought that I would see you once again, Sakurai…” he said to Sakurai as a friendly greeting. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow, and he was holding Aiba that wanted to go to the other side to save Ninomiya. He looked at Aiba, “Don’t do it right now…” he said as he was forcing himself up. Sakurai knew that that man’s strength was much more than him, but he has to face all of this at once.
           Sakurai stood up straight when the old man was impressed with what Sakuraiw as doing right in front of him, he ran towards that old man’s direction and grabbed him on his shoulder and made the old man to look at him directly into his face. Their eyes met and he could feel the fire and ice were mending with each other in that old man’s heart. The 0old man grabbed on Sakurai’s hand and made Aiba startled to see what was going on.
            “Why is your heart still full of hate and grief, Ohno Satoshi! Stop all of this!” Sakurai demanded as he felt the grief of the past time that suddenly came back in his mind once again.   

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