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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 08

            Both Aiba and Sakurai pulled the door of the backstage open. It took them quite sometimes to convince those guards that they were a part of the event that was happening, Aiba had left his pass card at home since he thought that Ninomiya would assist him inside, but he had forgotten that he has to go somewhere else but not joining in the event since the starting of the day, but luckily Sakurai had brought his VIP card for the two of them to get inside. He thought that they would manage to sneak inside, but he guess, even though how high a squirrel can jump, they would still tend to fall down.
            Aiba grabbed a towel that he see on the desk that seems to still be unused and dried up his hair slightly. Sakurai did bathe him a little bit at his car, Aiba put the towel aside and he saw Ninomiya’s jacket on the chair over there. It made him wonder if it was that hot behind the backstage until Ninomiya decided to take it off. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow and only sigh in disbelieve, “That is something strange,” he said.
            He lifted his shoulder up as he took off the wet t-shirt that Sakurai had caused earlier and puts the jacket on. Sakurai looked at Aiba as Aiba gritted his teeth as the cold wind from outside were blowing slightly on his skin, he furrowed his eyebrow as his eyes were darting around the backstage.  “I don’t think so, he is here,” Sakurai said to Aiba. Aiba shakes his head from side to side, “No, he shouldn’t be anywhere else apart from here because he arrange all of this! He has to make sure that everything went right!” Aiba said as he felt his heart began to pound harder than it was before.
            He furrowed his eyebrow and without any hesitation, he went away from where he was standing and went everywhere to ask where Ninomiya is. Aiba met some certain people and he asked them if they had seen Ninomiya, but none of them had given them any answer that he wanted to hear. Aiba inhaled a deep breath as he couldn’t believe with what he just heard from those people, ‘No! He has to be here! He has to be here!” he grumbled in his heart as couldn’t stay still anymore. Aiba his fingers through his wet hair and he walked towards the other end of the backstage to ask someone else that he saw along the way. He doesn’t care anymore if he knows that person or he doesn’t, he still want to know where Ninomiya is and he needed to know an exact answers right now. Sakurai looked at Aiba that has moved out from there. It seems like Aiba has lost his mind as he wasn’t even certain with what he was doing…
            Sakurai raised his eyebrow, he sighed and he doesn’t want to look like he wasn’t doing anything at all for his friend, “I really hope that you are still here, Ninomiya,” he said alone as he was searching for Ninomiya at the other side. He could still hear the sound of the band that was performing on stage, it was a sad thing when they were giving those fans a good act, but they were still chanting for Matsumoto Jun who he wasn’t sure if he even decided to even go there that night.
            “I really hope that you would even want to think of showing up here tonight, Matsumoto,” he said alone as he went to the other side and continue his search for Ninomiya. Sakurai sealed his eyes shut when he could see that Aiba was still uncertain where has Ninomiya been missing, and the only thing that was playing in his heart was only hoping for what has happen before, would happened once again…
            “Please be strong Ninomiya. We will find you… I promise you that…” he said, when suddenly the image of that old man came forward in front of his face with a sly smile carved across his lips. How Sakurai felt his heart triggers with fear and anger raging together at the same time. He gripped his fist tighter as he tries to ignore the face that still kept on smiling to him, even though he had opened his eyes once again.
            “No way… This won’t happen again!” he was infuriated in an instant. Sakurai went away from there when suddenly he felt somebody toched on his shoulder. He was startled for some time when he accidently pushed a bottle of mineral water that was opened on the table and heard the sound of it fell down on the floor. He look at the water that pour out from the bottle first before he turned around to see who it was. He was surprise to see her once again after a very long time.
            “Miyoko?!” he said her name. She only bows down to Sakurai, “You are searching for Ninomiya san aren’t you?” she said to Sakurai directly. He looked at her worried face. Certainly he had never work with this girl, but he had met her before and their ‘relationship’ with each other somehow didn’t actually last that long. He knows even though whatever has happen in between the two of them, he knows for some certain reason, there should not be any other relation in between the two of their heart… Sakurai inhaled a deep breath as he looked away from her… His mind were twisted in too many questions at that that.
            “Where was the last time you have seen him?...” he asked her straight, avoiding any other conversation in between the two of them… Miyoko sighed before she looked away… Even though the temperature inside that place was semi warm, she could still felt the chill began to burst up in her heart… She looked at Sakurai directly at his direction, even though their eyes met, she still tries to keep it strong in her heart. She starts to tells him everything that she saw earlier... Sakurai looked at her continuously as he was gripping his fist tighter. Sakurai looked at how innocent she was at that time, and how his emotion has tangled up into a tight knot at the end. ‘Why does all of this have to happen at one time…?’ he questioned himself in his heart.
            Sakurai knew that he couldn’t bear the pain anymore, and he knew that he shouldn’t anymore be thinking about all of this, but… there is no other option included with his decision. Sakurai looked away from her fragile gaze towards his direction, but was still listening to every single thing that she was telling him…He inhaled a deep breath as he sealed his eyes shut…

            After sometime of her talking to him, Miyoko draw in a deep breath before she wanted to end what she wanted to tell. “And how it frightens me to see him like that, Sakurai,” she said to him finally. She sealed her eyes shut for a short time as she felt her heart was pounding so hard at the same time. She couldn’t believe that she is seeing this man once again, but that shouldn’t be the thing that she has to be anxious about. She sign, lifting her shoulder up and wiped away the sweat that has fallen at the side of her forehead. She knew that she doesn’t really know Ninomiya for too long but that Ninomiya was a great man indeed.
            Sakurai looked at her, “So, that was the last time you see him?” he asked her again. Miyoko only nodded her head, but at the same time, Sakurai was still doubtful in what was playing in his mind. ‘Don’t ever think about all of this right now, Sakurai!!’ he grumbled in his heart. He heard the sound of her mumbling regarding this matters, but… He just looked at her beautiful face. He still remember how soft her skin was…
            Miyoko furrowed her eyebrow, “Yes… that was the last time I…” but before she could even finish what she wanted to say to him, she felt Sakurai grabbed her hand, and pulled her close towards his direction and their lips were touching against each other for a short time. Miyoko felt her heart stopped palpitating for some time. “Sakurai!” she said, as she tries hard to push him away, but what was the use of her struggling to break free since he was much stronger than her.
            After a while of her trying to break free, she doesn’t know why, instead of pushing him away from her, she was pulling him closer to her as their kiss last longer than it was before… “Sakurai…” she whispered his name for a very short time as the two of them embraces in each other’s arms as their kiss continues….


            In the darkest night of the outside world, there were certain places that just came alive as the light from their life were just turned on, most people were enjoying themselves with their loved ones, good friends, and also being alone. The sound of music started to beat as the temperature inside those row of clubs just begin their night, but there were some part of the Tokyo city were vivid in silent, even the sound of the wind blowing could be heard, little mice were running around to save themselves not to be found, and even footsteps echoes could be heard clearly... but the silent was break when there were arrival of three men that wasn’t steady at all.
            One of them had laughter as he leaned back against an abandon shop behind where he was standing. “Don’t tell me all of crap, Shigeru…” he said to his friend that was sitting in front of him at the other side of the building. He had a hiccups before he took a large amount of beer in a tin that he was holding in his hand. Shigeru looked at his friend as he doesn’t understand what he had just said to him. Shigeru lifted his shoulder up, “I don’t know… that was what I heard from my mother!” he said to his other two friends. They looked at each other for a short time as they were thinking with what Shigeru had said to them and without any hesitation of understanding anything, the three of them laughed spontaneously.
            The three of them were already too tired to be thinking about anything else anymore apart from their problem with their daily life, they kept on complaining that it seems like there isn’t anything could actually go right. How they want their life to be perfect, but how can everybody achieve the dream they have in their heart with only in a glimpse of time? The one who was wearing a dark yellow t-shirt threw the can he was holding in his hand towards his friend that was sitting beside Shigeru, “Hey! Tanaka! What do you want to do tonight?!” he asked his friend as he was already half conscious already at that time.  
            After sometimes, as the three of them almost fell asleep right there, in the sound of silent, it was broken when they suddenly heard the sound of footsteps were walking towards their direction. Shigeru opened his eyes when he looked at his friend who was sitting at the other side… he wondered if it was his friend who was making that loud noise, disturbing him to sleep. He groaned, “Hey, Ryota,” he called for his friend but there wasn’t any answer. Shigeru furrowed his eyebrow when he grabbed Tanaka’s shoulder. He grumbled when he felt the pain that Shigeru had given to him, “What is it?...” he asked Shigeru, rubbing on his shoulder… He heard the footsteps echoes that Shigeru has heard as well.  The three of them were startled when they heard the sound was approaching nearer to them.
            One of them sat down properly and their eyes were looking at each other as they were feeling slightly petrified with the eerie sound. A shadow of a man could be seen as he was making way through the lonesome silent of the night… “Make mistake, and pay the price…” he kept on saying the same word over and over again. Those mousses that saw him walking right in front of them seems to be petrified with what they felt in their inner self, they ran away from there as they are not delighted to know what will happen next. He was only walking in a straight direction, not noticing anything at all that was right in front of him. He pushed away an empty can of water to the side with his legs and continue his journey forwards.
            Tanaka grabbed on Shigeru’s hand that was standing right beside him and pointed towards the man whom he thinks was crazy walking towards their direction. He raised his eyebrow, “I think that man is drunk worse than us!” he said to Shigeru. Ryoka nodded his head as he agrees with what Tanaka had said to them. He chuckled spontaneously when he looked at that person somehow at the end, dragging a plastic bag that was stuck on his shoe. Ryota pointed towards his direction, “I think he is the environment lover, eh, I mean, cleaner too!” he said to his friends. The other two turned their gaze towards that man and notice what Tanaka had said to them and chuckled at the same time. Shigeru had a sly smile on his face and grabbed on Tanaka’s and Ryota’s shoulder. He pulled them closer as they felt his breath was brushed against their ears.
            “How about let’s give him a warm welcome to our place?” he said to his friends since it was the only place they always go if they ever went out of hand... The two of them turned their gaze towards whoever it was that was getting much closer towards their direction. Tanaka and Ryota looked at each other for some time. The footsteps were getting much closer towards their direction. The two of them slowly nodded, “That don’t sound like a bad idea…” Ryota said to Shigeru. Tanaka gritted his teeth against each other as finally after sometime of him thinking, he also nodded his head as they agreed to do what Shigeru had suggest them, but as the footsteps were approaching closer/
            The echoes of it were getting louder than it was before. Shigeru was standing straight, full of ego across his face, as Tanaka in a slight doubtful thought too were standing beside him. Shigeru nodded his head as that person was getting closer towards their direction, “This is it, boys. Let show him who we really are!” he said proudly.
            “Make mistake, and pay the price,” they heard whoever it was chanting continuously. Ryota looked at whoever it was and he felt his heart began to pound so hard. He felt sweat began to falls down at the side of his forehead when he looked at two of his friend were grabbing on whoever it was. ‘This a little bit odd,’ he said in his heart. He looked at the man that finally too close to their direction. He was perplexed when he looked at whoever it was. His eyes were solid white, and it seems like he couldn’t think anymore. Ryota felt like he lost his breath in an instant time.
            “What are you doing here, huh?” Shigeru asked him furiously. He blocked that man who seems to be out of his mind direction. Ryota moved back a little as he was frightens to see that person. He touched on Shigeru’s shoulder as he leaned closer to him, “I think we should not disturb him…” he whispered to Shigeru. “Make mistake and pay the price…” the man was still chanting… Ryota felt a sudden chill went through his body when Shigeru turned his gaze towards Ryota. He looked at him slyly as he felt like his toughest friend suddenly went afraid with this stranger. Shigeru looked at Tanaka and chuckled loudly.
            “Are you afraid of this man, Ryota?!” Tanaka asked him when he was punching lightly on his shoulder. The man was trying to make his way through but Shigeru grabbed him with his hand to make sure that he doesn’t even want to move anywhere else. Ryota felt his heart were pounding harder than it was before when suddenly, he turned his gaze towards that man once again. He felt his breath were getting heavier each second time passed and how he wanted it all to go away from his mind but there isn’t any other way.
            He was startled as he was backing away from there. Tanaka looked at Ryota oddly when Ryota shakes his head from side to side, “Seriously guys, just don’t do it… Just don’t…” he said to Shigeru. Shigeru had a massive laughter when he looked ar Ryota’s reaction. Shigeru’s slapped on that man’s face a couple of times, when he still didn’t get any response. He looked at that man strangely, “For what are you being afraid anyway,  Ryota… He is not doing anything anyway.” He said to Ryota.
            Ryota felt like he couldn’t breathe anymore as he really wanted to go away from there. He could still hear that unknown man talking on his own and the sound of Shigeru’s hand that still continuously slapping his face. Ryota looked at his face reaction that shows that he doesn’t want to do anything to Shigeru that was enjoying himself torturing him, but he knew deep inside that man’s heart, deep inside his own heart, something bad would happen either now, or perhaps in a short time…
            “Oh, come on, Ryota. Look at his face. He is just too cute to even be a man!” Shigeru said and Tanaka was only laughing along with Shigeru. He didn’t really do anything to that stranger, but Ryota knew that his heart was as cold as Shigeru was at that time too. Ryota shakes his head away, “Seriously, Shigeru. I think you should stop doing that to him…” Ryota said as he felt his heart was trembling apart. He looked straight into that man’s white eyes that he could see flaring against his vision. Ryota doesn’t want to see all of it anymore as at the end, he sealed his eyes shut when he could see what was about to happen next. ‘Please, don’t do all of these guys…’ he tries to speak but somehow, his voice was buried in his own sorrow.
          At that time, he was afraid; he was scared, if their action could even bring harm to themselves. ‘No, No, No,” he said in his heart and he opened his eyes instantly as he doesn’t want to see anymore. His heart was pounding harder than it was before, when slowly, their laughter together once before had fallen silent. He heard somebody’s footsteps were heading towards his direction and he opened his eyes in an instant.
            “Ryota!” he heard Tanaka’s voice was calling for him. He looked at Shigeru was struggling to break free from that stranger’s grip directly at his throat. Ryota widens his eyes, “Save me!” he heard Shigeru screamed at his direction. Tanaka reached closer to him, and he felt Tanaka’s hand were touching on his shoulder before somehow,  and it was frozen cold.  Ryota had a gulp as from what he said it was true… Tanaka looked at Ryota who was afraid. “I think we should get out from here!” Ryota said to Tanaka, but before the two of them could go any further, the two of them heard Shigeru screamed loudly before he kept quiet suddenly…
            They looked at Shigeru who had fallen down on the ground. They wanted to run away from there, but before they could, the stranger who kept on chanting the same thing over and over again grabbed Tanaka on his shirt and pulled closer to his direction. Ryota fell on the ground as he was petrified with what will happen to his fellow friend. Tanaka looked straight at his eyes that was white as the snow, “Make mistake, and pay the price…” he said to Tanaka when he lightly touched his face with his frozen cold hand.
            Tanaka felt his heart paused at that time, as he felt his body was frozen cold. Tanaka felt his tears began to fall down as he was too scared with what was going on. He shakes his head from side to side, “Please, don’t do this to me!” he was pleading for mercy, but he was ignoring what Tanaka had said to him… when suddenly, another shadow appeared next to him…
            “What are you waiting for, Ninomiya… A heart full of greed is never a clean one indeed…” the other shadow said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya only nodded his head… “Make mistake, and pay the price…” he said and was heard a loud sound of Tanaka screamed in pain when suddenly, he felt silently frozen in Ninomiya’s hand. Ninomiya dropped him to the ground and turned his gaze towards the other person, and continue his journey to walk straight away from there…
            His chanting continues, as he was walking away from there. He ignored Ryota that seems to be afraid of whom he was and walk away from there… Ryota turned his gaze towards Ninomiya… “Why…” he wondered when he looked at the man who was walking away from there.


            Inside his car, Matsumoto was making his way through the busy road of that night as he was heading his way towards where he doesn’t even want to go at the first place. He could feel the cold wind was blowing from outside his car as the window right beside him was open since he had decided to take a smoke while he wanted to ignore what was going on with him at that time. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow, pressing the honk of his car when the driver in the car in front of him suddenly turned to his right without giving any signal light. “Hey, watch where the hell you are going, idiot!” he shouted to the person who doesn’t seem to care. He inhaled a deep breath as he felt the warm smoke from the cigarette went inside his throat.  Thank God he manage to move away from there. He blew the smoke out from his mouth, at the same time feeling infuriated with the voices that he could hear in his mind.
            He wondered when all of this will stop. How he had wished that the dream he had just now was actually the end of his life. He wondered too if that jerk has anything to do with all of this since it was only his shadow that he could see in his mind. He creased his eyebrow, gripping his fist tight on the steering wheel he was holding, he was relentless to see himself even thinking of getting out from his house at this time of the night. He knew that in this few months he doesn’t feel like going out from his house after it was eight at night since all of it started to disturb his mind, shading away his thoughts, making him shuddered with all the elements in his life, the echoes of those voices seems to be much more louder than it has been before.
            Matsumoto shakes his head from side to side, as he tries to erase all the thought in his mind, “If you are the reason of all of this, it is better the two of us end it at the right way,” he said on his own as he felt his body temperature began to increased in the cold night. He bite his lips, when he wondered what was actually going on at the Prime Mall that night. He knew that his fans were waiting for him, and he also knew that his fans would be disappointed if he don’t perform that night, but… he have his own reason…
            He sighed as he doesn’t care about anything else anymore. His mind couldn’t be thinking about anything else at all. He knew that some part of his heart, he still miss the only woman he had ever love, but there is something else that was bothering him at that time. He wanted to find her again, but he has to settle this first before anything else comes up.
            His mind were thinking about too much, and those voices were disturbing his mind and made him infuriated with everything that was going on, he bang his hand on the steering wheel that he was holding and without him even notice anything, he accidentally ran against something right in front of him.  Matsumoto instantly pressed the break paddle and notice there was a person that falls on his front bonnet before he fell on the ground. Matsumoto’s jaw dropped down opened as he was startled with what was going on. He heard the loud honk from the cars behind him, but he doesn’t care anymore about them.
            “Oh, Lord! I ran against somebody!” he said, as he put the cigarette that was still light up on the ash tray near his dash board, he unlocks his car and went outside to see the whoever it was condition. He rushed in front and how he was shocked to see who it was…
            “You…” he said gradually.


            Aiba went towards Sakurai as he was devastated, he couldn’t find Ninomiya anywhere. Aiba looked at Sakurai who was holding Miyoko in his arms as their lips were touching against each other; he raised his eyebrow when he looked at them were. His jaw fell open as he was shocked to see what was going on with the two of them. He furrowed his eyebrows, ‘Shouldn’t he be worried about something else?!’ he asked in his heart. Aiba crossed his hands on his chest, “What’s going on here?” he asked Sakurai as he wanted some answer. Sakurai was startled when he let Miyoko go from his arms and she moved away from there.
            Sakurai cleared his throat and looked at Aiba as he was trying to avoid answering any questions at that time. ‘Oh! Damn it!’ he grumbled. He looked at Aiba that doesn’t seem happy at all. Sakurai inhaled a deep breath and tried to avoid Aiba’s sharp glare, “She said that she had seen him earlier and he already went out from here,” Sakurai said to Aiba. Aiba felt his heart jolt instantly as whatever that was happening in between Sakurai and Miyoko doesn’t come across his mind anymore…
            “He left?!” Aiba asked right away... 

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