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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 07

            Ninomiya’s pure white eyes only looked at the old man that appeared in front of his sight. He felt a little in his heart wanted to fight back, but at that time, he couldn’t be doing anything else anymore… His warmth heart has been held prison by a man he doesn’t know who it was. He wanted to think but his mind couldn’t be functioning anymore. Ninomiya widen his eyes when he heard the old man’s breathing against his solid cold skin. The old man lightly caresses his long slender fingers on Ninomiya’s face. “Make mistake and return the price…” the old man leaned close to Ninomiya and whispered to him. He could feel how Ninomiya’s heart was pounding so hard at that time as second passed.
            The old man slowly smirked towards him but at the end, he looked away from his direction. He turned around and started to walk away from there. The loud sound of his footsteps echoes in Ninomiya’s mind, and he could only nod his head. “Make mistake, and return the price…” Ninomiya chanted alone as he stood up blankly. In his vision he could only see nothing else anymore apart from the shadow of that old man… The sound of the old man’s footsteps were shading away as he pushed the backstage door open and the hard cold wind from outside blew inside the warm room. Ninomiya felt the cold wind brushed against his skin as it too flown part of his neatly done hair to the side. Ninomiya doesn’t bother about it anymore…
            Ninomiya only stood up straight and he follows towards the direction of where that old man had walked away too… “Make mistake and return the price…” he continue his chant as he walked out from there…
            As he was standing at the cold world outside, his mind wasn’t functioning anymore… His cold skin somehow had frozen with the cold win that was blowing on his body… Through the darkest night, he couldn’t see anything else anymore apart from the road side light and from those cars that was moving on the road beside him that were still flickering. The sound of cars that somehow had ran against each other into an accident didn’t bother him at all… as the only thing he could see was just his face that he doesn’t want to see anymore…
            How his sarcastic response had build up the tense in his heart, how his exasperating smile was dueling with his heart, and how his words that was only lies was disturbing his mind kept on repeating in his mind… Ninomiya was only walking straight without any other direction to be taking on, only a situation with one last conclusion appeared in his vacant mind.
            He walked across the road, not bothering about the car that was driving towards his direction, the loud honk didn’t disturb him at all…
            “Make mistake, and return the price…” he said alone…


            Inside the car, Sakurai was driving his vehicle in a high speed as he was trying to reach the destination. The explanation he had heard some Aiba somehow made his mind twirled awkwardly. ‘Could it be true what he had said to me…’ Sakurai wondered alone in his mind. He remembered what Aiba has told him earlier about the incident that has happened in between him, Ninomiya and that old man… Sakuraiw as startled with what he just heard before, and he couldn’t believe it at all… ‘History shouldn’t repeat itself again…’ he said in his heart with his eyes were looking ahead on the busy road inf rotn of him.
            Suddenly, with his mind were playing around with himself, the car in front of him made a stop without even any alert. Sakurai widen his eyes when he manage to move his car to the other side, but almost hit against another car that was coming on the other side of the road. Sakurai heard the blue Volvo car gave him a loud honk, he prevent to look towards the driver’s infuriated face, he only lifted his hand up to apologize, he looked at his rearview mirror and saw the car the had made a sudden stop before has gotten himself into an accident and it seems like it was a very long que right behind the white Porsche, that was ridden by a man at a mid age, Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow and sighed. “That was a tough luck!” he said alone, but it seems like Aiba didn’t really notice anything at all.
            Sakurai looked at Aiba that seems to be distracted from what was playing in his mind rather than what has happen to the two of them. The car that Sakurai was driving almost smashed against another car, and he manage to prevent it from happened, but he guess that whatever that was rolling in his memory was taking a big impact in his mind.
            “Just keep calm, Aiba… We will be there before anything would happen,” he said to Aiba when suddenly, he heard Aiba chuckled as he was trying to inhaled some air to be breathing, but it seems like it was stuck half way. Sakurai touched Aiba\s warm hand when in an instant, the hand that he was holding before turned too cold for any living human to felt even in a winter time..
            Sakurai turned his gaze towards Aiba that was sweating hysterically at that time. Sakurai’s jaw’s dropped down as he was frighten to look at Aiba in that condition. He knows that Aiba was a man that was from Chiba, a place that was close to the beach, where the warm sun light always flared up the city, but he shouldn’t be like this…
           “Are you alright, Aiba?!” Sakurai asked him and demanding for an answer, but Aiba didn’t even answer him, but it seems like Aiba was struggling with himself. Sakurai looked at Aiba and how he wanted to stopped at the side of the road, but he had made a promise to that man that he would try his hard to reach to Ninomiya in an instant. He shouldn’t be wasting his time, but he was concern with Aiba’s condition. Sakurai sealed his eyes for a second or two as he inhaled a deep breath. He gripped Aiba’s hand that he was holding in his, “Just take it easy, Aiba… We will be there as soon as we can,” he said to Aiba. He could feel Aiba was gripping his hand harder than before and it gave him an instant pain.

            “Argh!” Sakurai grumbled as he felt Aiba’s fingernails were digging inside his skin at the same time. He could feel Aiba’s hand’s triggers. “Ninomiya…” Aiba said Ninomiya’s name in a rigid way. Sakurai could feel Aiba was trying to break free from whatever that was disturbing his mind, but it seems like he wasn’t awake anymore. Aiba wasn’t himself anymore… Sakurai gritted his teeth against each other, “Whatever it is, if it happens again, we have to stop it from happening once again…” he said as he pressed the peddle that he was pressing before harder. He made his way from the traffic jammed ahead of him.
            Sakurai  turned his way to the left as he picked another road to go to the Mall. He knew that this road would be a little further, but he knows that the road would be empty as everybody would prefer to choose the shortest way towards the main city of Tokyo. He gripped Aiba’s hand, “We will be there in time,” he said as he pulled his hand away from Aiba’s gripped, and put it on the steering wheel as he was making his way towards the empty road on a cold night.


            Matsumoto opened his eyes instantly as finally he was awaken once again to the real world and was no longer captured in his dream. How he felt the t-shirt he had wore was dripping wet on a rigid cold night. He inhaled a deep breath as he was still gasping for some air to breathe, Matsumoto sealed his eyes shut as he reca;;ed back the dream that he had a while ago seems just so real. All the pain the he felt, all the suffer that he had went through seems like it was him who was stepping onto that world that nobody else know where he was.
            How he was hoping that that dream wouldn’t happened again, but it seems like in this few days, it kept on repeating itself… only in a different sort of way… Matsumoto sealed his eyes shut for a short while. He could still the last image of that man that was strangling him with his cold hand in front of his face. How he felt his heart were pounding so hard at that time, “What do you want from me?!” he grumbled on his own, as his hand was gripping the clean sheet he was lying on. He wasn’t sure if he could be breathing anymore at that time, but he opened his eyes again and he looked at the clock on his wall that was ticking its time. It was already ten fifteen at night and he was still inside his room.
            Whoever it was did said to him that he knew his secret… and he wondered which one was it since Matsumoto knew that he has too many things that he kept only in his heart, not letting other people know… What was the sin that he had done until it was that day he still couldn’t be over with it. He knew that he has been a wild child, a man who doesn’t care about other people apart from only himself and what he wanted to become… but he couldn’t take it anymore if this is what he has to pay for everything that he had done. He felt his body has become burning hot at that time. His eyes weres still staring at the time that was ticking, and it has passed only two minutes that theprevious time and he was still on the best. He remembered who it was that he seen the last time before he had awaken once again, and he knew that he had made a promise to that man, and it seems like he was ignoring it…
            Matsumoto tries to get up, and he felt like his body was slightly heavy than before… He doesn’t know what will happen next and he was certain that he doesn’t have a longer more time to end it all. “I will be there tonight,” he heard the echoes of his own voice said to the man that came to his house yesterday. It was another promise that he had made and… He inhaled a deep breath and after a long force to push himself up, he finally manage to stand straight…
             “If this is going to end my life, just let me die!” he grumbled hard, as he took of the wet t-shirt that he had worn, he walked towards his closet and took out another tshirt for him to wear that night. He pulled the short pants that he was wearing and threw it into the bucket close to him. He grabbed the towel that was hang at the side of the door and went inside the bathroom as he wanted to take a quick bath before he decided to get out from there.  He walked inside the bathroom as he place the t-shirt that he was holding in his hand on the bed.
            “I got to settle all of this…” he grumbled alone as he closed the bathroom door that has only a light colour of light turned on inside it.


            Sakurai parked made his way in a semi busy road in the heart of Tokyo when he noticed there was a parking lot close to where he was at that time. He looked at his rear-view mirror as he gave a signal for him to get into the parking lot, but when he was making his way there, he turned his gaze towards the Prime Mall that seems to be packed with too many people, It made him wondered too why would a shopping mall be having a small stadium at the side of it. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow, perhaps they could get extra income if they rest it for some other certain occasion or what. ‘I really hope we are not too late...’ he said in his head when he turned the engine of his car off, as the heater in his car too was disable, he undo his seatbelt, he inhaled a deep breath, “Come, I think we are still not too late for this...”  he said to Aiba when slowly he turned his gaze towards Aiba and srtill see that he didn’t turned his gaze to anywhere else.
            He bite his lips lightly when he looked at what Aiba was doing, apart from only chanting for Ninomiya’s name, he didn’t seems to be awaken at all at that time. Sakurai shakes his head as he couldn’t beliee that all of this was happening again. He knows that he wasn’t related to Aiba in some sort of way, but they had been working together for quite sometimes already and it seems like even though either one of them would be in any trouble, none of them would leave one of them behind. Sakurai wiped his sweat that was falling at the side of his head as he didn’t bother about Ninomiya anymore at that time, “Come on! Aiba! Wake up!” he said to Aiba once as he leaned closer to Aiba and pushed his shoulder with his hand, but there wasn’t any response.
            “Darn it! It shouldn’t happened again!” he grumbled when he took out his carkey from the slot and opened the door on his side, he went out from there as he walked towards the other side. The cold night was frozen his skin instantly as he went outside from his car, he rushed towards Aiba’s side when he opened his door from outside. Sakurai turned Aiba around to look at his direction, “Wake up, now, Aiba!” he shouted to Aiba’s face, but he didn’t respond at all. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow as he doesn’t feel like doing it, but he knew that he has no other choice left for him, it’s either now, or never at all.
            Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow when he grabbed on Aiba’s shoulder and squeeze on it really hard. “Ninomiya... Save Ninomiya...” he could still hear the same thing came out from Aiba’s mouth. Sakurai lifted his shoulder up, when he grabbed his prirority pass that was hanging on the rear view mirror, he wasn’t sure if there is anything else that he could do apart from what was in his mind. “I don’t know if you would like it or not, but I have no other option anymore. He pushed back Aiba inside the car and closed the door, he locked the car door and walked away from there.
            He looked at the nearest seven eleven across the road,  Sakurai raised his hands up as he was making his way at the pedestrian crossing, he ran with all his might to reach to the shop that isn’t far away from him, he went inside as he go to the cold drinks fridge at the back of the shop, the people at the counter looked at Sakurai’s actn and felt slightly strange with what he was doing. One of them whispered to her friend, “What is he doing?! It is frozen cold outside!” she said to her friend, and her friend only nodded her head. Sakurai heard their whispers that seems to only be words spoken to each other, Sakurai took a big bottle of cold mineral water, he made his way back to the cashier when he grabbed some snack just incase if it was needed, he stood in front of the cashier and looked at her, “I want a cup of warm coffee,” he said to the girl. The girl looked at her friend and only nodded her head to Sakurai, “Alright sir,” she said to Sakurai.

            After sometime of waiting, Sakurai grabbed a pack of cigarette and the girl return to Sakurai who had bought a pack of ice, a cold meneralw ater, a cup of hot coffee and a pack of cigarette. She smiled to Sakurai slyly, “Do you need a lighter too, sir?” she asked Sakurai. Sakurai think for sometime as he reached inside his pocket and didn’t feel his lighter inside there. He looked at her and nodded his head, “Yeah. I think I would be needing that too,” he said to her. The girl nodded her head as she started to calculate everything that Sakurai had bought, she packed all of the stuff inside there, Sakurai gave her his 5000yen that he just taken out from his pocket, she wanted to return him the balance, but she looked at Sakurai alreadyleft out from the shop already. She turned her ga\e towards her friend, “I think he is crazy,” she said to her friend when her friend only giggled, “Well, cra\y or not, at least you get to keep his one thousand yen balance!” she said to her friend with a giggle.
            On the street outside of Tokyo, Sakurai was making his way towards his car once again. He lit the cigarette that he had took out a while ago as he inhaled deep indie. He felt the warmth of it was burning inside of his body slowly. He sealed his eyes shut as he was taking his time to face it all once again. He knew that he wasn’t in any part of it, but he could know the actual reason of why it all happened. Sakurai was trying to calm himself down... “Why are you doing this again...” he asked slowly, and he felt his heart was pounding harder than it was before. He can’t be sure with what was going on, but he was certain that it could be related to that person. He inhaled a deep breath as he could see the air that came out from his mouth each time he was blowing it out.
            He felt the warmth of the coffee in his hand as he was making his way towards his car and as he was getting closer, he unlocks his car as he opened at his side of the car, he grabbed a clean while face towel on his dashboard and he looked at Aiba that was still shivering and trembling there. It seems like his lips had turned blue from pinl once before. Sakurai sighed, “I really hope this still works,” he said on his own He closed his door and walked towards Aiba’s side, as he light up another cigarette. Sakurai inhaled a deep breath as the smoke from the cigarette went inside his lungs, and he blew it out atfter sometime held it inside. He put the bottle at the side of the road when he opened the car door and looked at Aiba.
            Sakurai grabbed his face and made him look at his direction. Aiba turned around and see his face. Sakurai could hear the sound of Aiba’s teth that were clenching against each other, Sakurai shakes his head slowly, he grabbed Aiba’s hand that was static still at that time, he turned it around and made him hold the warm cup of coffee in his hand. Sakurai opened the water bottle and he took a sip of it, with his other hand was holding the cigarette that was lit up still, “Now let see what can I do to you to wake you up once again,” he said to Aiba when he grabbed the clean face towel, he pour the cold water on it. He grabbed the coffee cup and put it on the dash board in his car, he opened the ice cubes bag that was still sealed and took a large amount of ice and put it inside the wet towel. He felt the fro\en cold ice on his hand, Sakurai shivered alone, “I hope you can handle this!” he said.
            He looked at Aiba who isn’t himself anymore. He was still chanting on Ninomiya’s name, and Sakurai pushed Aiba’s head down, so what he was planning to do won’t messed up inside his car. “Let’s pray for the ebst, Aiba!” he said when he threw thew cigarette end somewhere outside his car and took another sip of the warm coffee, he pour the cold water on Aiba’s face without any mercy.
            “Ninomiya... Save Ninomiya...” he could still hear Aiba’s chant as he was pouring the water on Aiba’s head. He could feel Aiba shivered cold with what he did to him, he put the bottle on the ground next to him, Sakurai took the face towel that was already wet from the ice that has melted inside and put it on Aiba’s face. Sakurai sealed his eyes shut as he was hoping for a reaction from Aiba later. “Save Ninomiya... Ninomiya... Save Ninomiya...” the chant still continue for a while, when suddenly...
            Aiba grabbed his hand, “Sakurai!” he screamed so hard as he pushed his hand away after sometime he was trying to free\e his face with the melting ice. Aiba pushed Sakurai away so hard, he almost fell to the ground. The sound of ice that has trembled on the ground in front of him was heard, and the white cloth that Sakurai was holding in his before was still in his hand, only the colour is no longer white.
            Sakurai sealed his eyes shut as now he was sure that it was the doing of the only one he knew. Aiba stood up from where he sat before, and Sakurai looked at Aiba’s face as he was trying to stand still once again, “What the hell are you trying to do to me?!” he asked Sakurai. Sakurai shakes his head, “Saving your ass that is more like it,” he replied to Aiba straight forwardly. Aiba doesn’t understand what Sakurai had said to him, but Sakurai only smiled to Aiba when he lightly punch on his shoulder, “Welcome back, my friend,” he said to Aiba.
            Aiba raised his eyebrow, “What are you saying? I thought we are heading towards the Prime Mall! What are we doing here?!” Aiba asked Sakurai. Sakurai had a small laughter when he pointed behind Aiba’s back. Aiba turned around when he saw the mall that he had been wanting to go since he had reach Tokyo from Okinawa, he turned his gaze towards Sakurai, “Come! We should find Ninomiya now!” he said to Sakurai when Sakurai grabbed the warm coffee on his dash board casually, “Take a sip of this first, or else I won’t follow you,” Sakurai demand Aiba. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow when he looked at Sakurai smirking to him. He grabbed the warm cup of coffee and took a sip of it, but without realizing anything, he continue to drink it until it finished all of it.
            Sakurai smiled to Aiba, “Now, that’s my boy,” he said to Aiba as he was patting on his face. He grabbed the face towel  in his hand and put it inside the empty cup of coffee and place it back on his dash board. Sakurai covered the cup with his cap since he doesn’t want anyone to see how frightening the colour of the once before clean towel, right now it was bathe with a cold blood colour. Aiba looked at him strangely, “And what the hell are you doing?!” he asked Sakurai. Sakurai don’t even bother to answer him, “I have my reason and come let’s go and save our little boy!” he said to Aiba. He looked straight at Sakurai and nodded his head.
            “Let’s do this!” he said to Sakurai as the two of them were running towards the mall, but without even them noticing, Ninomiya was walking close towards Sakurai’s car and was still chaning on his own,  “Make mistake, and pay the price...” Ninomiya was walking uncertainly in a frozen cold night, but he couldn’t feel anything else anymore. The shadow was looking at Ninomiya with a sly smile on his face, “Keep moving on...” the sound of the old man was whispering to his ear...
            Ninomiya doesn’t know anything else anymore, apart from only his mistake, and only the mistake that he has done...


            He grabbed his car key as he was heading towards the front door of his house, “I need to settle all of this!” he said alone as the sound of people crying were still heard in his mind. Matsumoto sealed his eyes shut, but he doesn’t want to think about anything else anymore about from only either he end his life... or end the life of another man that could possibly stopped all of this...
            He look at his creamed coloured front door, and he opened the door without hesitation at all. He walked out from his house and sealed the door shut as the sound of voices were getting louder than it did before, and the warmth that he felt in himself were getting hotter, and worse...

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