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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 06

            It was a crowed day on a rigid time of that late evening that day. It seems like every day is like how it always have been in the Haneda Airport, Tokyo. Some people were rushing towards their counter for checking in. some had already made it in but to certain misfortune people, they seem to be missing their flight. Some kids were screaming as they were running around in the busy surrounding, but at the arrival hall, there seems to be a man, that was still uncertain for the reason why would he came home that late that day. He walked out from there as he felt a light wind brushing against his skin when he looked around the busy hall. Most people were waiting for their loved one arrival and some were searching for their way as they weren’t sure where they were at that time.
            He raised his eyebrow when he wondered where was that someone that was supposed to be picking him up, “Now, where  could he be…” he wondered as he lifted his shoulder up and tries to keep himself easy at that time. He lifted his shoulder up as he walked away from there. He was wearing deep blue jeans, slightly torn apart,, a dark green t-shirt with a black coat to prevent himself from feeling too cold on the freezing winter night. He covered his palm on his mouth as he was breathing against his cold hand. He was trying to wamth himself up and he inhaled a deep breath. He adjusted the sling bag on shoulder before he walked away from the arrival hall gate.
            He looked at some people that seems to be excited to see somebody that has gone away from them for sometimes. With their happy smile on their face, how he felt slightly reluctant with the thought that he has nobody else to love him that way anymore. Aiba sighed, ‘Stop dreaming when you are still awake…’ he remind himself. He continue his journey towards the side of the arrival hall. He put his bag that he was pulling a while ago to the side of the empty chair that he found. He turned around when he notice a family with two sons were walking out from there… He sealed his eyes shut when he recalled back the time it was him and his little brother before…  He sighed, ‘I shouldn’t be thinking about this anymore…’ he said alone as he sat on a chair close to him.
            He remembered the laughter that both him and his brother always shere together when they were still young. How the love that his family given to him seems to be good enough to bring a smile on his face almost everyday… But where is everything now as he has aged even a single second that ticks away… the lost of his family from a car accident really had broken his heart… how he had missed them, but how can he get something that he know it was impossible to return? ‘You will always be in my heart…’ he said alone as he know at that time, it wasn’t that that he should be worrying about.
            He leaned back against the chair as he inhaled a deep breath He looked at his watch before he sealed his eyes shut while at the same time his heart were pounding so hard. He was already there like it was fifteen minutes ago, but why does he felt like it seems to be forever? He gritted his teeth against each other, while balling his hand tight,, “What the hell am I thinking about?!” he grumbled as he was there on his own.
            He tries to breathe in how he usually does but how he felt his heart was pounding hard when the thought of the dream that he had earlier was still haunting his mind. Aiba shakes his head from side to side as he doesn’t want to believe if it could be true… What he saw seemed to be too painful to feel. He covered his face with both side of his hands as he was breathing in the carbon dioxide that he was breathing out. He couldn’t restrain the ache anymore. He was reluctant with the incident that will occur that night. He wasn’t born as a person who can predict the future but how his heart was raging so hard made him sure that there is a chance of it could happen.
            “No… it can’t be it…” he said alone once again. He remembers the warning that the old man that he met alongside with Ninomiya had mention to Ninomiya that could influence his entire life, but he wouldn’t want Ninomiya to end his life in such a drastic way. He couldn’t accept it if it happens without him there to even stopped it. Ninomiya was a good friend to him, and he couldn’t bear to lose somebody who is as ‘decent’ as him. Aiba gripped his fist as tight as he felt his heart that was palpitating before worsen as second had passed. He knew that when Matsumoto had agreed to come that night wouldn’t take place anyway. A person who won’t compromise to anything, with an arrogant behavior, plus a cold heart like him wouldn’t bother about anything else apart from himself.
            He felt the cold winter breeze from the outside world brushed against his skin as somebody went out from the door close to where he was sitting.
The palpitation of his heart that was pounding so hard was disturbing his thought, and his unsettled mind made Aiba felt uneasy as each second passed away. He wondered why would his fellow friend were slightly delay to be there to pick him up. Sakurai had mention to him that he would take him from the airport and both of them will head towards the Prime Mall with each other. Could it be a traffic jam? Or could he just had fallen asleep and had forgotten that Aiba would be there only in an hour time? He furrowed his eyebrow as he doesn’t want to think about it, but suddenly the image that he sees nothing before reappeared as the dream that he had before once again.
            “Argh!” Aiba grumbled as he felt his heart ache so badly. From what he could see there, he wasn’t sure if it is the matter of trust, believe, greed, envy or compromise with each other was the cause of everything… but… it could be either one of it that could cause it all. Aiba felt his heart stopped once more. He wanted to erase everything from his mind… but it was impossible… He felt his tears dropped at the side of his eyes that was sealed shut. His heart was trembling apart but before he could even think of anything else, the shadow of that old man came back to his mind…
            “Let him pay the prize for what he has done…” the old man whispered to his ear, as he felt infuriated and wanted him to go away from his mind, he accidently pushed away his traveling suitcase close enough to his leg. He grumbled hardly and felt someone touched his shoulder at the same time. Aiba felt his heart stopped as opened his eyes instantly when he sees Sakurai was looking at him, curiously.
            “Is everything alright with you?!” Sakurai asked him. Aiba looked at Sakurai who was wearing a black jeans, with a deep yellow t-shirt. His grey jacket was covering most part of the clothes that he was wearing. Aiba turned his gaze towards Sakurai’s face and looked at how messy he had set up his hair that night. Even though the two of them had spent a day together in Okinawa before, Sakurai had reached Tokyo a day earlier than him as Sakurai have some other matters to settle. Aiba  doesn’t know what it was, but right at that time, that would be the second thing that would bother his mind at that moment. Aiba sighed as he pushed himself up, when Sakurai looked at him bizarrely.
            “Seriously, you have to tell me what’s up,” Sakurai said to Aiba, but he felt Aiba grabbed his arm instead, “We got to get to the Mall, and we got to go there right now!” Aiba said to Sakurai statically. Sakurai looked at Aiba mischievously when he felt Aiba release his grip on his arm, and Aiba grabbed his laugage and pulled Sakurai along right beside him. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow, ‘Seriously, I don’t understand this guy suddenly…’ he said in his heart but his thought shattered away when he felt Aiba was pulling his arm.
            “Let’s go!” he commanded Sakurai. Sakurai was startled for a short time, he turned his gaze towards Aiba and nodded his head. “Okay. Okay,” he said to Aiba as he walked away from there. He doesn’t know what was going on in Aiba’s mind, but he certainly needs explanation later. Sakurai gritted his teeth against each other, ‘I need you to explain and tell me everything that was on your mind, Aiba Masaki…” he said in his heart.

            The two of them were walking away from there; Aiba would still hear the sound of that old man whispering to him…  ‘Let him pay the prize for what he has done…’ it echoes in his mind. Aiba felt his heart frozen as the two of them walked out from the door for sometime already and was  making way towards his car, Aiba shakes his head from side to side, ‘No. He won’t be harm by you…’ he said alone as he was sure that he could be there before the time ran out. Aiba gripped his hand that was frozen cold at that time and he still felt his heart was pounding rapidly. He saw Sakurai’s black BMW car as he heard the sound of Sakurai unlocking it as the two of them were reaching closer to him. Aiba lifted his luggage up and puts it inside the car. He looked at Sakurai that close the back bonnet of his car and nodded his head, “We should get there as fast as we can,” he said to Sakurai. Sakurai nodded his head in response, “I don’t know what the hell is up, but darn it, you got to explain to me inside the car!” Sakurai demanded Aiba, as Aiba doesn’t bother anymore; he just gets inside the car.
            “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he said to Sakurai as he closed the door.


            Matsuda felt his heart was pounding furiously. He wasn’t sure if he was breathing at that time anymore. The pulse that he felt was even louder than the sound of everything that he could even ear at that time. The sweat that was falling tremendously all over his body was making him felt uncomfortable at all. Matsuda tries to breathe but it seems like he was suffocating badly. “What is happening to me?!” he grumbled so hard as the thunder and storm that was emerging though the darkest sky were rambling against one another.
            The shadow that was standing close to him were walking nearer towards his direction. Matsuda sealed his eyes shut as he wasn’t sure if he could even bear to even be looking at all of this anymore. Even though a while ago he was estatic about dying in a peaceful thought, but with everything that was happening to him right then made him wonder if he could even last anymore minutes with all of this mess. He doesn’t want to be dying in this gruesome way.
            “Find the only one that can cure your heart… free your mind…” he could still hear the sound of that old man’s eerie voice was chanting on him… Matsumoto was struggling himself to break free but he was bound with everything. He felt the sweats that were falling from his face were emerging with the tears that he had kept for too long from falling down. He wasn’t chain with anything else, but why was it so hard for him to even be moving himself away from there??
            Matsuda coughed several of times as the heat that was burning him alive seems to increase its temperature once again. The cold wind that was blowing against his skin was giving him the frozen chill that he had never felt before. ‘What is happening to me?’ he wondered alone as his tears kept on pouring down. From the blank vision that he sees previously, came out a shadow that seems to be alive moving towards his way… Matsuda turned his gaze towards the petrifying shadow that was giving him a fright to even be looking anymore. How at that time he was wishing that he is blind.
            “What do you want from me?!” he forced himself to speak, but the thunder that was rambling that night seems to be louder than his voice. The shadow looked at him as he was leaning down lower towards his face… “I know your secret…” the shadow whispered to him. Matsumoto doesn’t understand anything that he was telling him. Matsumoto shakes his head from side to side, evading the glance that the shadow was giving to him, he could not see his face, but only a smile that was wicked even to be given to him, and his pair of eyes that seems so rigid, only the red outline of it could be seen in his sight/ Matsuda shakes his head from side to side… Denying almost every sin that he had done in his past life, he wondered if this was the day that he has to pay for everything…. “No…” he said slowly…
            The shadow only look at how helpless was Matsumoto at that time. He smiled cunningly to Matsumoto before he fades away from there… Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as he could no longer see that shadow in front of him anymore… “Thank God f```or that…” he said alone as he thinks that it was still not the end of his life… How he was relief that all of it went away… all the thought that he had wasn’t there anymore, and the shadows that has been following him was no longer in sight.
            Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath, concealing the guilt that he felt in his heart… He knows almost everything that he had before to be whom he is right now. Matsumoto still felt the regret that was raging in his heart… his tears still couldn’t stop falling down.. he wanted to forget about everything that he had done in his life, but how can he even forget all the sins that he had made until it was today in his life… maybe he thought that no one could see what he has done, but he perhaps had forgot that there is always Somebody that knows everything that was happening… even with what he was thinking in his mind… Matsumoto slowly open his eyes… Hoping that everything else had gone far away from his life, but in all a sudden, The strong wind began to blow against him, and he felt like he was about to flown away, but his weight that has doubled. “Argh!” he can only groaned as at the same time, the shadow that he had been wondering who it was came forth in his vision once again.
            How he was startled at that time to see that man’s face appeared in a short time in front of him. He felt his breath had stopped in a short of time… He widens his eyes, the shadow grabbed both side of his hand and crossed it over at his neck and pressed hard against it so that Matsumoto couldn’t breathe anymore. Matsumoto tries to pulled his hand away but there was no use since the force that was pushing him was much stronger than who he was. He looked at the shadow and it seems to be smiling… “I know your secret…” he said to Matsumoto once again. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow as he was in a tremendous pain and suffer; he doesn’t understand what that shadow was telling him… “What are you saying?!” he force himself with all of his might to say to him, but his smile had grew bigger and slowly, Matsumoto saw his pale skin in front of his eyes… It seems like he had been dead for too long… Matsumoto wondered who it was as he still couldn’t manage to see his face. The pain that he felt were too much for him to handle and after a while… his jaw dropped down open when he saw who it was…
            “You!” he manage to squealed for one last time, as at the same time, he felt that shadow’s cold hand were strangling this throat furiously, Matsumoto grumbled painfully before… he opened his eyes once again…


            The loud noise from inside the small indoor stadium of the Prime Mall were exquisite as everybody were enjoying themselves with the entertainment that were provided for them that night. Those men and women were screaming with all their heart out as one performance by the new artist was done with their last song. The band smiled to the crowd as they walked away from there, but still heard the sound of fan girls were screaming for the artist they have been waiting for too long to performance that night, but it seems like his que were at the end of the list…
            “Matsumoto! Matsumoto!” the chant continues for some time, Ninomiya turned his ga\e towards the second last act of that night to do their performance before the so call star of the night’s turn to shine, “It’s your turn!” Ninomiya said to the girl band that was ready to perform, but before they could step outside, but Ninomiya’s heart was raging so bad as he still did not see the attendance of Matsumoto Jun with the whole act that night. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow as his mind were drifting away, ‘IF he didn’t make it tonight, I would kill him when I see him next time!’ Ninomiya groaned in his heart.
            He heard the footsteps of those band members getting out from the backstage, but before all of them went out from there, Ninomiya grabbed the hand of one of the member of the group that was holding her drumsticks in her hand. She looked at Ninomiya with a sweet smile on her face, “Yes, Ninomiya san?” she said to him. Ninomiya felt his head was blank at that time as he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say to this girl. He looked at his watch and it seems like the show would finish in forty minutes time or so… He felt his heart was pounding so hard.
            One of the girls that were holding her guitar called for the drummer to get on stage. She turned her gaze towards her band mate and asked her to give her a minute just in case there is anything wrong that Ninomiya wanted to tell her. She waves her hand in front of Ninomiya’s face that seems to not be there anymore, “What is the matter?” she manage to ask him, as she was touching his hand. Ninomiya was startled when he turned his gaze towards her in shock. His jaw dropped down a little bit as he shakes his head from side to side and let go of her hand at the end. She was still smiling to him, “What is it?” she asked Ninomiya as he leaned closer to her and whispered to her ear.
            “Is it okay if you add in one or two song to your performance?” Ninomiya whispered to him. She only smiled to Ninomiya. “But won’t that be tang the time of Matsumoto Jun?” she asked Ninomiya. Ninomya felt infuriated when he heard the name. Ninomiya shakes his head from side to side, “Please?” he requested her. She nodded her head in agreement after a tiny giggle that came out from her mouth. “I will talk with the others regarding this okay?” she said to Ninomiya. She walked towards her team that was already on stage and talked with them for a short time and after a while, she turned around and gave Ninomiya a thumbs up as the whole band had agree with his request.
            Ninomiya smiled as he was relieve at the end, he mouth talked with her, “Thank you,” he said. She only smiled to Ninomiya as she took her place behind her drum as the music began to play. Ninomiya heard the loud sound once again and sighed as he was gripping his fist to tight, full of anger.
            “Where the hell is this guy!” Ninomiya grumbled as he took out his phone from his pocket. He unlocks his mobile phone as he searched for Matsumoto’s number from his dial list. He called that man and how it burned his heart deep inside as the number couldn’t’\t be reach at that time. He furrowed his eyebrow as he wanted to throw away the mobile that he was holding in his hand so far away from there.
            He gritted his teeth against each other  as he sealed his eyes shut, ‘Keep calm, Ninomiya…’ he said in his heart as he remembers back what Aiba had said to him when the two of them were on the phone with each other.
            “Be careful… I’m scared if he won’t even want to show up…” Aiba had said to him before. His heart was pounding uncertainly anymore. He gripped the mobile phone that he was holding in his hand and regarding his anger, he smashed the mobile phone on the table close to him. He felt his body began to shake as somehow the cold temperature from the cold air began to heat up instantly. Ninomiya opened his eyes once again, but it seems like everything else that he was looking at seems to be too blur as he had lost his vision at that time.
            Ninomiya leaned against the wall behind his back as he felt his whole body triggers once again… The vision of that old guy came back to his mind… “It is only good deeds and regrets that prolong to be forgiven that I only hope for…” that voice began to echoes in his mind. Ninomiya felt his heart stopped beating for a while at that time as he felt the heat began in increased in his solid cold body. “What is happening to me?!” he asked himself.
            The frozen cold sentiment that he felt deep in his heart were obliging against the heat that was increasing in himself, he wasn’t sure what was going on to him anymore…Ninomiya looked at whatever that was empty in front of him as he felt his heart shattered to thousands of pieces. His eyes were all white at that time as if he was possessed with something else, he couldn’t see what was going on anymore, but he could see the other person was still wrapped in his blanket and was grumbling in pain. His breath had become worse than it did before as the vapor from the air he was breathing come out from his mouth.
            The old man was standing in front of his face at that time and he was calling for his name, “Ninomiya…” he said to him. His black eye only was staring at Ninomiya’s direction. “Make mistake, and return the price…” he whispered to Ninomiya’s ear and he kept on chanting on the previous mistake that Ninomiya had done in his life, and the words he had said to Ninomiya before to capture him in his hand. The old man was certain at that time, Ninomiya wasn’t able to be thinking about anything else anymore apart from obeying to his command…
            Ninomiya nodded his head when the old man was smiling to him cunningly and walked away from there. “Make mistake, and return the price…” Ninomiya said alone as he stood up blankly as he follow where that old man had walked …


            Inside the car as Sakurai was driving swiftly to get to the Mall after he heard the explanation from Aiba earlier, Aiba chuckled as he wasn’t sure he was breathing anymore air at that time. Sakurai turned his gaze towards Aiba as he touched on Aiba’s slightly warm hand, “Are you alright?!” he asked Aiba, but Aiba couldn’t answer him anymore but only gripping Sakurai’s hand that was holding his.
            “Ninomiya…” he said that name continuously as the image of what was happening came back in his mind inexpertly, gripping Sakurai’s hand rapidly… Sakurai groaned as he felt the strength that Aiba was putting on him was too much for him to restrain.

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