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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 05

           The sound of clock in his room was twirling around with his mind at that time when he could hear the sound of Ninomiya was breathing constantly from the other side. How he felt his heart beat was decreasing and palpitating at the same at time. At that time, how he wishes that the clock would be ticking much faster because he wanted to end that day and go away to another day… Aiba inhaled a deep breath as he was startled when he heard the response from Ninomiya. He raised his eyebrow before he furrowed his eyebrow close together. His heart quivered with too many questions at that time as the joy of him wanting to hear an objection or a struggle that Ninomiya had gone through to get Matsumoto to agree with him somehow shaded slightly. Aiba looked at the news paper that day regarding the event at the Primse Mall tomorrow night.
            ‘Did Matsumoto just simply say yes to him?’ he thought on his own, at the same time, he heard someone else was calling for him as well. Aiba rubbed his eyes with his slender fingers to ensure that he wasn’t dreaming, “Matsumoto said yes that he will be there,” but somehow the echo of Ninomiya’s voice were taunting him.  ‘No, this can’t be it…’ he said, gripping the paper than he was holding in his hand and shakes his head from side to side to wake him up from the illusion that he thought he had.
            Almost all of the press and everybody know how ruthless and arrogant Matsumoto can be. He was certain that Matsumoto don’t really bother about anyone else apart from only himself. He could spend the whole night only being left on his own without anyone else disturbing him. He got no shame to argue with the press if he doesn’t like what they have done to him, but Aiba wondered why that made his fans does went more cra\y for him? Because of him being too rude? Or was it because of him being the diva of the pop entertainment industry? Aiba sighed when the image that he was thinking of tomorrow doesn’t seems to appear in his mind. Surely, he doesn’t know Matsumoto at all apart from the entire source that he has, and his good friend, Sakurai, was one of it, but will he even be there tomorrow.
            Aiba lifted both side of his shoulder up, ‘I don’t know what will happen next…’ he said as he felt his heart that was beating slow, began to pound harder. He knows that Ninomiya is the son of one of the CEO in the Daily Life Company, but could Ninomiya bear to handle the shame of not getting what he had promised for? No, for what he had been paid for?
            “Hello! Earth to Aiba! Earth to Aiba! Calling for Aiba!” Aiba snapped when he heard the echoes of someone calling for him. Aiba inhaled his breath instantly as he felt before he wasn’t breathing at all. Aiba cleared his throat, “Earth to Aiba!” he heard the echo once again. Aiba widens his eyes when he pushed the news paper that was crumpled lightly to the side when he heard Ninomiya was calling for his name. Aiba chuckled lightly, “Yes, what is it?” he respond to Ninomiya without even thinking of anything else. He heard Ninomiya was moving around his house as his footsteps seem to be louder than his voice spoken to him.
            Ninomiya sighed, “And I thought I was talking on my own once again,” Ninomiya said to Aiba, feeling unsatisfied from the silent that Aiba had given to him earlier. Aiba snorted lightly when he heard Ninomiya said that to him. He remembered back before when the two of them had a conversation regarding something as important as this, Aiba was too tired from his work the whole day earlier, and fallen asleep when the two of them were still talking to each other. Aiba smiled on his own as he tries to push away the thought of tomorrow from his mind when the memories of them from some time ago came back to his heart. Aiba smiled cheekily, “And what if that happens once again?”  Aiba said. He heard Ninomiya laughed on his own when the sound of him closing his bedroom door echoes at the same time.
            Aiba smiled alone as he tries to ease his uneasy heart and he was sure too even though Ninomiya didn’t say anything to him, deep in his heart, he knows that Ninomiya was uncertain. Aiba inhaled a deep breath as he took a short pause before he could even speak anything. ‘I really hope that it will happen tomorrow, Ninomiya,’ he said in his heart. He knows that it worried him too much, but there are boundaries of being petrified over something, happiness and other things too in this life. “Are you sure that he will come tomorrow, Aiba?” he heard Ninomiya asked him. Oh, how that question has torn his heart apart, but Aiba has to give courage to his friend. Aiba smiled and nodded his head to agree, “Don’t worry too much, Ninomiya. I know he will be there.” he said. Ninomiya only nodded his head, “I hope so…” he replied Aiba, but in his heart, he still felt reluctant of what will happen tomorrow.
            The two of them wishes each other good night as Aiba said to him that he would have some other matters to do early in the morning tomorrow before his flight to get back to Tokyo and joined in the event with him. Ninomiya didn’t argue much as even he was feeling unsettled from the whole day. Aiba hung up the phone and putted it on the table next to him. Aiba dimmed the light as the only thing in his mind was him wanting to go to sleep. Aiba sealed his eyes shut when suddenly the thought of someone else came across his mind.
            The reminiscence of that night was too night to even be remembered, but both him and Ninomiya had caused a trouble when the two of them went out that night. They had met with somebody that certainly Ninomiya who was hung over couldn’t remember who it was anymore, but his image was still fresh in Aiba’s mind as if like it was only happened a day before. Aiba inhaled a deep breath.
            “If you couldn’t find what you should be searching for, my son… one day ahead, there are certainly chaos waiting for you. There are certainly matters that would accede to your heart and won’t ever return again,” the stranger said with his glance only looking upon Ninomiya.

            Aiba felt his heart shrunk with the thought of his voice echoes in his mind… Aiba gritted his teeth against each other, as he felt his heart that was already calm started to pound so hard once again… “Could it be tomorrow right?” he asked himself... Aiba couldn’t even manage to be thinking of what will come the next day anymore as at the end, he had fallen sleep with a restless heart.


            As the hours had passed away, another day come once again, as the afternoon sun light that was raging bright upon the world were giving those human some fresh warm air to be breathing it, but some part of Tokyo, the bright hot sun light was melting away the snow on the winter days at that time. The mend of two temperature somehow ease their heart on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
            Certain people were having a good time with their family, as those children and parents were playing around at the garden as the sun light didn’t bother them too much, but to certain people, it was a day where they can still spend another day being kept inside their house, locked in their room as there wasn’t any work to be thinking of at that time, but like how it was on a regular day, another day at a shopping mall was still busy like how it usually does.
            Ninomiya looked at Miyoko that was arranging the entrance for the free seating zone for the performance of a few artists that will come for the anniversary that day. “Should we arrange it like this, Ninomiya San?” she asked Ninomiya that was doing some paper work. Ninomiya turned his glance towards her when he could only give her a smile. How he was happy to be having her on his side of the team instead of her going somewhere else in the department. Miyoko looked at Ninomiya curiously, “Ninomiya san?” she said as she was waving her hand to get his attention.
            Ninomiya who seems to be captivated with her work was lost in his mind as he was feeling slightly tired too to be going on with his work at that time. He nodded his head in response but she was a little bit far from him for her to see what he was doing but suddenly Ninomiya felt someone touched his shoulder when he turned to his side and saw his friend, one of the head man of his office, Mr. Takeda Ryoichi was standing beside him. He leaned close to him, “I don’t think so she can hear you,” he said to Ninomiya with a slight smirk on his face. Ninomiya was shocked for some time when he laughed, “Okay, boss!” he replied to Takeda. Takeda laughed when he looked at Mr. Takeda walked away from there. Ninomiya smiled to him, ‘”You never change!| he said alone when he turned his gaze and looked at Miyoko with an okay sign with his hand. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath, “That is good!” he said to Miyoko.
            Miyoko smiled when she heard his respond, she nodded her head, “Okay, Ninomiya San!” she replied him.  Ninomiya sighed as he felt slightly weary from everything that he has to be doing on that day… No, Ninomiya thought alone when his gaze were looking everywhere when he see some people were arranging this and that in that place. He released a slow sighed when he knows that he didn’t do it on his own, but it was him and his team. Ninomiya smirked slightly, “I can’t be doing all of this on my own,” he said silently when he continue to be adjusting the sound system for the small concert that night, but somehow, his eyes were glancing to his sight and he saw a poster of that day event.
            Ninomiya grabs it in his hand. He looked at the poster precisely and lightly bite his lips when he was curious about all these unknown guest artist that will be coming that night. His mind were drafting on its own, ‘I wonder why do this Mall would want all of these unfamiliar acts?’ he said in his heart. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder up as he doesn’t bother about it all anymore. He had manage to get everybody to sign the agreement to be performing that night and that is enough for him, but the image of somebody printed on the poster caught his sight. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow as his heart began to pound so hard at that time.
            Matsumoto Jun, one of Japan’s most wanted act of all time will be attending that night. Certainly almost everyone that will be there wanted to see him live at not a really high ticket price, even though it was only a few songs, he believed that the fans would appreciate that he would be appearing there that night. Ninomiya sealed his eyes when the time that he was there in front of Matsumoto’s eyes came back to his mind. “I will be there.” Matsumoto said that to him, in a tone not that pleasing but isn’t that sarcastically too. Ninomiya leaned back against the wall behind his back as he let himself down on the seat beside him…
            “Will you be there anyway?” he asked himself when he put the poster away on the table close to him, he remembered suddenly what Aiba had said to him too last night… “An artist that is so hard to get can easily say yes to you? You better watch out if he won’t even bother to be going there tomorrow night.” Aiba said to him in a devious tone. Ninomiya shakes his head from side to side, “No… That won’t be right…” he said alone as he was trying to give himself strength to be facing what will happen in only a few more hours. He could already hear the sound of fans that were excited to see Matsumoto that night, Ninomiya felt his sweat started to fall at the side of his cheek from the excitement of everybody.
            Apart from thinking that his company would be sued for not managing to get this artist without any reason, he wondered why his heart was pounding so hard only thinking about that Matsumoto guy. Ninomiya wiped away his sweat that was falling down, “Stop thinking bullshits, Ninomiya,” he said to himself, while rubbing his eyes as also that that time, his anxious were taking control of him just like that. Ninomiya grabbed a bottle of plain water on the table that he had drank earlier and took a sip of it to release his stress and disturbing thought away. He wanted to stop drinking but at the end, he finished the whole bottle of it. He looked at the empty bottle as he threw it in the dustbin close to him, “I better get out from here before I blow my head,” he said alone.
            He stood up from there and walked away from the place that he was before with his mind were still playing around with him. He turned his gaze and looked at his team mate with a slight smile on his face, “I want to take some fresh air for a bit,” he said to Toshio Marukame, one of his best man of his team. Toshio turned his gaze and looked at Ninomiya with a smile on his face. “Alright mate. Sure. Take your time,” he replied to Ninomiya. Ninomiya returned his smile and walked out from there.
            He opened the backstage door and went straight outside. It was only four in the evening but it seems like the night looked like it was already eight at night. How the coldness of the outside world were making his heart froze in a short time. Ninomiya rubbed his hands against each other as he was trying to give himself a slight warmth for him to survive being outside for some time. “This is a freezing cold air of winter night,” he grumbled alone, lifting his shoulder up and walked away from there.
            Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut when the image of Matsumoto instantly came back crawling in his mind. The warmth of his hand as they first time touched against each other, how irritating that man could be, and how much it annoys Ninomiya to only be thinking about him, but why does he always see his reflection as he was trying to push him away from his thought? Why does his voice kept on whispering to his ear telling him that he would be there that night kept on repeating itself over and over again? Why does every time he was thinking about Matsumoto, he felt how reluctant his heart was arguing, but his heart continue to pound as it stopped too at the same time. It was like he wanted to see that man once again.
            “No… That couldn’t be it…” he said alone as he forced himself to open his eyes once again, but if only he could just sealed it shut for the whole night and see Matsumoto’s reflection in front of his face once again… His heart was curious why would he be feeling that way… Why would he kept on thinking of Matsumoto that way almost …. Every day?... Ninomiya sighed as he wanted to walk away from there and finally after a long time, he manage to opened his eyes once again, but accidently, he ran against somebody that was sitting at the edge of the bench he walked passed by.
            The sound of polystyrene cup and the splash of water that has fallen down caught his attention. Ninomiya looked to his side instantly when he saw an old man that it seems like he had met before, but he wasn’t sure where. “I’m really sorry!” he said immediately to that man. He looked at the warm coffee that has spilled all over the ground. Ninomiya turned his gaze once again towards that old man that was only wearing a torn pants and t-shirt on a freezing cold night. Ninomiya took off his jacket and wrapped it around that old man’s body. The old man didn’t even look at his direction, but only nodded his head, “Thank you, son…” he said to Ninomiya.  Ninomiya smiled to that man slightly, “It is okay. It is a frozen cold night tonight…” Ninomiya said to that man and he took out his wallet and wanted to give him cash as it looks like this old man was homeless and he had spilled the drink that he just bought.
            Perhaps it was with his only money left to buy that coffee and Ninomiya had messed it all up. Ninomiya tries to calm himself down, ‘Oh, damn it! Why did I even bother about that guy anyway!’ he grumbled in his heart. He old man turned his gaze towards Ninomiya when he wasn’t looking at his sight, Ninomiya took out 5,000 yen and hand it to the old man, “Take this, mr,” he said to that old man, but the old man shakes his head from side to side.
            “No, son… it is not the money that I want…” he said to Ninomiya slowly. Ninomiya stood up straight and looked at that man. His mind was fiddling on his own, ‘Where have I seen you before,’ he said when he felt that man’s hand touched against him, he felt a jolt of electricity went through his body. Ninomiya widens his eyes and backed away instantly from the shock he had. ‘What was that?!’ he wondered alone. The money that he was holding in his hand dropped  down on the ground and somehow flown away from the cold breeze that were blowing against his skin.
            Ninomiya was startled when that old man looked at him, “No, son… It is not money that I want… It is only good deeds and regrets that prolong to be forgiven that I only hope for…” he said to Ninomiya and looked away from him. ‘Why does it feel like that?!’ he wondered in his mind as his heart were pounding harder than it was before. Ninomiya was startled when he looked at that old man stood up and walked away from that place slowly, but more further that person went away from him, the harder his heart pound. He wasn’t sure if he was breathing anymore at that time.
            “What is happening?!” he said alone. He looked towards the road that the old man had taken a while ago and he couldn’t see him anymore. His sweats began to pour out on a freezing cold night and how he felt his heart was trembling apart. Why does the image of that old man were still in his mind and what would be worse when he sealed his eyes shut, he could see the other man’s eyes were gazing towards his eyes…Ninomiya had a gulp as he was gripping his frozen fingers tight against each other…
            “Matsumoto…” he mention his name…


            The cold day that night was shivering his heart that was palpitating, as the air that he was breathing in seems to be held half way before it could even reach any closer to him.  At that time, he was only laying flat on the ground as the sky above him began to rain. The mud that was so close to him began to pour slowly towards him. “Argh! What is all of this?!” he said alone, as at that time, the winter breeze that was freezing his body cold were blowing brutally against his skin. He wanted to go away, but he couldn’t even manage to even raise one of his fingers up. The cold night was raging against the hot temperature that was burning in his heart. He grumbled as the pains that he felt in his heart were killing him somehow… He gripped his fist tighter as he wanted to go away from there, but there wasn’t any use for him to even be trying. He was bound there with his greed and self needs.
            Matsumoto sealed his shut when the thought of that old man came back to his mind, “Search for the only one that can cure your heart… free your mind…” he said to Matsumoto in a gruesome tone. The echoes of voices that were crying about their regrets and everything else in their life began to pour all over him once again. “Argh!!!!” he screamed so hard, but even he couldn’t hear his own voice, but only their voices were burying him alive. How he felt his heart were pounding so furiously. How he wanted all of this to end right then, he doesn’t bother anymore if it was his own life he has to sacrifice. Perhaps he could see a better place if he wasn’t breathing anymore… But the hot temperature kept on increasing as high as it was freezing that night. A loud thunder and storm emerged on the empty sky above him as he could only see flashes of it went though the darkest night.
            How he felt his heart was trembling apart… “Please…” be was begging for a second chance, but the happy thought of his afterlife were buried with the image of something that he doesn’t want to see. How he felt the fire were burning his skin alive, how he was peading to be release but nobody could even hear him. He tried to took another step but all he did was only fell in a pond of lava beneath him. There wasn’t anything else he could be doing apart from only cry for help, but he knows that there wasn’t anybody there that could even hear him.
            Those tears that have fallen down from his eyes actually meant nothing at that time. His heart that was pounding before seems to be taking a slower time to be beating, he wasn’t sure if he was still even breathing. How he felt like he world had swollen him raw in a dark cold grave at that night… how he felt his cold body was burnt alive, and he knows that there isn’t any more use of him hoping to be breathing anymore…. At that second, how he wanted for all of this to end… Maybe it was the repayment of all those sins that he had done… the echoes that he kept on hearing almost every night had given him no more hope to be living in anymore. Matsumoto gritted his teeth against each other, as he was sure that it is his last resort to be going too…
            “Just take my life away…” he said as whatever that he had seem before had dimmed down as he could no longer see anymore light shone for him anymore. The echoes of sound seems to be shading away as it was the end of his life… how he was glad that his final chapter would end peacefully… Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as his thought about everything seems to be fading away…
            At that time, he felt like he was floating on the air as he could no longer feel the weight of himself anymore… but somehow, he heard footsteps were approaching his direction and an extreme noise took over his silent surrounding. “Argh!” Matsumoto groaned once again as those sound and footsteps were disturbing his mind strictly at that time. “What is happening?!” he grumbled alone. He felt his heart began to pound once again, and the ache that he had felt earlier falls upon him once again. Matsumoto felt shuddered as the footsteps were approaching closer to him as at the same time, he had fallen down on the mud below him. He sealed his eyes shut as the pain was taking over him.
            “Why…” he grumbled as he tries to move his body… but his weight seems to be double than his original weight. He couldn’t move anywhere anymore. How he was afraid at that time… How he was afraid to see what would happen soon… The footsteps that he heard before seems to be too much closer to him as the shadow of him only was standing right by his side… Matsumoto took a glimpse of him, as he felt his heart was falling apart…
            “Who is this man…” he said silently… The shadow’s hand were reaching down for him… “Hold my hand… and let’s live our life…” the shadow said to him gruesomely… Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow, “Who are you…” he asked the person… but his shadow were evaded by the attendance of that old man along side of him…
            “Find the only one that can cure your heart… free your mind…” he said to Matsumoto again… Matsumoto screamed once again as instead of those voices were haunting his mind, it was that old man that was tormenting his heart… The shadow that was standing beside him turns around and how reluctant Matsumoto’s heart to see who it was…
            “You…” he said in a tormented horror… 

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