Monday, 26 October 2015

Arashi FanFic : Redundant 04

            He opened the front door of his house and walked inside. He sighed when he looked at the kitchen that he has forgotten to turned off the light earlier before he left out for some work. He had settle certain things at the Mall that has it’s event tomorrow, but at the time, he doesn’t bother about anything else anymore. He put the bag that he had been carrying around that daya t the side of the couch when he sat on the seat next to it.
            He grumbled lightly, “What a tough day…”he said when he sealed his eyes for a short time. He was glad that he made it home early that day. Usually he would be stuck out side until it was mid night trying to sort things out. He would never thought that the Prime Mall would agree on how his and his assistance Miyoko’s arrangement as easy as that. Certain company would argue back on how they wanted it to be, but he guess it was his luck that time. He inhale a deep breath as slowly he undoes the tie that he was wearing for the whole day, and slowly unbuttoning the shirt that he was wearing. Even though the weather was slightly cold, but he still felt like his body was burning inside.
            How his heart was pounding from the restless day, his mind were still asking him too many things, but he doesn’t know or doesn’t want to think of any answer at that time. He sighed, “Better not let all of this crap disturb my head,” he said alone. Ninomiya puts the bag that he had place at the side of the couch on the floor as he leaned back against the couch he was sitting on. The thought of what comes so easy that day somehow worried is heart because he knows that nothing would come that easy in this world.
            Matsumoto Jun is the toughest person that he would even come cross to his mind to get his hands on, but why does it was so easy earlier? Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow when he felt his heart twisted somehow, “Am I dreaming?” he wondered as the image of that man came back flowing in his mind even though with his eyes wide open. He thought were drifting away with that guy. He felt eerie when his thoughts were thinking too much of that man… He gritted his teeth against each other, he gripped his fist tighter, shaking his head from side to side when suddenly, he laugh on his own…
            “Get a grip, Ninomiya. Stop thinking stupid things with all of this bullshits matter!” he said alone, with a sly smile on his face. He looked to the side of where he was sitting and grabbed a frame that was close to him. He touched the mirror with his fingers lightly. He smiled on his own when he looks at her face on the photograph that was taken before they said goodbye to each other. He felt his heart triggers when he remembered what was the last thing that she had said to him before she went away from his life…

            “There will always be a second chance…” she said that to him softly before she leaned closer to him and give him a kiss that he still couldn’t forget until it was today. Ninomiya smiled on his own because his memories with her were still alive and wide awake in his mind… Ninomiya hold the frame close to him, “Whatever happen, Tsumiko, you will always be in my heart…” he said that slowly as he closed his eyes once again. He doesn’t want to think of what has happened that day anymore… And if it was possible, he wanted to be left alone at least on that night before another busy day tomorrow…
            But somehow, in silent as the reflection og her beautiful smile that came across in his mind were merge somehow with the thought of another person that he shouldn’t even bother about…


            As everybody were busy with their daily life with the one they love and their work, not many actually notice how time has went away as the sun rise that once before shining the whole world has dimmed down slightly. It was another day that he isn’t thinking about work, he yawned as he felt about taking an early sleep that day, but how was it possible for him to be doing that as his mind was thinking about too much work. He walked around in his kitchen with a cup of coffee he had made in his hand and walked towards the small dining table inside his house. He grabbed the news paper he had gotten earlier that day, “I wonder what is up with the world today…” he grumbled alone.
            He put the coffee mug first on the table as he sat down on the seat close enough to where he was standing and started to flipped through the news paper. He read on certain topic that seems too caught up his attention, but he seems not to bother about it at all somehow. The daily life seems to be regular each and every day, except perhaps the crime that happened too regularly nowadays. He furrowed his eyebrow as he continues to look at what was interesting inside and somehow, something else caught his eyesight.
            Matsumoto grabbed his mug and drink the warm coffee inside of it with a slight smirk across his face. “Prime Mall 6th Anniversary celebration. Tomorrow night, seven pm onwards. Great gift for the lucky winners and don’t want to miss a chance to be meeting Matsumoto Jun for only 2000 yen!” he said as an excited fan. Matsumoto rolled his eyes when he grabbed the cheque that he had put on the counter table inside the room. He looked at the
500,000 yen cheque that he has gotten earlier that day. He furrowed his eyebrow after he looked at it for quite sometimes. Why would a company wanted to waste their money for him only for a short session of performance that night anyway. He gritted his teeth agaist each other when he felt his heart began to mellow in a distance time. He sighed, “Anniversay huh…,” he said alone as he crumpled the cheque lightly and puts it on the table. He pushed himself up as he finished the last sip of the warm coffee and gotten up from the stool that he had sat on and walked away from the kitchen, “Let just see what will happen tomorrow…” he said alone as somehow, he started to feel his heart began to palpitate a little extravagant at that time.
            He walked towards his bedroom as he really don’t feel like doing anything at all that day, he wanted to end his night before another day begin… no, before the echoes that he always hear return to him once again… He took off the t-shirt that he was wearing and puts it at the side of his bed and he closed his eyes. He reached his hand out as he turned on the heater on the bed he was laying on and wishes that his night would be a good time for him to dream. He opened his eyes slowly once again when his heart was asking him too much questions.
            He turned to his side when he notice the clock on the wall was only nine fifteen at that time. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow when he couldn’t believe that he decided to sleep that early that time. He shakes his head from side to side, “Maybe I should just sleep…” he remind himself as somehow in his heart, he felt like he wanted to do something else as well. He inhaled a deep breath and prayed in his heart that he could just forget about everything else that happened that day.
            After the time he was cursed long time ago, he was certain that almost every night was the hardest time of his life. He couldn’t bear the sound of people talking to him, but he couldn’t respond back to them. He inhaled a deep breath as he smiled slightly when he thought about what he was going to tell them… Perhaps asking them to shut the hell up and never speak again?! But it isn’t possible for everyone to do that, as even though their mouth isn’t saying anything, their mind and heart were still fiddling with each other. An argument that only them can hear, it would sound crazy, but he guess that is the thing that almost everybody would do…
            He sealed his eyes once again when suddenly, the imagine of the man that he had met earlier, Ninomiya Kazunari, came back crawling in his head and slowly he felt is heart twinge a little bit. “Why am I curious of who you are?” he wondered alone in heart. He inhaled his breath slowly as he was trying to erase the thought of that man from his mind… He lay flat on his bed as he wanted to walk away from his life. All these dull and misery, he don’t think so he could comply with it anymore. Matsumoto grabbed the pillow next to him when he covered his face with it, pressing it down, hoping that he couldn’t be breathing anymore. He felt the time somehow had stopped suddenly, but at the end, he opened his eyes once again and throw away the pillow he was holding in his hand to the side.
            Matsumoto was gasping for some air to be breathing in, he bite his lips lightly. How he felt the grief of this all had been tormenting his life, Matsumoto felt the sweat began to fall down from his face even though it was a cold and chilly night. He tries to inhale a deep breath, gripping the clean white bed spread he was laying on; he shakes his head from side to side. “I can’t do this!” he said those words for a couple of time. How he felt his heart was raging so badly as he continuously smacking on the bed he was laying on to release the tension that fe felt building up in his body go. He sealed his eyes tighter as the sound of those whispers began to come forth in his mind once again… “Just forget about all of this!” he grumbled alone vigorously, he pushed everything that was at the side of his bed on the ground. He just felt like he wanted to be left alone at that night. Matsumoto sighed as he heart began to palpitate forcefully, he turned around as he lay on his bed face down, and force himself to go to sleep..


            At that time, as the cold wind was blowing against his warm skin, he felt his relentless heart was somehow at ease once again. How the beautiful season that he was looking upon had clear his thought at that night as the time were still ticking away. How he wishes that the time would stop and only let him to be left there on his own. He grumbled on his own... “Please... Don’t go away from me...” he said all alone. Ninomiya looked at her that was calling for him...
            “Come here, my love... Follow me...” she lightly whispered to him... How he felt his heart was aching as he was trying to approached her closer, the further she left him hanging there alone... In the fog that somehow has no more light, Ninomiya was making his way towards her, he doesn’t know where he was going but he was still following the sound of her calling for his name... “Ninomiya san...” the voice echoes in his mind that was triggering in silent. How he felt his heart was pounding. “Don’t go away from me, Tsumiko!” he called out for her but the voice that echoes in his heart seems to be shading away each steps he was taking forward...
            The earth that he was standing on somehow was trembling apart. “What the hell?!” he grumbled alone as he was stumbling down. He manage to grabbed on a branch that was close to him before he had fallen to end of his life, “What is happening!” his mind was thinking alone, but his voice couldn’t be heard anymore as the echoes of something that was terrifying his heart grew louder than it was before. He looked at the branch that he was holding has seemed to be torn apart. The vibration that he felt before was still there...
            He felt his sweat fell down on the clothes that he was wearing and somehow had putted on extra weight on his body. “Oh no, no, no!” he said alone as the concussion that he felt has become worse. He doesn’t know how much that tree branch will hold him anymore. Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut as he felt terrified with what was about to happened to him. Suddenly he heard a loud sound of laughter overcome his surroundings. He opened his eyes slightly when he recognize the hideous smile that was looking straight at his direction...
            “This will be the end of your life...” the shadow spoken to him. How he felt his heart quivered with too many question when Matsumoto suddenly came to his imagination, “What do you mean?!” he manage to asked even though he just don’t want to be in this dreadful sensation anymore. He heard the sound of that branch cracked and without him even manage to do anything anymore, the branch had divided into two and he fell down on the ground below him.
            “No!!!” he could only manage to scream...

            He heard a loud thud when at that time, he opened his eyes instantly. The vibration that he felt earlier was still there, he looked around when he notice that he was only on the floor inside his house. He groaned a little when he felt his body ache since he actually only fell down from the couch that he had fallen asleep earlier. He furrowed his eyebrow, “It was only a nightmare!” he groaned alone. He felt the vibration getting harder and somehow it didn’t stop for quite some time already. He raised one side of his eyebrow when he remembered that he didn’t took out his mobile phone from his pocket yet. He pushed himself up from the floor before he could even bother to see who it was calling him for a couple of time already.
            Ninomiya rubbed his eyes and took out the phone from his pocket. The vibration has somehow stopped when he was holding the phone in his hand. “Who would be calling me at this time...” he grumbled when he thought that the time was already late. He looked at the clock in his living room and was surprise that it still didn’t each twelve at night. “I must has fell asleep early...” he said to himself when he looked at him still having his shirt that wasn’t buttoned anymore was still hanging on his body. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder up when he unlocked his mobile phone to see who it was that has called him.
            “Five miscalls...” he said as his fingers were scrolling on the screen to see who it was that couldn’t stop calling him. He raised his eyebrow when he see that it was only from the same person... “What do you want from me now, Aiba!” he said as he pressed on the call button to get back to that guy that was in Hokkaido for some important issue.
            Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath as he heard the ringing tone was still going on as there was still nobody picking up the call. “Now where the hell are you?” he asked alone and after a while of waiting, he decided to hang up the phone, but before he could even press the button, somebody picked up the phone from the other side.
            “Hello, Ninomiya! My man!” he heard Aiba greeted him, somehow excited over something somehow... Ninomiya raised one side of his eyebrow, “Shouldn’t I be the one who ask you that question? You called me for five times and destroyed my everlasting dream a while ago and you are asking me what’s up?” he replied Aiba statically. He heard Aiba laughed suddenly, “Oh, chill man! Don’t take things too hard! Just take it easy!” Aiba said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya shakes his head and rolled his eyes as he was irritated slightly with what Aiba had said to him. How he wish that Aiba would be the one doing the work that day perhaps then he could be asking him that question.
            He heard Aiba chuckled lightly, “So, how’s everything with you and the event...” Aiba asked him slyly. Ninomiya felt like he wanted to strangled this guy at that time if he was in front of his face, but Ninomiya only inhaled a deep breath, “Well, The Prime Mall didn’t argue with anything that, you, me and Miyoko had planned for them,” Ninomiya replied straight towards his face. Aiba nodded his head as he could hear the sound of his phone running against the t-shirt that he was wearing, “That sound great...” Aiba replied Ninomiya. He leaned against the couch that he was sitting on and nodded his head in agreement, “Yeah. I guess I’m done with that part of my duty.” he said to Aiba.
            Ninomiya heard Aiba was making a strange sound on the other side and made him curious with what was he actually doing. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, “What are you doing, man?” he asked Aiba. Aiba widen his eyes when he took a sip of the juice he was drinking earlier. “Oh, I’m not doing anything... I’ only curious about something...” he said to Ninomiya cheekily. Ninomiya rolled his eyes when he knows what was on Aiba’s mind. He inhaled a deep breath before he continues to speak to this man, he sealed his eyes shut, ‘I know you want to know what I know and you still don’t know...’ Ninomiya said in his heart.
            He heard Aiba inhaled a deep breath too, “So... How is everything with you and...” he heard Aiba said and if it was possible he doesn’t want to hear that man’s name anymore. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, “He agreed to come.” he give Aiba a final answer before Aiba could even continue to speak any longer. He heard Aiba chuckled and clapped his hand, “Oh my God! Are you for real?!” he asked Ninomiya in surprise. He knows that it isn’t an easy task to be getting Matsumoto Jun and he was astonished that Ninomiya had managed to get him. He wondered if Ninomiya had put a magic spell on that man or any way.
            Aiba smiled cheekily on his side... He was still doubtful anyway, but he was eager to know more, “How did you manage to get him that easy?” he asked Ninomiya. He only rolled his eyes when he had expected to hear that question from Aiba. He knew that this guy always take things easy, but his curiosity sometimes, kills the mood of anything that should be cheered for. Ninomiya wasn’t sure if this news would bring revelation on this guy or it would ticks on his nerve. Ninomiya inhale a deep breath and furrow his eyebrow before he gave an answer to Aiba.
            “He only said, yes...” he said to Aiba, waiting for his reaction on the news that he had mention to him. Aiba’s jaw dropped down instantly, “Seriously?!” he said to Ninomiya.

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