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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 03

            How he felt his body was shaking as he was trying so hard to force himself to stand up. He sealed his eyes shut as he felt the pain that was belting against his body was putting him down. He had never felt like this before in his entire life, “What the fuck is going on?!” he cursed on his own as finally he manage to stands up once again with a strong force of pushing himself up. How he felt the rage that was burning in his heart as his heart was palpitating harder than it was before as the sound of someone knocking on the front door was still haunting him.
            “Hello?!” he heard the echo of somebody calling for him from outside his house. Matsumoto tries so hard to ignore the noise that he heard and continue his journey to move ahead, “Whoever it is, can’t you give me some time?! It is Saturday anyway!” he groaned alone.
            He puts on the t-shirt that he had grabbed earlier on the chair close to his living room hall, as the echo that he heard just now seems to weaken as he was approaching his front door closer. He raised his eyebrow and wondered if that person already went away, and it would delighted him if he doesn’t disturb his day anymore. Matsumoto gritted his teeth as he wondered who it was.
            “Next time, please give me a call first before you come to my house!” he grumbled silently as he stood in front of the front door. He wondered who it was outside of his house. Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as somehow, he felt slightly dread in a bright day that day. He sighed and grabbed the key at the side of the table next to the counter close to his front door. He looked at the key for quite sometimes. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow, ‘Perhaps I forgot to take it into the room last night,’ he said. He lifted his shoulder up when he heard the footsteps of someone walking outside his house and without any hesitation, he opened the front door opened and he looked at the man that he had never seen before in his entire life.
            The man turned around when he heard the door was opened finally and smiled to whoever it was standing in front of it. He looked at Matsumoto from head to toe. He was only wearing his grey short pants and a deep blue t-shirt that was crumpled. He doesn’t want to let his thought of this man drifted in his mind, ‘Let’s not think too much...’ he said in his heart as he inhaled a deep breath and reached his hand out to greet the man in front of him, “Hello there, Mr. Matsumoto. Nice to meet you,” he said to Matsumoto.
            Matsumoto raised his eyebrow as he accepted the man’s hand for a handshake and looked at him dully, “Hi. Nice to meet you too.” He replied that man but looked at him qith too much questions in his mind. He furrowed his eyebrow as he pulled his hand away from the man in frnt of him, “Who are you again?” he asked the man relentlessly that was wearing a brown shirt and a black jeans in front of him. What he wear seems to be too formal to be going to somebody’s house, but Matsumoto doesn’t care about that. He just wanted to know who is this stranger that suddenly come knocking on his door at... early time...
            The man looked at his watch and notice that it was already five minutes to one in the evening. He was sure that he didn’t disturb someone that was still sleeping on an early day, or it could be that this person is too lazy to even wake up in the morning... He inhaled a deep breath and smiled once again to Matsumoto.
            “I’m Ninomiya Kazunari, from the Daily Life,” he said to Matsumoto. Matsumoto nodded his head as he remembered that he did give this man his address last night.
            “Oh yeah.. It’s you....” he answered Ninomiya.


            On a sunny a few minutes passed afternoon, outside at the Kanagawa prefecture, everybody were busy with their regular routine everyday, even though it was on Saturday. Some kids would still have their school earlier that day as the same goes with adults who still have things that were still unwished with their work, but somehow, this man was supposed to be attending a matter in Hokkaido but at the end it was cancelled on a last minute call. He was only wearing his pink short and white t-shirt and was still inside his hotel room as he doesn’t know where he wanted to go that day.
            After he heard the news that the meeting was cancelled when he was at the airport, his mind were playing around with himself. ‘It was weekend and why should I get back home...’ he thought that when he only changes his flight ticket instead of going to Hokkaido, he went to Okinawa instead. He remembered that his friend, Sho Sakurai, has a matter with his artist over there. Why not he go there and relax his mind and who knows if he have some extra time, it would be nice for him to go and meet with Sakurai. He knows that he wasn’t doing anything at all.
            He had a long stretched as he felt a little relieved from working out earlier in the morning at the gym inside this four star hotel he rent near by the beach. He inhaled a deep breath, “Argh!! What a happy life!” he grumbled alone as he was sorting himself on the bed. He looked at the watch he was wearing in his hand. It was only one fifteen in the evening, and he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for that day. He winced slightly as he turned his gesture on the bed to the other side as he lay flat face down on the white sheeted bed he was laying on. How he was relieve he was there that day. He doesn’t have to think about his work anymore for a few days, but somehow, he smiled on his own when he was thinking about the thought of his work...
            “I wish you all the best, Ninomiya...” he said lazily. He remembered the conversation he had with Sakurai when he met him last night. He couldn’t deny that everything that he said was right, but at some point of it, he should give Ninomiya a go on his own. He turned around once again as he lay flat facing up towards the ceiling of his room, he opened his eyes slowly as the sunlight from the outside has brighten some part of his room with the curtains slightly opened. He smiled as he recalled back everything that happened last night...

            He went towards a grill restaurant near by the Okinawa beach as he had set the time to met with Sakurai that night. He looked at the watch as he was afraid that he was late, “I hope he didn’t leave me!” he said as he was reaching the shop. He noticed that he was ten minutes delay from the traffic jam on a Friday night. He took his steps twice as fast than he did before. He felt his heart palpitates somehow as he was reaching closer towards the cafe that both of them had made a promise to meet. He felt the cold wind of winter that was gently blowing against his skin as finally after a rush, he stopped right in front of the cafe shop and he took a deep breath before going inside.
            “I really hope he didn’t leave this place yet.” He said alone as he pushed on the cafe door and walked inside. He saw many people were talking with each other as they were enjoying their dinner with each other, and he did not see Sakurai anywhere. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow,  “Maybe I’m a little bit late,” he said alone and with a sighed, he wanted to walk away from there, but before he could take another step ahead, he felt someone touched his shoulder from behind his back. How he felt his heart had a sudden shock as he turned around and looked at who it was and he saw Sakurai was smiling to him.
            “You think that I would leave you behind don’t you?” Sakurai asked him. Aiba had a small laugh when he looked away from Sakurai’s gaze towards him, “I thought that I am late!” he said to Sakurai but Sakurai shakes his head, “Nah, It’s not easy to have a night out with you anyway!” he replied Aiba who still seems to be gasping for air. Sakurai light patted behind Aiba’s back as he lead him the way towards the table that he had ordered all the food for the two of them to enjoy the whole night.
            Aiba smiled to Sakurai as how he was delighted that this man understands him so well. His girlfriend was out from Japan for a couple of days regarding her work, and he thought that he couldn’t survive a life without her, but with a friend like this man, he think that he could bear his life alone for a while without her. “Come, let’s get you settle!” Sakurai said to Aiba. Aiba nodded his head, “Alright,” he said to Sakurai with a decent smile across his face.
            The two of them sat at the table at the back of the cafe, when one of the female waiter went to their table and sent the food that Sakurai had ordered earlier. Sakurai knows that how Aiba enjoy his time to go and eat some nice grill food, so he decided to take him there. Sakurai than the waitress with a smile on his face, he turned his glace to Aiba that was certainly enjoying the scent of those food that was grilling on the hot pan in front of them. Sakurai had a small laughed when he lightly punch on Aiba’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, man! You will eat it soon!” he said to Aiba.

            After a while the two of them enjoying their dinner with each other, Sakurai suddenly mention something to him. Sakurai looked at Aiba continuously, “Ninomiya did asked me regarding Matsumoto earlier. Did you know about that?” Sakurai asked Aiba straight. Aiba almost wedged with what he was chewing in his mouth when he heard Sakurai asked him that. Sakurai raised his eyebrow when Aiba was reaching for his water and had a gulp of water. Aiba tries to calm himself down for a while before he had a big laugh regarding Sakurai’s question. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow, “Are you okay?” he asked Aiba when Aiba only nodded his head, “Don’t worry about me!” he replied. He smiled to Sho slyly when he took another bite of the food that he was eating.
            “Well, that is why I am here,” he replied to Sakurai. He furrowed his eyebrow when he doesn’t understand what Aiba had said to him. “I don’t get you...” he said to Aiba. Aiba took a sip of his juice when he smiled to Sakurai, but he didn’t look at his direction. He took the fish flakes as he puts it on the Okonomiyaki that he was eating. He widens his eyes slightly when finally after garnishing his food, he turned his turned his gaze towards Sakurai that was peering at his face reaction. Aiba was sure that Sakurai didn’t understand with what he had said to him.
            “I told him to get Matsumoto Jun on his own, since I have some personal reason to be somewhere,” he said to Sakurai. Sakurai widens his eyes when he knows that Ninomiya isn’t that time of person who would be able to handle a man like Matsumoto. He was assigned with Matsumoto before and he knows how pain in the ass that man could become. His jaw fell down, “Are you kidding me?!” he asked Aiba when Aiba only shakes his head from side to side, “Nope. Why would I want to lie to you?” he asked Sakurai.Sakurai was startled for a short time, but after a while of him thinking alone, he asked Aiba easily, “Do you think he can handle that kind of person?” he wondered, but Aiba didn’t bother at all.
            “Well, I know that he is the son of the CEO of that company, but he have to work hard to be who he wanted to become. Family position doesn’t mean anything if at the end, you know nothing,” he said to Sakurai. He bites his lips lightly when his mind was playing around with his thought. What Aiba had said do make sense, but he seriously wasn’t sure if Ninomiya can do it without him losing his temper first before Matsumoto did. Sakurai raised both side of his eyebrow and wonder if it could be the end of the world...
            Sakurai laughed once again, “I hope it won’t be the end of their life,” he said to Aiba. Aiba laughed when he looked at Sakurai, “Let’s pray that he can get Matsumoto in his hand,” he said to Sakurai. But without them even noticing anything, there was a man that was looking at them from afar and was writing something on the book that was opened on his table. He turneis glance towards those two men when he only nodded his head.
            ‘Let’s just hope for the best,’ he said in his heart when he continue to draw those two man that that seems to captivate him there...

            Aiba smiled alone in his room when he think about last night. “Let you be the best you can be, Ninomiya kun!” he said alone as at the end, he decided to take a good rest before another day would come ahead in his life.


            Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya that was standing in front of him. He bite the inner part of his lips when his mind started to wonder if a person that come from an event management company would could come to people’s house and dressed up like this? Should he be more casual rather than trying to impressed whoever it was he met? Or it could be his way of approaching to people... Matsumoto rubbed his eyes with his fingers as he tries to be decent to this man. He turned his gaze around when he looked at his living room hall that was slightly messy with a few bottles of water that is finished and opened on the table.
            He was doubtful about inviting this person inside his house, but where else would be a proper place for this Ninomiya to talk, and him to refuse? He doesn’t want his fans or people to know how he can be misconduct sometimes. Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath when he looked at this man holding his leather bag in hand. He felt slightly funny when he was about to communicate regarding himself with this kind of person. Usually it was his manager’s duty but he guess that his man wanted to  try his luck with him himself. By looking at him in front of his face, the heart that was pounding before seems to lessen slightly. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow and raised it one side after sometimes thinking alone.
            The two of the fell silent when they were looking with each other and Ninomiya doesn’t seems comfortable at all staring at this man in front of his face... ‘Damn, can I just go away?!’ he said in his heart but he wanted to prove to himself that he can do this on his own without anyone’s help. He gripped his hand that was holding the bag as he was trying to calm himself down. He looked at Matsumoto that was messing up his hair with his hand. The clock was already twenty five minutes passed one in the evening and it seems like this man just woke up from his sleep. He raised his eyebrow as he wondered if almost all super star behaved like this man in front of him.
            Matsumoto doesn’t look at him as he was looking at his own house. Ninomiya took a glimpse of what was inside. It seems like the rack in his house are only full of the trophy that he had ever won, but apart from that, his house is a mess for a person who lived alone. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, ‘That is for some guy...’ he said in his heart as at the same time, Matsumoto turned around and look at him, “Just come inside,” he heard Matsumoto said to him. Ninomiya nodded his head, he inhaled his breath before he responds to him, “Thank you,” he replied Matsumoto as he walked inside the room. He took of the shoes that he was wearing at the side of the door and walked inside towards his living room hall. He looked at Matsumoto grabbing those bottles and threw it in a dustbin nearby the bar counter in his house. Ninomiya looked around inside this so call elite artist home, and it seems like everything is just the same like the others. Perhaps there are something that other people don’t have, but most of it are just the same.
            Matsumoto pointed towards the empty seat nearby where Ninomiya was standing and he looked at him, “Oh well, you can have a seat if you want too,” he said to Ninomiya sarcastically. Ninomiya turned around and looked at the leather couch inside the house. He nodded his head as he sat on the chair, “Thank you very much,” he said to Matsumoto and he put the bag he was holding next to him. He looked at Matsumoto who was walking away towards the kitchen of his house. He took a glimpse at Matsumoto and wondered how this person can live on his own, but he guess that a stoic man like this guy, he surely can survive. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya, “Will orange juice be okay with you?” he asked Ninomiya a straight forward question.
            Ninomiya only nodded his head, “Yeah. That will do.” He replied Matsumoto once again. He heard the man was humming when he went into his kitchen at the other side of his house and Ninomiya felt his heart ache somehow when he looked at how absurd this man behaviour. He sighed as he tries to forget about what irritates him with that man. “Should not think about the person like this,” he said to himself as he reached out for his bag and took out the document that he was there for.
            Maybe Aiba did mention to him that it would be a great task for him to convince this man to come to the event, but after a while of him thinking on his own, perhaps it would be better if this Matsumoto Jun didn’t even come to the event and he could find some other guest to go to the event tomorrow night. It won’t be that long show anyway, but it seems like the Prime Mall had given a really high rate to get this man. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder once again and sighed, he turned his gaze towards the size when he notice there was a photograph of him and a beautiful young lady, embraced upon each other  with beautiful smiles on their face. Ninomiya reached out for the frame and looked at it.
            “It is such a luck you got a man like him...” he said silently as he put the picture back down. He would have guess that it was his girlfriend as their couple t-shirt seems to be a match. He put the document on the table as at the same time, he heard Matsumoto’s footsteps were heading towards the living room hall once again. Ninomiya turned his gaze towards Matsumoto as his mind too were drifting away with too much thought. He felt his heart was palpitating slightly swift as Matsumoto was approaching him near. Ninomiya closed his eyes when he heard Matsumoto putting the glass down on the table.
            ‘Here goes nothing...’ he said in his heart as Matsumoto sat close to him and took a sip of his drink. He opened his eyes and looked at Matsumoto, “So, what’s up?” Matsumoto asked him. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath before he wanted to speak to this man. He really hope that he would have the guts to even finish a conversation with this person, but he was worried if he got off balance if the condition gets deeper in between those two... But, Aiba did challenge him to get this man in his hand, and he will do his best. ‘Here goes nothing.’ He said in his heart.
            Ninomiya grabbed the document that he had place on the table earlier and he looked at Matsumoto once again. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya inquisitively and he already know what was in his mind. Matsumoto smiled slyly as he took another sip of his juice, ‘We will see how this arguement will goes,’ he said in his heart. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto statically.
            “It is regarding the guest artist at the Prime Mall anniversary tomorrow night,” Ninomiya finally said to him. Matsumoto smiled when he already guess that it was the reason he was there. Matsumoto grabbed the document that Ninomiya had given to him. Ninomiya did said something to him, but it seems like he didn’t care, but he knows that he was still resisting the pain that he felt in his heart, but he still have to be strong facing whoever this man was.
            He flipped the paper that he was holding in his hand, “Tomorrow night huh?” he asked Ninomiya. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto with less emotion fiddling in his heart, he only nodded his head, “Yes,” he answered Matsumoto.
            He looked at the man still flipping through the document he was holding in his hand. Matsumoto was humming as he was reading everything that was written inside there. The face reaction was giving him a mind blowing sentiment that he couldn’t even explain to himself. Ninomiya was holding himself strong as somehow he felt in his heart, how he wanted to execute this guy from the entertainment world. Ninomiya gripped his fist tighter when he looked at Matsumoto, ‘You got to keep calm and see how things goes with all of this,’ he said in his heart as somehow from his face reaction, he knew that Matsumoto would disagree about going to the event.

            After sometime had passed, Ninomiya took a sip of the orange juice that Matsumoto had given to him a while ago. It played in his mind that if this person doesn’t want to go, won’t it be easy if he just say no instead of wasting his time from being there. They didn’t talk with each other, only Matsumoto was still reading the paper in his hand. Ninomiya sealed his eyes for a short time as he felt like it has been almost thirty minutes of him being inside this man’s house and it didn’t actually go anywhere.
            Ninomiya gripped his fist once again as he felt like he wanted to speak, but it would be rude for him to do so when a person was still reading what was on the letter, but he has to change the topic somehow. The two of them being silent with each other was disturbing his heart somehow and how he wanted just to go away from there, but he knows that he have to stay. Ninomiya Kazunari isn’t the type of person who would simply back away for an opportunity, but he would fight for what he actually came there for.
            He looked at Matsumoto as he was about to speak as the silent that was occurring was triggering his endless heart that was beating, Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath as he had made up his mind to break the silent, but before he could even opened his mouth, Matsumoto turned around and looked at Ninomiya with a serious gaze but slowly exchanges to sly smile on his face. Ninomiya somehow felt his heart stopped beating for a short time as he returned Matsumoto’s gaze redundantly.
            “I will be going there,” he said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya’s jaw fell opened as he was startled with the answers that he just heard from Matsumoto. His mind started to duelled against each other once again as he wondered if this man was for real. Ninomiya raised his eyebrow, “Are you sure about this?” he asked Matsumoto, but Matsumoto only smiled to Ninomiya.
            “It did come from my mouth that I will be going right?” he asked to Ninomiya. Ninomiya nodded his head when Matsumoto reached out for the pen and scribbled down his signature on the paper. Ninomiya still looked at this man unexpectedly, ‘We will see how thing will go...’ he said when Matsumoto looked at him once again with a sly smile on his face.
            Ninomiya took the proposal document and kept it inside his bag. He didn’t expect that it could be this easy, and he was certain that if things would could this easy surely it would be a darn mess later... but he wasn’t sure. He looked at Matsumoto, “Thank you very much,” he said to Matsumoto firmly.


            After he had finished the drink that was served to him, Ninomiya finally asked for his leave. Matsumoto walked next to him towards his front door and looked at Ninomiya resentfully, “Well, thank you for taking your time to come and visit me at my house,” he said to Ninomiya as he offered his hand for a hand shake before Ninomiya left his home sweet home. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto as they exchanged glances with each other. Ninomiya accepted his hand as he bow down to pay respect to even have him there.
            “I thank you too for taking a little bit time for this matter,” he said to Matsumoto. Matsumoto only smile to him, “Don’t worry. I will see you soon,” he said to Ninomiya statically. Ninomiya only bows his head before he took his leave and Matsumoto slowly closed his front door. He leaned back against the door as at the same time, Ninomiya did the same too behind his back. Matsumoto gripped his fist tight when he was thinking about something else but not the event tomorrow night. When he first time see that Ninomiya in front of his face, he knew that there is something else that concern him more than what was going to happen tomorrow. Matsumoto sealed his eyes shut when he remembered the old man had said to him that he has to find someone else apart from him... but even he was unsure about it...
            The two of them inhaled a deep breath as they felt their heart palpitates worse than it was before. Their mind was playing the same thing at the same time... Matsumoto opened his eyes once again...
            ‘Could he be the one...?’ he wondered in his heart, but still the darkest side in his heart was still shielding away the light that was slightly giving way for him to think once again.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 

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