Thursday, 9 November 2017

Forever Love : 01

It was on a bright Monday morning. Almost everybody was prepared to start their day. It was a regular thing for people in Japan to wake up early because the sun rises early but somehow inside a room, it took her quite some time for her to even open her eyes. She grumbled, “Ugh… Okay, Wani… You got to wake up. You got to wake up…” she said alone but instead of pushing the blanket away, she pulled it back up to cover her body.


            It was 8.10 AM. The day was going on like it usually does. Wani rushed her way towards the main office inside the building that she has to go for her first day of practical as a secretary. Even though it was her last year to be there, she still have trouble to wake up early. She furrowed her face, “Oh, I really hope that I’m not late!!” she said. She and some of her fellow friends were assigned to that company. She surely hopes that she would be there earlier than anybody else. After a while, she stopped right in front of the main office. She inhaled a deep breath before she knocks on the door but unexpectedly, somebody walked out from the room.

            He turned around and bowed down to the manager behind him. “Yes, sir. I’d go to the department and report myself there right now,” he said to Mr. Fujii before he turned around and walked away from there. Somehow, their eyes met for a short time. He gave her a smile before he walked away from there. She was shocked to see him there. ‘Sou Matsushima?’ she remembered his name in her heart. She grumbled in her heart. He is one of the best student from her University and she is the only transferred student from Malaysia.! Looking at him suited up well, she wondered if she could manage to get the position at the company. She sighed. She heard Mr. Fujii called her name from behind her back, “Wani chan,” he said. She was startled before she turned around and bowed down to him. “Sir,” she said.  He called her inside his office and she followed him from behind his back. She tried to be confident but she doubted to win against Matsu at the match. She gripped her fist tight and sighed slightly. ‘Oh, just go for it,’ she said before she gets inside the room and closed to door.


            During the lunch hour, after the time had passed as the day continues, how she was relieved that she manage to do some of her job properly on her first day there. She was surprised to be put in at the same department as Matsu. The two of them barely talked to each other, but every time they met, he couldn’t stop but gave her a smile. She groaned and sealed her eyes shut for a while. She was left there alone at the cafeteria. She grabbed on the glass of her orange juice before she took a sip of it but her thought continue to play around in her mind. ‘And I wonder why was he being so nice to me…’ she wondered. She ate the curry rice she bought a moment ago. She knew that Sou is younger than her but why does she felt awkward when he stood so close to her. The image of him smiling to her kept on reappearing in her thought. How some part of her wanted to fade away and never return but how some part of her just wanted to stay. She sighed and continues to eat her lunch before unexpectedly, somebody stood right beside her. “Hey, Wani chan! Finally! I thought I’d never findd you!” she head a man spoke to her. He smiled to her, “Mind if I join you for lunch?” he asked her. She fell silent for a moment before she turned her gaze to see who it was that talked to her.

            How she was startled to see who that person was. He gave her a friendly smile as their eyes met. She felt her heart stopped for a short time, she blinked her eyes once…
  ‘Matsushima…’ she said in her heart…


            The two of them continue eating their lunch right in front of each other, “ I really hope that everything would be alright for us today,” he said to her. She had a small laughter and looked at him casually. She smiled slightly, “I hope everything would be okay for you,” she said to him. He looked at her awkwardly, “Why just me? Isn’t it supposed to be all of us?” he asked her. She snorted slightly, “Well, aren’t you everybody’s favourite?” she asked. He raised his eyebrow up, when she just smiled to him, “Nee, Matsushima kun?” she said to him. He looked at her sharply before he smiled to her teasingly, “Just call me Sou chan and don’t worry too much. Both of us would do okay,” he said. She nodded her head, “Yeah, right…” she replied. She knew that the two of them doesn’t have anything in common at all. She’s just a regular student when he is one of the precious diamonds in everybody’s heart. She looked at him enjoying his lunch right in front of her face. How he was enjoying himself. The food that she ate was almost finish but why does she felt like she just want to get out from there? She doesn’t want to see him right in front of her anymore but some part of her doesn’t want to go away from there. How she felt her anxious heart triggered when unexpectedly, the sound of somebody’s high heel were She looked at who it was and saw a beautiful lady walked towards their direction. She walked right behind Matsu and touched on his shoulder, “Matsu kun…” she called his name gently. She was gutted for a moment looking at her right there. Matsu turned around and looked at who it was. He cleared his throat slightly, “Reiko chan,” he said.

Reiko snorted slightly when she just sat right beside Matsu and joined in for lunch with the two of them. He smiled to her slightly, “And I didn’t expect to see you here,” he said to her. Reiko flipped her beautiful long hair. She touched on Matsu’s shoulder as she leaned closer to him so that she could whispered in his ear, “Well, I guess I got to be wherever you are,” he said to her but Wani could hear every single bit of what she said. Wani looked away from them as Reiko sat closer to him. She tried to clear her mind that seemed to be slightly irritated with Reiko suddenly being there. She gritted her teeth against each other, ‘Well then I guess it would be a pleasant day indeed for you,’ she said to Reiko. She smiled to Wani slightly before she gently caresses at the side of his face. Matsu smiled slightly to Reiko as Wani looked away from the two of them, ‘I better finish my lunch before anything else happen in front of my face,’ she said in her heart and continue to eat her food.


            After sometime, she finally finished eating her lunch. She put the fork and spoon she used earlier down on the plate in front of her before she looked at the two of them, “Well, I’m done with my lunch. I think I should get going because I still have something that I haven’t finish doing yet in the office,” she said to them. He looked at her direction as he felt Reiko suddenly touched him behind his back, “But…” he said to her, but she just gave him a smile, “Well, I with the two of you good luck for today!” she said to them. She stood up and turned around, but somehow without her noticing anything, she accidently hit against somebody unexpectedly.

            How she was gutted when he shoulder hit against somebody that walked right behind her back. He stopped walking right beside her. He turned his gaze towards her and looked at her sarcastically. Matsu was shocked as he stood up just in case if anything would happen in between the two of them. Wani bowed down to the man that wore a neatly ironed black suit right in front of her, “I’m really sorry!” she said to him. Arrogantly, he looked away from her, “Next time, watch where you’re going,” he said to her sarcastically. His friend walked close to him, “Hey, man. Let’s get out from here! I’m starving!” his friend said to him. He grunted arrogantly before he walked away without turning back anymore. She furrowed her face, “And who the hell do you think you are?” she said irritatingly. Matsu pulled his hand away from Reiko that touched him and walked right beside her. He looked at her, “Are you okay?” he asked her. She didn’t even look at him at the same time she heard Reiko’s heel walked towards Matsu’s direction.

            She sighed unpleasantly, “Don’t mind me. I’ll be alright,” she said before she walked away and left both Matsu and Reiko behind. She furrowed her face as she walked away from there. Maybe it was her first day there, and she believe those thing would happen but why would she even bother about it anyway. She groaned, “Just forget about it,” she said to herself as she walked away from there.

            From far, how Matsu was clueless with what was going on. How he wanted to go after her but Reiko couldn’t stop holding him close to her. He felt his heart pound slightly as he couldn’t see Wani anymore further away from her. He sighed before he turned around and looked at Reiko right beside him. Reiko gently caressed on his shoulder. She sighed and shakes her head from side to side, “Let just let her go and do her work,” she said to him. He knew he felt nothing at that time; he pulled his hand away from Reiko that couldn’t stop touching him for too long already. He groaned, “Yeah, whatever,” he said to her. He rolled his eyes as he walked away from there and left Reiko behind. She followed him from behind his back pathetically.


            After sometime inside the office, everybody was doing their work like they were asked to do earlier. Their behaviour and workmanship were being watched out by each of the staff that were attend to look after them. Maybe they were all meant to have their practical at that company but nobody knows which department or position they were meant to be. The time continues to tick before soon the head of the company would call all of them and tell where they would be place at for the rest of their three months practical at the company.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Unforeseen : 01

            It’s in the second month after the school in Japan was open once again. It was on Friday and it is the last day of school of the week. Some students were delight that they won’t have to go to school anymore tomorrow, some worries if there would be more homework they got to finish only on the weekend and some students in the Tokyo Junior High spends their time talking to their friends outside the classes.

            After a short while, the bell suddenly rings and the students anxiously to go to their first class of the day. Most of them grabs their books from the locker and rushed towards their classroom, but some are walks without anything in their hands.. Sakurai walked beside two of his friends towards their class. They talks and laughing with each other, not even bother when they walks right next to a teacher that is going towards his class, 09-10, close to theirs.

            Inside the class, Sakurai and his friends continue their conversation and their voice is just too loud the whole class could even hear what they were talking about. Sakurai laughed, “I know right?! That would make me the richest kid in school!” he said to Shin and Shun, the identical twin in the class. The two of them nods their head with a dumb smile across their face. “And how excited is that….?” Shun asked Sakurai. Sakurai rolled his eyes. “Of course! Won’t that make everybody in this school want bow down to me?!” Sakurai said. The two of them nods their head, “Yeah! That’s so right” they said to agree with Sakurai.

            Slightly further away from their table, Ayaka puts the pen she holds in her hands down, she  turned to her side and she looked at Sakurai sarcastically, “Oh, your mighty,” she speaks. Sakurai turned around to look at her direction; Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow, “What?” he asked her. Ayaka smiled to him annoyingly, “You know, sometimes I feel like you are talking too loud, the whole world is going to collapse with your unpleasant voice,” she said to him. Sakurai grumbles, he raised his eyebrow up, “And why are you talking too much?” he asked her sarcastically. Ayaka looked away for a short time, “Excuse me? Is it me who’s talking or you who can’t shut up?” she asked him directly. He groans. He looked sharply to her direction, “Oh and when your ‘boyfriend’ isn’t here, you talk too much,” he said to Ayaka. Ayaka sharpen her eye gaze towards Sakurai. “My boyfriend?!” she asked him shockingly. Sakurai snorts, “Whatever,” he said to her. He rolled his eyes before he turned his gaze towards his friends and continue their conversation.

            Ayaka groans, “Urgh! And I don’t know what will happen to this world…” she groans. Mie that sat beside her look at her, “Sometimes you just got to ignore those types of people…” she said to Ayaka. Ayaka nods her head, “Yeah, maybe you are right,” she replied Mie. Mie smiled slyly, “Or else you’d either become one of them or crazy because of them,” Mie said to her. Ayaka smiled, she nods her head. “Yeah… You are so right…” she said to Mie. Mie nods her head, she smiles to Ayaka, “And I think we should finish the work that Mr. Fujiwara gives us before he returns in a short time!” Mie said to Ayaka. “Yeah, you’re right!” Ayaka nods her head. The two of them continue doing their work.


            It’s during the second period of the day at the school. Things were going regularly like how it usually goes. The students of class 08-10 stands up and bow down to their teacher before the teacher walks out from the class. Sakurai looks at the teachers direction from his desk as the teacher walks out from there. He calls for his friends, Shin and Shun to get their attention, “Hey guys,” he said to them. Both of the twins looks at Sakurai’s direction, “Yes?” Shin answers Sakurai. Sakurai walks towards the classroom door when he see a new student that come to the school just a few weeks ago. Shin and Shun walks closer to Sakurai, “What is it?” Shun asks Sakurai. Sakurai grins when he looks at the new too old school type of boy, with his spec that don’t suit his face, he don’t even know what name he should be calling him anymore.

            “And looks who’s coming to our direction!” Sakurai said to the twins. Shin looks at where Sakurai was looking at. He raises his eyebrow’s up, “Hey, isn’t that the nerdy guy? Did he change his dress up code suddenly?!” he ask his brother and Sakurai. Sakurai snorts slyly, “Maybe…” he smirks to them. The boy pushes his spec that  falls down back up to its actual position as he continue walking towards the class. Sakurai crosses his arms, “Why not we give him a little surprise?” he asks his friends. Both Shun and Shin smirks while they nods their head…

            “Yeah… That would be just splendid!” they answers Sakurai. Sakurai smirks looking at the boy that was coming to their direction. He hides himself inside the class so that the boy won’t see him there.


            Outside the class, the boy walks towards the class with piles of books in his hands, “Oh, I really hope I don’t miss the second period! Miss Sizuka needs my help too later after the third period ends!”  he said. He pushes his specs up once again as he approach the class. He walks inside the classroom with a bright smile across his face but before he could move further, he stumbles down when he didn’t realize somebody’s feet was evading his way to gets inside. He groans before the book that he holds in his hands falls down on the floor.

            “And here comes the stumble boy of the year!” Sakurai said when Shin manage to trips the boy down. Ayaka looks towards Sakurai’s direction. She furrows her eyebrow when she notice that the boy has falls down on the floor. She grumbles before she walks towards the boy’s direction. Sakurai pushes the boy with his legs but Ayaka pushes him away, “Can you just get a life, Sakurai?!” she said to him. The boy tries to stands up but Sakurai and Shun still tries to pushes the boy again. Sakurai looks at Ayaka sarcastically, “Huh, what are you going to do to me now?” he said to her. Ayaka pushes Sakurai away with all of her might. Sakurai almost stumble down, but Shin manages to grab hold of him before he reaches the ground. Sakurai grumbles. He looks at Ayaka furiously, “We should get out from here,” Sakurai said to his friends. He walks away from there when he looks how Ayaka tries to help the boy. Ayaka furrows her eyebrow, “Just get out from here!” she said to Sakurai.

            Ayaka looks at the boy’s direction. He finally manages to stands up because Shun walks away from disturbing him. Ayaka looks at the boy full of concern, “Are you okay?” Ayaka asks him. The boy smiles and looks at Ayaka’s direction, “Yeah. I’m alright,” he said to her. She nods her head before she helps him picks up his books on the floor. “Sometimes, I really don’t understand what is wrong with this guy!”  she said to the boy. The boy adjust his specs before he grabs all of his book, he smiles to Ayaka, “Thank you for backing me up,” he said to Ayaka. Ayaka startles for a second before she looks at his direction again. “Oh, no worries. If that jerk ever disturb you again, I’ll make sure I’ll pinch his face next time,” she said to him. The boy snorts slightly, “Really, thanks,” he said to her. He bow down to her before he walks away from there. Ayaka looks at his direction. She taps her feet several of times…

            “You can always count on me, Matsumoto…” she said alone. She looks at Matsumoto’s direction. She knows that he is a new transferred student from Hokkaido, he seems decent enough to be causing any trouble, but it seems like she don’t really know about him at all. She seldom see him hanging out after school ends, she don’t even know where he lives… Who is he, really makes her curious…  Ayaka raises her eyebrows up, “Who are you really, Matsumoto kun…” she wonders.

            Suddeny, Mie taps on her shoulder to distract her. Ayaka startles when she turns her gaze to the side. She looks at Mie smirks to her direction, “And what’s on your mind?” she asks Ayaka. Ayaka furrows her eyebrow, “What’s on my mind?!” she asks Mie. Mie nods her head, she taps her fingers at the side of her head, “Yeah… On your head,” she asks Ayaka curiously. Ayaka’s jaw falls open when she know what Mie is thinking in her mind. She furrows her face, she pushes Mie’s slightly to the side, “I’m surely not thinking what are you thinking!” she said to Mie. Mie giggles, she grabs on Ayaka’s hand, “Are you still accompanying to the teacher’s office to see your dream Mr. Kento?” Mie asked Ayaka’ Ayaka laughs, she pushes Mie out from the class, “Shh! Don’t make too much noise!” she said to Mie.

            The two of them walks out from the class, but from far, Matsumoto looks at Ayaka’s direction for a short time before he continue doing his reading.


            After their school finishes, Matsumoto takes his leave. He walks towards his home where he lives all alone. He had lost his parents in a car crash a few years back. He got no other relatives to support him and he believes that he can live his life own his own. He is not eight years old anymore. He walks at the side of the roads towards his house that isn’t that further away from the school. Most teachers ask him where he lives but he don’t even know what is his home address.

            Along his way back home, he could hear the sound of water from the river close enough to the pathway, only people could not see it, but it is there. Matsumoto holds himself together, he smiles alone, “Just wait for me, Chie chan… I’m coming back home,” he said alone. He continues his journey towards his home.

© Scarlet B 2017

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Mind Game 2

Our lips emerged against each other.  He wrapped his arms around my cold body. My body fell against his. Slowly he pulled my face away from his. He wipes away the tears that still kept on falling down. I looked deep into his clear soft brown eyes.  I looked away because I couldn't cope looking at his honest heart that wanted to be right beside me... But how was it possible for me to be with him when most of the time I'm on guard? Aiba shield me in his 'possesive property' and there isn't anybody that can disturb the relation between me and him.

Maybe once before I met Matsumoto when I go to a diner to with my girlfriends. Seeing him there, doing his work all alone, made me wonder who is this guy really was. I accidently left my purse at the diner. I was devastated at first, but when I go there once again, I saw him there once more. He come to me, and we didn't even looked into each other's eyes. He was only wearing his worn out clothes, I was afraid at first when he comes closer, but he doesn't have any other intention to do to me apart from returning the purse that I left at the diner before. I was gutted when I saw everything that was inside the purse was there. My credit card, my money, it's not even touch. I thanked him for it, but he only nodded his head and without any word, he turned around and walked away from me.

He made me curious at first to know who he was and the curiousity in my heart, somehow made my cold heart before melted and warmed once again... Everyday I go to the shop just because I want to see if he was there but each time I went there, I couldn't even see his shadow at all. I was devastated at first but as I was about to leave the diner, he walked in at the same time. I looked at his direction. He was still wearing the same worn out clothes. I couldn't think about anything else anymore. I wanted to go towards his direction but at that time, Aiba's man grabbed my shoulder and made me follow where he wanted me to go.

I grumbled hard when he was pulling me away from there. I tried to kick them away as they were dragging me out from the shop. "Let me go!" I screamed. People around me were afraid to come close since they know who that man worked for, but suddenly without me realize anything, somebody grabbed my hand and punch directly towards Aiba's man face.I almost stumbled but I felt his hand holding mine. I was shocked and starled at first, but when i turned around, I see it was him saving my life. He looked directly towards my direction.

"Run away from here!" he said to me. I nodded my head as the two of them continue to fight with each other. I ran away from there. I was crying because I don't know what to do anymore. I know I'm bounded with Aiba Masaki, but I wanted to go away from his grip. "I hope you will be alright," I said alone. I hide behind a big building as I was terrified to be left there on my own...


After a while, I was holding myself together, I don't know what I should do to myself anymore... I recalled back what has happened to me a while ago. Who was that guy and why would he wantedd to save my life? He doesn't even know who I was, but why would he care so much? I sighed and I closed my eyes. I looked the my watch and it was only nine fifteen at night, but the night seems to be so dark, I could even barely see anything. I had left my purse when the rumbled happened earlier. I was left with nothing at that time. My wallet, my mobile phone, everything is inside it but suddenly, I felt somebody touched my shoulder. I felt my heart palpitates instantly. I turned around to see who it was.

I was startled to see it was him standing behind me. His messed up hair, his clothes were torn apart. His lips were wounded. I inhaled a deep breath before I slowly tries to touch his face, but he walks away.

"You're wounded..." I said to him. He wipes away the blood stain with his hand. "This is nothing," he said to me.

It was very silent behind the building. He looked at my direction and handed me my purse again. "Don't leave this simply, miss. There are so many important document inside here," he said to me. I looked at his clear brown eyes. I took the purse as I bow down to him. "Thank you for saving me..." I said to him. He looked at my direction slightly, he bow down to me, "Just keep yourself safe," he said to me.

He turned around and walked away from there, but before he could move any further, and without hesitation, I grabbed on his hand. He stopped taking another step. He looked to his side. I felt the cold wind blow against my skin...

"Who are you?" I asked him... He didn't even bother to look at my direction...

"I'm Matsumoto. Matsumoto Jun," he said to me and he walked away from there...

"Matsumoto..." I said as I looked at him walking away from there...


After that day passed, I always go to the diner and kept on waiting for his return... One day, I saw him sitting on his own while he was doing his work, I smiled to myself and without hesitation I go and sat right in front of him. I wanted to know who he was and even though it wasn't easy for me to get to know who he was, finally after so long, the two of us had fallen in love...

He was just the son of the man that worked at the diner. He was a simple guy and loves to do thing the easy way instead of causing a mess in his head. Even though I'm a daughter of a Cosmetic company CEO, but I enjoy myself more being with him. Everyday we see each other. Even though at home I wasn't happy most of the time, but when I am with him, I felt like I'm the happiest girl in this world.


I felt my tears continue to fall when the memories of me and him before came back in my mind... I gently touched his cheek, "I don't want to be alone, Matsumoto..." I said to him. He sighed, wiping away the tears that was still falling on my face, he smiled to me slightly. "You know that it's impossible for me to be with you, baby," he said to me. He pinched my cheek and pulled me closed as our lips met once again.

"I don't want anything else to happen to you anymore... I would walk away from your life, but I want you to always remember that whatever happen, you will always be in my heart for the rest of my life," he said to me. He kissed my lips once again before he turned around and slowly walks away from there...

I was gutted when he decided to leave me. How am I supposed to live my life if I'm not with a person that I really love? Even though he has nothing so much for him to move on, but he is still living his life. Even though his pay isn't too much, but it's still enough for him to survive this cruel world. I looked at him walking away from me...

I shakes my head from side to side, I inhaled a deep breath, gripping my fist tight, I was sure with what I wanted to do now, "No... I won't let this happen..." I said and without any hesitation, I ran towards his direction.

 "Matsumoto!" I called for his name.


Inside a VIP apartment, suddenly a glass that was filled with wine were smashed directly on the ground. He looked at his men furiously, "I Don't care what is going to happen to any of you but I want you to get her back to me, right now!" he said to three of his men that were standing right in front of his face. THose men nodded their head, "Yes, master!" they said as they walked away from there.

Aiba was furious because it was already fifteen minutes to one in the morning and his fiance still isn't home yet. He was breathing heavily... He turned around and walked towards at the window at the side of the apartment. He looked at the moon that was giving the dim light at night. He griped his fist, "If it's still him you are looking for, I'll make sure that he will die the next day to come," he said as his fury was raging so hot deep in his heart.

(c) Scarlet BOundaries 2016

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Mind Game.

I hide from the man that has been following me since I was on my way home earlier... I felt my heart palpitates furiously as i leaned back on the wall right behind me... I looked to my side and I wonder if the man were still behind me, but I couldn't hear his footsteps anywhere near me.. I inhaled a deep breath before i sealed my eyes shut. I ran my fingers at the side of my face as the sweat kept on falling down...
"Who was that guy?" I asked myself.
I breathe in slowly as I felt my heart started to ease slightly... I looked to my side again as I thought I wanted to go away from hiding behind the dark building...
It was twelve fifteen late at night and as i thought there wasn't anything else anymore, I decided to walk away from there. I took my step slowly... towards the side of the building... It was so dark I could barely see anything. I sighed before I walked out from there... but without I realize anything, somebody grabbed my hand and pushed me directly towards the wall behind my back.
I almost stumbled, but his gripped around me hold me together. I grumbled as I felt the pain of him pushing me towards the wall behind me
"Argh!" i groaned in pain. Startled, i looked at the person behind me. I widens my eyes to see it was the man that was haunting me since before... He was wearing mask to cover up his face... He leaned much closer to me. He tries to tear off the clothes I was wearing. I tries to pushed him away but the more I did, the more stronger he was pressing his body against me.
He kissed my lips and i looked away, but he pressed his head against mine so that I couldn't go anywhere else anymore... He strangled my neck so that I couldn't really breathe. He pressed his lips against my neck and I could feel his lips were moving swiftly against it. I grumbled as I tries to pushed him away but he was much stronger than me. I couldn't do anything else anymore, but with a furious heart, i pulled my hand away from his grip and I directly slapped his face, but by accident, I pulled the masked he was wearing.
I fell silent when I looked at who it was... I couldn't believe he would do this to me... I felt my body triggers. His breathing was getting hoarsely... He grumbled and pushed me away. He looked away from me...
I don't know why did he even want to do this to me... He walked away from me, but I tries to get some explanation from him. I touched his shoulder, he turned around and looked at me slightly... I inhaled a deep breath, trying to get my nerve to speak to him...
"Why did you do this to me?" I asked him... He shrugged but he didn't even look at my direction anymore... I gripped on his shoulder but he pushed my hand away.
"It was my mistake..." he said to me...
"What do you mean?!" I asked him.
"I have to do this so that I would be stance to death... for raping a person that doesn't know who am I..." he replied me..
I was shocked when I heard him say that to me...
"You know that you are the only person I've ever love in my life and it broke my heart too much I couldn't be right by your side..." he said to me.
"I rather die than seeing you suffer with that jerk, Aiba Masaki.." he said.
I furrowed my eyebrow, I turned him around and I directly slapped his face.
"But I thought if you love me, you would fight for my love!" I said.
He sighed... He touched his face that has been wounded before because of the acid thrown directly towards his face. He doesn't want her to feel the shame to be with him.. a man that isn't perfect anymore.a man that is so hideous, you would die looking at his face for too long...
"Because I know even if we have the chance, you wouldn't want to be with me anymore... So I rather die!" he said too me
He turned around and looked at me... I was shocked when I see his face... .What has happened to him?! I felt my tears fell down. I hold him close in my arms. I gently caressed behind his back..
"I would still love you, no matter what! I still do..." I said to him...
Slowly with a heavy heart, he ran his fingers through my hair...
I sniffed. He wrapped his arms around my body. I can felt the warmth of his body against mine...
"Matsumoto...", I said his name...
I pulled him close and gently our lips met again...
(c) Scarlet Boudnaries 2016.

Sorry it just came to my head. and I write it away. lol

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Reijiyama ( Part 2 )

Another day had passed. How i felt my heart was still palpitating each time I was doing my work in the same office with him. But thank goodness after a long work that day, I finally manage to get some time off for myself. 

I was sitting at my desk and the time was already five forty. Only left twenty more minutes before I will be going home.. But some of my friends were wondering why I couldn't stop turning blue each time I am walking close to Reiji Samejima. Some even asked me if I saw a ghost in that office. I just tell them that I was having some cramps at my body. I was lying. I sighed alone as I leaned down on my hand that. I smiled on my own but I know that somebody was looking at me from far. I turned to my side for a short time and I looked at his direction.

"why can't you stop looking at me,. I know that i dont have any problem with you," I asked him. I know that in my head, I could obly remember his softest lips touching against my lips. Oh how I wish it would never end... I sighed when I remembered the last thing he said to me before he sent me back home last night.

He gently touched my face as I was sitting right beside him inside his car . He pulled me closer to his race as our forehead were touchijg against each other... I could feel his breath were brushing close enough to my ear. I don't know if he could feel it but I was certain that my cheek heated up slightly. I giggle a little bit and he only pinched my cheek, "what? Did I do anything wrong?" he asked me. I touched his hand and pushed it away... I smiled alone.

"you didn't do anything wrong, sachou," I said to him. But I know he was still staring at me. I look away from him. But I could feel him gently touching my cheek again and made me look at his beautiful glimmering eyes once again. How i felt my heart fallen down on the ground when he was looking at me like that. He gently caress my cheek. He leaned closer to my face and he kissed my lips for a short time. He look at me dearly.

"I will only be going for a short time to Kanagawa. I promise you I will return before you go back home," he said to me. I nodded my head. I never thought that all of this would happen in between the two of us, but sometimes in life, anything is unpredictable. I smiled to him, I softly touched his neck with my hand and pulled him closer to me.

I gently touched my lips against his and our kissed last longer than I thought it would be. I pulled myself away from him, I wipe at the side of his lips when I see a slight smudge of my lipstick there. I giggle slightly, "I will wait for u tomorrow then," I said to him...

But somehow my thought went away when I heard somebody knocking on my table. I opened my eyes and I looked at whoever it was standing right beside me. I furrowed my eyebrow. "earth to Mars earth to Mars can anybody hear me?" the man wearing the blue suit was disturbing me. I looked at him sarcastically.

"what do you want from me, really?" I asked him, but he leaned much closer to my ear abd whispered, "what are you thinking of? Is it me? Your prince charming?" he asked me teasingly. I furrowed my eyebrow and I stood up from my seat instantly. "Ew. Why would I be thinking about you anyway, miyama sensei ?!" i said to him sarcastically. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him.. I really do not know what is on his mind but before he could so anything to me... I heard somebody was clearing his throat so close to me. Miyama release my hand and i turned around to the side.

Reiji was standing there with his arms cross over his chest, he looked at his watch, " we should be going now. I dobt want to be late for my next appointment," Reiji said to me before hebturned around abd walked away from there. I am upset that he didn't come to save me or pulled me away from miyama sensei, but instead he just walked away from me! miyama tried to pulled my hand again but I pulled it away from him. I furrowed my face, "don't touch me, miyama sensei!" i said to miyama that seems to be interested in me.

I grabbed my hand bag and ran out from there, "Sachou! Wait for me!" i called for him. I really don't know what the hell is on miyama s mind at that time but I know he is looking at me.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Reijiyama ( Part One )

I walked away from where i was before. how i felt my heart was palpitating when i heard his footsteps were following me. i rubbed my face with both of my hand. i know that i am new to this place and i really don't want to cause any trouble doing all of this I fet my heart was raging so fast, i stopped at some point where i think that he couldn't see me anymore. i leaned back on the wall behind me. i
 blinked my eyes a couple of times, 'This is not real! This is just not real!' i keep on telling myself. but i know what has happen before really did happen and if its possible i dont want it to happen again.

After a while of me being there, i inhaled a deep breath, 'I think im left alone...' i said in my heart. slowly. i stood up straight and i walked out from there. i took my first step and the creaking sound of my own heels was heart. i widen my eyes and stopped for a short time once again. i took off the heels i'm wearing...

"I should keep quiet..." i said lightly. I grabbed the heel in my hand and i wanted to go away from there, but before i took another step, i felt somebody grabbed my hand. i widen my eyes and the shoues i was holding in my hand fell down on the ground. my heart was pounding so hard.... who was it holding my hand? i felt his grip hand become tighter than it was before... i had a gulp, 'It's nobody...' i said, trying to convince myself.... slowly, i looked to my side slowly.... and i i fell silent when i see him staring sharply at my face,,,, i felt my body triggers....

"Sachou...." i said... i turned around to him and bow down. i don't want to stood back up, i don't want to see his face anymore. i know i shouldn't intrude his property... and i know he inst happy at all with any of it... he is the CEO of the Hotel that I am working at right now. He is only a small man indeed, but still slightly higher than me. his face look furious most of the time, but i know... he could be a decent guy in silent...

He gripped my hand suddenly. I looked at his face. "Ow... Sachou!" i grumbled. He furrowed his eyebrow. I looked at his face... Even though he tries to be mean, or serious what so ever, when he smile, he really poached my heart... i guess that is Samejima Reiji that nobody really know.... I look at him gritting his teeth against each other, telling me how angry he was, but if only I could caress his face... im sure that it is as soft as his heart. but sadly i got to wake up and face the reality...

I bow down once again, "Forgive me, sachou. I really didn't mean it," i said to him. i heard him grumbled. He pushed me on the wall behind my back. he heard me groaned as i was in pain. he gripped the end of my chin and made me look directly at his face.

"You know that it's not good to 'accidentally' read a person's private thing!" Reiji said to me. He pushed my face up, as he was approaching closer to my face. i tried to speak but his grip was too tight on me. "But I!" i tried to speak, but his grip was making me hurt worse each time i try to tell him the real thing. He widen his eyes. "No more excuse! You already know everything that you shouldn't know and now you got to pay for this!" he said to me. but before i could do anything, he pressed his lips directly against mine. i widen my eyes.

'Sachou...' i whispered in my heart. i want his soft lips to forever touch against mine, but this is the real world.

"Sachou!" i screamed and i pushed him away. i directly slapped his face. i wanted to go away from there, but he grabbed my hand and kissed me once again...

I tried to push him away but after so much trying, I was restless fighting with him. Oh how he was much stronger than me... I pushed him away from me once again. Both of us lookef at each other. I looked deep in his eyes... I could feel him breathing unsteady.

I gently touched his cheek and slapped it lightly.... He looked at me. He rested both side of his arms on the wall behind me. I'm captured in the middle... I softly ran my fingers down his neck..

"why didn't you tell me?" I asked him. He fell silent when i asked him that question. He ran his fingers through my hair... He gently kissed me again. Yet I still did not return his kiss...

"maybe I couldn't accept rejection... Especially from the only one I had a heart for..." he said to me. I was speechless when I heard him say that to me... He is Samejima Reiji and I'm just a nobody..
Why would he Want me.
I've lost my words.. But at the end...
I smiled slowly...

"Sachou...." I gently call for his name... He nodded his head and he wanted to leave me there on my own. We were only outside of his office and it was already nine fifty at night. I should be going home but here I am with him close to me.. Reiji nodded his head as he walked away from me... "I'm sorry," he said to me...

But before he go away from me I grabbed his hand and I pressed my lips on his. Reiji was startled when he felt me kissing him back...

I embraced myself on his warm body. The suit he was wearing was neatly iron... I gently patted on his chest... I smiled..

"I like you too.." I said...

(C) Scarlet Boundaries 2016

( this just come to my head. :) I hope u like it. :) I wrote this before the drama ends but I post it here a bit late! GOMEN!! XD )

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

W I N T E R  N I G H T  H O L L O W


     A BLIZZARD RAGE. THE SNOW COULDN’T STOP FALLING DOWN UNCONTROLBLY. The wind was blowing furiously against those trees outside the house. Those trees were swinging side to side. Apart from the sound of blizzard rampage outside, the dim night seems to be frightened. Only the dim moon light was giving a little life to the world, but apart from that, everything else seems to be dead.

     ONLY THE LIGHT BULB THAT HUNG OUTSIDE of the front door of the old house was giving life to the cold dark, grim night. The blub flickered slightly.


     THE FLICKED BULB WENT OUT and the world was dim once again.



     THE SILENCE inside the house was taking over apart from THE SOUND OF BLIZZARD FROM OUTSIDE was dominating the whole night, but suddenly.

     RYUU YAMAMOTO, a man age mid 20’s, the SOUND of him gasping for air to breathe was HEARD. He was wearing a denim coloured t-shirt and a faded blue jeans. He was in a slight mess, running down the stairs. Just his SHADOW could be seen. He STOPS for a couple of second. He was thinking of a way out from the house. He looked to his side and SAW the front door.

     He ran towards the front door. He GRABBED ON THE DOOR KNOB and tries to open it, but it was LOCKED. He grumbled alone. The ANXIETY in his heart was raging furiously. He felt his heart PALPITATES RAPIDLY. He TURNED around and leaned against the door. ONLY THE DIM LIGHT DEOM OUTSIDE was alive and just his SHADOW could be seen. He tries to breathe in slowly. He pushed his BIG SQUARE FRAME SPEC as it had fell down.


           YAMAMOTO ( VOCAL LOW )         
           There must be another way!

     YAMAMOTO grumbled to himself. His FACE SLIGHTLY COVERED WITH BLOOD STAIN. He scratches his head with one of his hand. He looked to the other side and SAW the DINING HALL. He nodded his head and he ran to the other side of the house. The BLIZZARD sound was heard again.




     YAMAMOTO was searching for a place to HIDE and he couldn’t think of anything else anymore. He heard the SOUND OF WATER DROPPING DOWN from the sink at the kitchen beside the dining hall. He grabbed one of the chairs at the dining table.


     YAMAMOTO ran to the other side of the table, close to the window at the side wall. He PULLED OUT one chair and BEND down before he crawls underneath the table. The SCREECHING SOUND of him pulling the chair back to its original position was heard. Only WATER DRIPPING sound was heard. He holds himself together underneath the table.

     What is going to happen to me. What is going to happen to me!

     YAMAMOTO grumbled alone. He leaned closer on his KNEES with his ARMS wrapped around it. He felt his body triggers from the cold night. The jacket that had kept him warm was torn behind his back. His BLOOD STAIN was seen on the torn jacket. He was left static there.



     After sometime, the night has become more SILENT. The sound of WATER FALLING OUT from the SINK could still be heard. The BLIZZARD outside was still raging.


     YAMAMOTO had fallen to sleep, still holding himself together. He was STARTLED when he was AWAKEN. He grumbled slightly. Slowly, he moves his body a little.


     YAMAMOTO slowly opens his eyes. He RELEASE his grip from holding his legs together. He turned around and narrowed his eyebrow closer. He rubbed his eyes with his hand.

           Is it all over?

     YAMAMOTO looked blankly towards the FRONT HALL from underneath the TABLE. He INHALED A DEEP BREATH and was sure that there isn’t anything else there anymore. He turned around and lifted his hand up. He looked at the blood stain that was all over his hand. He sealed his eyes shut. The blood stain on his face CRUMPLED. It has DRIED there.

     YAMAMOTO opened his eyes again and he was sure that he was already left there on his own. But His eyes were still wondering around.

           YAMAMOTO ( VOCAL LOW )
           I should just get out from here...

     YAMAMOTO said and slowly he pushed away the chair that was keeping him hidden underneath the table. He crawl himself out from UNDERNEATH THE TABLE.



     YAMAMOTO reached his hand on the oak dining chair in front of him as he was PUSHING HIMSELF UP from there. But before he could think, he heard the ECHO SOUND of CHAINSAW moving closer towards his direction. He fell silent for a short time and felt his heart palpitates rapidly. He gritted his teeth against each other before he turned to his side slowly...

     YAMAMOTO could hear the sound of somebody LAUGHTING HYSTERICALLY. He was petrified when the window beside him open suddenly and the strong wind from outside blew directly towards him from underneath the curtain. His jaw dropped down open when the dim light from outside lighting where he was a little bit. The HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER by the unknown somebody was still heard louder than before as the SOUND OF CHAINSOW was moving much closer to him.

     YAMAMOTO fell silent when he saw the MASKED MAN that was still laughing, standing right beside him. The MASKED MAN lifted the chainsaw up and wanted to kill him right there. The MASKED MAN looked at him directly.


           MASKED MAN
           Are you ready to end the night, my friend?

     The MASKED MAN asked YAMAMOTO viciously.

     YAMAMOTO fell silent. He widens his eyes. His eyes were looking at the chainsaw that was moving closer to his face and the MASKED MAN laughter was much louder than before. He looked at the MASKED MAN face that was laughing at him frightens. He suddenly felt the pain from the CHAINSAW BLADE that was grinding on him. He screamed loudly.